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owensmom's Avatar owensmom 02:11 PM 03-18-2003
Owen (14 months) has been sick since sunday. Yesterday he started getting really congested, but it isn't draining, he is just really really stuffy. He also has a sore throat, sore ears, and a fever. Dh says he looks like death warmed over!

I have been giving him some throat coat tea in a bottle and by dropper, but since yesterday noon he hasn't nursed at all, won't even try (cries before he even latches on! ). I pumped 4 oz out of one boob before bed, then 4 again out of each this morning (they were soooo full and lumpy!). I fed him 4 oz of ebm by dropper! He is like a little baby bird!

Poor guy - anyone else been through this? At least he is taking it by dropper, and will randomly drink the tea and water too, and sometimes even eat a couple pieces of cereal (usually he throws it to the dog . He always has wet diapers...

mom3's Avatar mom3 08:05 PM 03-18-2003
Is his nose congested to the point that he can't breath when nursing? If so, sitting in a steamy bath and squirting saline or even bm into the nose and trying to suction out the mucus may help. As much as they hate it this is the only thing that has helped mine when they are sick like that. Also, if you haven't tried Tylenol or Motrin yet they might help. I don't like to give unnecessary meds but if he isn't eating it might be worth a try.
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 11:27 PM 03-18-2003
Taking him outside into the cool/cold night air will thin the mucous and help him blow it out and breathe.

Going into the bathroom and turning the shower on Hot only will create steamy humidity and have the same effect of thinning the mucous.

Hope he feels better soonest.
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 03:04 PM 03-19-2003
Thanks for the tips - we did the steamy bathroom thing. What is sad (or was sad) is that looking in his nose it was perfectly clear, like he was congested so far up there that there was nothing to suction out! Even breathing through his mouth sounded difficult. However, during an evening nap on top of me, his nose started to run (all over me... ewwww). Last night was tough but this morning his face was all crusty from runny stuff.

He is still refusing to nurse, and refusing a bottle, so milk via eye dropper it is! Yesterday morning I pumped out 16 oz! That's 1/2 a quart! His fever seems to be gone too, although he has a bit of a rash on his face and forearms...
Bladestar5's Avatar Bladestar5 06:08 PM 03-19-2003
As long as he gets fluids, that is most important. Keep up the good work, and be sure to get some rest for yourself
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 09:11 PM 03-20-2003
Man, I have to say I am sick of pumping, and feeding him with a dropper, and I want to nurse!!! Wah!!! He won't even try anymore, although he is still pretty stuffed up.

I just have this horrible fear he won't want to when he is better. I feel so crappy and bummed out and tired, I need him to nurse for my benefit!
Bladestar5's Avatar Bladestar5 09:16 PM 03-20-2003
I know your breasts must be so sore. My baby didn't eat until she was 3days old, and my boobs were like softballs. Just hang in there. Hopefully the baby will want to nurse again. He will probably be begging for boobies when he is all better.
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 10:44 PM 03-20-2003
Thanks Bladestar5 - I think the world happenings and my being tired from taking care of him for a few days and the lack of nursing has me all weepy and edgy. We took a bath to try and loosen things up, and he even stood there with his mouth closed and breathed through his nose, but when we got out he refused to nurse even though he signed for milk. ~sigh~