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mama_kass's Avatar mama_kass 11:55 PM 03-09-2003
What did you offer to baby for a first food? Other than breastmilk of course! My baby is almost ready to get started. At dinner he sits with us and wants what we have. He bangs and lunges forward. Tonight I gave him spoonfuls of breastmilk. He liked it! I'm just not comfortable starting him yet. He is only 5 months old. Just mother's intuition.

DarkHorseMama's Avatar DarkHorseMama 04:55 AM 03-10-2003
We started solids around the six month mark. Our DD was definitely showing interest several weeks before, but we opted to wait. First food was small bits of banana that we put on her highchair tray. She mooshed them around with her hands, picked up some, and even got a bit in her mouth. Other early foods were sweet potato, pear, soft-cooked carrots, and avocado.

Another thing that we did was to let her feed herself. Put little bits of food on her tray (about the size of a tiny raisin) and she was happy to chase them down and eat them. It helps with hand-eye coordination and it helps them to gauge their own intake. We did no pureed foods on spoons...just whole foods in tiny pieces. Oh, and she loved puffed rice cereal too! We used organic brown rice puffs, as they practically melt in the mouth and were a hoot to watch her eat. One caveat about the jarred food is that I've seen too many moms push the end of a jar on a baby who just isn't interested...only because it was convenient to "finish the jar." If your child self-feeds, they will eat what they want and not a preconceived notion of what portion size they "should" consume.

After a few weeks, we did do some spoonfeeding of things like mashed beans or oatmeal, but it was more for the novelty than anything. Start slowly and introduce a new something every few days, watching for tell-tale signs of sensitivities or allergic reactions. It's a bittersweet time! Your babe is growing up!
crunchywannabe's Avatar crunchywannabe 05:44 AM 03-10-2003
Lexies first food was avocado...we gave it to her in one of those mesh bag feeders...and she ate almost half an avocado!! those things are really helpful IMHO.