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LittlebitsMommy's Avatar LittlebitsMommy 12:30 PM 04-06-2003
I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with losing weight while breastfeeding? Or is it just me.I don't know what the deal is.I don't eat alot I am never hungry.I drink alot of water nothing else.I don't like chocolate (everone thinks I am crazy for that).But I just can't lose weight.And the last few months all I am doing is gaining weight.I weigh more now than I ever have.I have thought about going to Weight Watchers.I could see me gaining if I ate alot.I thought it was suppose to be so easy to lose weight while nursing.I have been nursing for 3 years.He still nurses like a new baby on most days.
I have a said for the past 3 years.That I wasn't goingt o worry alot about it right now.I feel like I have the rest of my life to lose weight but I don't have the rest of my life to nurse Littlebit.BUt as I get bigger it is getting alittler harder to think that way.I mean I will never wean Littlebit til he is ready,but I guess I just wish I could have it both ways.Find a way to lose weight safely and still nurse.
Sorry this got so long and winey.

JavaFinch's Avatar JavaFinch 01:54 PM 04-07-2003
Have you tried counting calories? I have found that to be a great way to lose weight - I didn't "think" I was eating as much as I was. Once I started counting, my portions got MUCH smaller, but after a couple days of headaches (getting used to not eating my normal amount) now I feel great (I started doing this again last Sunday). In only 8 days I can already see some improvement!

I did it when DS was an infant, about 5 months or so, and I got to pre-pg weight. However, since then I've gained 15 pounds (which is why I'm trying to lose again now). I don't (in my case) feel it had anything to do with nursing itself but just more with the whole "mommy" lifestyle and not taking time for myself to pay attention to what I was eating and making time for exercise.

I've heard people say they weaned so they could lose weight, but in those cases I think it was because they wanted to take some of the drugs on the market now that help you lose (metabolife, etc.)

Good luck!