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I sometimes think that I don't offer DD enough solids to eat. She is almost 15 months and in my opinion eats very little solids most of the time (sometimes she is really into them, most often not so much). She has never been THAT into solids, and when she does eat, the amounts are little. She is perfectly healthy, growing just fine, so I am not worried that she isn't getting enough food.

If she isn't into the food, I am not going to force it on her (and how could I if I wanted to?). I think that her reluctance causes me to offer less. I know that other moms with same aged children eat much more than she does.

At least since she is still avidly breastfeeding, I don't have to worry about nutrition, right?
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Sounds like you are describing our 14 1/2 mo dd! She occasionally will eat "a lot" (like half a banana or most of a Yobaby yogurt or 1/4 piece of bread) but usually picks at food. She is not quite 20 lbs, and at her 12 month visit the MD encouraged us to try to get her to eat more...but she's just not all that interested. So I offer regularly (though I may, as you suggest, offer less on the assumption that she is so rarely "hungry") and try to trust what I have read from others on this board and elsewhere -- that she knows what is best for her, and is developing just fine. And we nurse A LOT all night

Kim, momma to dd Tayte (01/02)
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Originally posted by moonshine

At least since she is still avidly breastfeeding, I don't have to worry about nutrition, right?

Some toddlers really don't get going on solids til this age or older. She may have some food allergies and is following her body's cues. It will happen when it is supposed to.

Dr Sears recs a grazing tray put out at eye level, like on a kitchen chair. She can grab whatever interests her when she feels like it.

One of mine was just too busy playing. sometimes she would let me feed her a few bites while playing. She would never sit in a high chair, til she was at least 2. I fed her on my lap, from my plate, if at all. I mean, she would self feed. she always rejected anything pureed.

All 3 of mine would eat, broccoli, frozen peas and blueberries, and pasta at this age.
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all toddlers are different..

my DD refused any baby food.. despised the stuff.. but at 10 months old started feeding herself regular foods.. since then.. she eats 3 meals & probably 2 snacks a day.. shes a hog.. but she is so small

but.. my DD also refused to let anyone feed her.. she had to be miss independent & feed herself.. so I made sure to have lots of things she could manage herself & bought spoons & forks she could experiment with

but.. I wouldnt worry at all.. BM is great..

only thing I would suggest is having her iron checked.. esp if you have had any anemia problems yourself
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Dr Sears recs a grazing tray put out at eye level, like on a kitchen chair. She can grab whatever interests her when she feels like it.
Can I just tell you how much my three dogs loooove this Dr. Sears idea?:
My ten month old almost exclusively breastfeeds, and he's only a few pounds smaller than his three year old sister! I agree that it's just them following their body's cues. If I'm feeling energetic, I'll make snack trays with tofu, bits of cheese, squishy fruits and crackers on it and give him bits to munch on throughout the day. If I'm having a hectic day, he's lucky if he gets small bits of whatever I manage to grab for myself!
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Dd did not have much interest in food until her teeth came in at 13 months. She had days where she ate hardly anything, other days where she ate more. She's now 19 months, and over the past month or so, she's really started taking more food.

She's always loved different flavors from her first voluntary taste of food, which was hummous.

I never pushed food. I would eat, act like it was good (not overacting, I couldn't do the theatrics Sears talks about), not comment about what she ate or didn't eat. We did get her a small table and chairs, where I sit and eat a few times a day. We also made sure dinner with Dad at the big table at night was fun, with lots of talking, laughing, and no pressure to eat.

Just tonight Dh made a pizza, which as lots of things Dd loves: all organic whole grain crust to gnaw, tomato sauce, vegetables, and stringy cheese. She was so excited to see it come out of the oven, I couldn't believe that this baby who hardly ate anything a few months ago, was jumping up and down giving her sign and going "ooooo" when she saw the pizza.

Things will come along in time, and as long as she's breastfeeding and happy and looks healthy and doing everything she's supposed to be doing, you have no cause to worry.
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dd1 didn't eat very much at that age. i started her on solids at 13 months...was very slow. i wasn't concerned, the breastmilk was still sufficient, and eventually she started eating food.

i wouldn't push it. things can take time, some kids love food, some don't want it yet...
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My 10 month old nursing pre-toddler sometimes goes daaaays without eating a "formal" meal. However, she nurses throughout the day (and night) and take lots of bites and tastes of different foods from me, her dad and her sisters!
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It was obvious from the beginning of his "solids career" that my DS was a grazer, and so we just went with that (a lot like his Dad so nothing new there).

Although he started eating solids regularly at 9 or 10 months, at 12 months, it was still a novelty rather than a real nutritional experience. He started walking at this time and with that new found sense of independence, also reverted back to nursing like a newborn. Although, security and comfort played a big part, I also feel like taking time to actually sit and eat solids just wasn't in his agenda!

Anyway, it really took awhile before he ate solids regularly and in good proportion. Until then, I just offered as it seemed appropriate and as time went, on continued to use his cues as to how often and how much. I remember it seeming sort of overwhelming and tricky at first but after awhile, it gets easier...

If she's happy, healthy, reaching milestones and gaining (although it will slow down considerable this year), no worries.

Best of luck!

Em 43 - Wife to hubby Mom to DS born: Jan. '01
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