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I am the mother of two beautiful nurslings, my 25 month old dd and my 5 1/2 month old ds! My question for all the other tandem nursers out there is, do you have any limitations on nursing now that you are nursing two?
I believe in child led weaning and I do not have a problem nursing my ds in public just about anywhere. However, I have yet to tandem nurse in public. I feel like I would quite literally be out there too much. However I feel guilty to set limitations like this for my toddler. Today we were out in front of the house playing and I sat down on the front steps to nurse my ds, then my toddler asked for "noonie" and I told her we would have to go inside if she wanted to nurse because we would have to sit on the couch or we could stay outside and play, that it was her choice. She chose to go inside and have noonie, so we did!
Any advice, support, stories? Thanks so much! It is so wonderful to have support from other tandem nursing mamas!

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I guess I would fall into the category. I am nursing 19 mos old twins. I try not to nurse in public too much. We do make a spectacle......however the other day we were at our music class and both of the babies were cranky and wanting to nurse. I figured five minutes of nursing would put them in a better mood. I discretly sat with my back to the class and let them do their thing. Within 5-10 minutes we were back joining the class and having fun. No one did or said anything........and I didn't really feel uncomfortable. I've done that many times over the 1.5 years and expect I'll keep doing it till we are done.

I think you have to follow your comfort zone and decide each situaition on a case by case basis. So many people have seen my brerasts and entire upper body I no longer care.

The strangest episode happened in the Pediatricians office when the babies were about 9-11 mos. I was there for my four yo and was nursing the twins. The Dr. (not our regular one) walked in and was very uncomfortable. He couldn't stop babling about his breast feeding courses at Med School and all of the exposure to nursing moms and breasts. He never looked at me. I felt sorry for the guy.

Hope some of this helps.

PS during the winter I always wore a t shirt and then a larger button down shirt over it like a jacket. I was always prepared to BF disceretly as possibly. The layered look really helped.
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I have been tandem nursing for 2 years next month! My boys are also 19 months apart. I have very rarely nursed them together in public. It just doesn't come up that often. One or the other is usually distracted by what is going on, or easily distracted. The front yard is a little different, but at the park or store there is usually too much else to see.

I do nurse them both seperately in public. They both still nurse often, even my 3 1/2 year old nurses at least 10 times a day +at night. But he almost never asks to nurse in pulic anymore unless he is really upset, tired, or hurt.
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I tandem nursed for 1 1/2 years, my kids are 20 months apart also. I never tandem nursed in public, my DD wasn't nursing that much in the daytime when her brother was born. I did nurse her once in the laundrymat while her brother slept, the owner looked at me funny but I kept a magazine in front of me, LOL. I tandem nursed plenty at home, though, it was easy for all of us to lie on the bed or the couch, but not that easy to do in public. I think the only so-called limitations I put on DD after DS was born was that sometimes she would have to wait until he was finished, if I was too tired to nurse them both at the same time.
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My boys are 18m apart. We nurse a lot! We have tandem nursed in Target (found a quiet spot in a corner and sat on the floor), in JcPenney's dressing rooms, at the beach. Like someone else said I feel out the situation and then decide. It also depends on what I'm wearing!

As far as limitations, the oldest now nurses, reads book, and is expected to go to sleep on his own. Let me clarify, I was tandem nursing them both to sleep and it was really hard so now the youngest plays on the bedroom floor while the oldest nurses, then we read a book, the youngest nurses and I rub the oldest's back until he's out.
As I said above I feel out each situation, sometimes at home I tell ds#1 that it is brothers turn and he must wait. To avoid the "he gets special attention problem" I make an effort to tell ds#2 that it is ds#1's turn. Right now this is more for ds#1's benefit.

Hope that makes sense!
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I've gotten pretty strict with the older DD (3.5) - nursing in the morning to wake up, nursing at naptime, nursing at bedtime. I nearly always end up nursing another time but it is kindof "off the record." I was giving her fairly free access and she was driving me totally berserk and I was a raging freak.

That being said, I have nursed her in public every so often, and once at the zoo, on a lawn, both together. I try not to do that, let me tell you!

The only trick I know for discreet NIP both at once is to wear a nursing shirt, let one go through the nursing opening and pull up the side of the shirt for the other one. Not that no one can tell what is happening, but at least not much flesh gets bared.

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Finally, I can vent to other momma's about this. I have two nurslings- 10 mths and 2 1/2. The latter nurses much more frequently than his younger counterpart. Especially at night. We got to a point where he was only nursing at tubby time, naptime and bedtime (excluding big booboo's) with no restrictions through out the night. then we cut out nighttime nursings and added a good morning ummy. Then he got the stomach flu two months ago and we have never gotten back on track. All the work I did partial weaning has been lost. I tried again but usually one of us ended in tears. Yes, I have cried due to his frequency. Sometimes i feel as though they are sucking the life force out of me, especially when they are at the same time. A few weeks ago I began saying yes every time he asked. Sometimes he's only allowed 10 seconds but still I say yes. He has cut back a little because of it. I think I realized it took more energy to say no then to just let him do it. Anyway, I love hearing everyone else's stories.
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