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Unreal's Avatar Unreal 05:46 PM 03-10-2003
I can't sit for too long...but have a quick question.
Ds#2 was born Sat (yay!) and has been nursing...but he's got a pretty decent overbite going on, which ds#1 didn't have.

I've noticed we have some problems latching on, which I'm not too worried about, but I was just wondering if some of those problems might be caused by his overbite and if anyone has any suggestions on things to try that might make it easier for him to get a good seal despite the difference between his upper and lower jaw.

(talk about a long sentence!)



CollegeMama's Avatar CollegeMama 02:56 PM 03-11-2003
I've never seen that issue addressed specifically, here's a nice link Latches it talks about proper latches.

It should give you an idea if your DS is latched on correctly.

Congratulations on your new little one!!!!!!!

lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 10:10 PM 03-11-2003
One of my little guys has a nice overbite too. I don't know if it affects the latch ability, but it did take him a few days to really get it, whereashis brother could latch from the start. After he got it, he hasn't had any further troubles. . . Hope all is going well with your new babe!