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Neither my mom nor my MIL nursed. It took them a while to come around, but they were always very supportive. Now they are both proud of how we have decided to raise our children, AP style.
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my mom breastfed and I assume that it impacted my decision to nurse. my ds' paternal grandmother did not and got on my d##$ nerves during his 1st 3 months but giving up was never an option for me. I would assume that because I was at home (was 20 and finishing college) with my mom and she was encouraging, i never thought about giving up even when it hurt like hell those 1st 3 weeks.

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I was FF & given cereal when I was about 2 months old: My mom said she didnt even think about BF , they just automatically gave her a pill to dry up her milk ... she didnt know any better.
MIL ... not sure exactly, she passed away several yrs ago. FIL said she tried for awhile but they gave formula when DH started crying non stop. They lived in Europe at the time & paid big $$ for formula (it wasnt common there then) ...makes me sad they didnt know he would have been fine BFing

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Both my Mom and MIL did - and like pros. Both of them had several children and bf them all upto ages of 5-8 years until they weaned on their own. Both ladies had milk in their breasts well past twenty years. Bf'ing and CLW had been norms in both the families. The same has been more or less followed by women in our generation too in our families.
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Neither did. My mom tried to bf me for a few days, but she had no support and didn't like it.

The only person I ever knew who breastfed before I had children was my SIL and I thought it was gross then. She helped set me straight when I got pregnant with my dd.
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My mother did not breastfeed. My mother-in-law did, but that did not influence me (she lives 18 hours away, and I had already made my decision before dh & I met). I was converted to a future nursing Mama when a friend's mother normalized breastfeeding for me by nursing her toddler in my presence. I was twelve. My oldest sister was the first person for at least several generations to breastfeed in my family. She did not get much support. I am the first person in my family to breastfeed beyond 3 months. My older dd is almost 3 and self-weaned (as a result of my milk drying during pregnancy & the different taste of colustrum?) around 23 months. She still pretends to nurse for comfort, but doesn't actually suckle. Dd2 just turned a year and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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my mother, yes. Two kids.
MIL, no, four kids.
My family is pretty BF friendly. My brother's first wife BF both of their kids, and I'm BFing DD who will turn one next week.

As far as DH's family is concerned, the only person who has BF besides me is a SIL, who BF her son until he was two, but she got no support from the family and even some sniffing disapproval from MIL. I'm sure I'm in for the same treatment but, luckily, we don't live near her so her oppertunities to dissaprove are few and far between.
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My mom never BF--never even tried. It is something that she has horrible guilt over even now, so she strongly encouraged me to BF. My MIL BF both her boys and all the women on that side BF as well, although none of them did it for longer than 6 months.
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I was FF. My mom tried to nurse me, but got craked nipples and bruises frm bad latch. There was no one for support so she asked her OB--she told me he said "that's the worst case of bruised titties I've ever seen." : Then they brought her formula. She didn't even try to bf my little sister. The doctor also told her to feed me cereal at one month. She told me I was eating three meals of solids a day, including meat, by five months!!

My baby is almost three months old and they can't believe she isn't eating anything but boob juice!

I never knew anything about breastfeeding until I was a nanny for a breastfeeding mom.

My MIL breastfed my husband and his older brother for a few months each before she weaned them.

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my grandmother breastfed her 12 children (all birthed naturally to boot!), then my mother BF her three children, with child-led weaning. my older bro was 3, i was 3.5 and my younger sister was about 2.5...

my entire in-law side of the family formula fed and thinks bfing is nasty. i think they're nasty....hehe
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y mom breastfed both me and my brother, for about 9 months each. She is very proud of that length of time, and she weaned us straight to a cup for milk.

My MIL breastfed all 4 of her kids, for about the same time. I have 3 SILs, with 8 kids between them. All breastfed.

But, the old advice is pretty funny. My mom gave me the washcloth advice, too, and she was told to wipe off her nipples with sterilized water before each feeding. And, she had to give 1 ounce of water after each feeding. She's always shocked when I just stop and nurse anywhere, without a big production. And MIL told me all about the best advice she ever got was to have dh eating 3 meals ( meaning breastmilk) a day by the time he was 2 months old. : She's kind of a food nazi anyway, so I was able to easily blow off that advice.
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Originally Posted by hipcoolmama View Post
Did your mom/MIL breastfeed their children and did that influence or not influence you?
Sadly both, yet for different reasons I am influenced.
My mother nursed as did her sister, SIL, mother, grandmother...apparently my whole maternal line nursed.

My mil did not nurse any of her children and was very negative about nursing baby....I wouldn't make it, wouldn't have enough, what would I do in public, etc. etc.

Because of my mom, I knew that I would nurse, because of MIL I was adament to be successful at nursing.

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I got the "prepare your nipples" advice from my grandmother as well. She just said to rub 'em around and get used to lots of contact to "toughen them up". I don't think the "toughening" happens ever, but the version of the advice I got didn't seem to be harmful either. And it was inspiring to get support from my grandmother, honestly, even if the advice was a little wacky. Gram raised my Mum all by herself for over a year because Grampa was over in Europe fighting World War II -- knowing that she was able to nurse and take care of mom all by herself was pretty empowering, and makes me feel like I'm part of a line of strong women who do what is best for their babies.
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My mom didn't and I had an uphill battle explaining to her why I want to.

My MIL did- she breastfed all her kids and cloth diapered them all, too, so we get on just fine!
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Originally Posted by hipcoolmama View Post
Kudos to your mom for bf-ing 5! Wow, your SIL said you were being selfish to not let her feed a bottle?? Yes, I hear you about MIL. My mother in law asks when I'll wean so baby can stay over night at Grandma's.

My MIL and FIL say the same thing.: My DH was BF in the beginning but started on cereal at 10 days b/c "he wasn't getting enough". I haven't asked yet if she was nursing on demand or trying to schedule him. It was the 70's so I'm not sure what the going advice was. I was FF, but my parents are very supportive. They know that DD won't be staying overnight anywhere that me and DH are not since we bed share. My mom was nervous about it at first, but now that she sees how well adjusted we all are she's ok with it.

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I would love to read this whole thread but I'm at work, so I'll just answer.
My mom BF me and my brother and sister (twins born at 32 wks I think). When my brother was in the NICU for a bit after birth, she pumped for him, and got up to 1/2 -1 gallon a day!! Then used the SNS until he was strong enough to feed from the breast.
However, she did try to start cereal at 2 mos because that was the advice then-- we didn't like it, so she waited. We then weaned ourselves before a year as I recall her saying.
My MIL bf all of her 5 children (after having them naturally-- and this was the 60s) until self-wean, when they went straight to the cup. I don't know when she started solids.

Oh, and it didn't influence me-- I was already determined to bf, but the support was really important, especially in those first weeks after my milk came in.
Ok, reading the thread-- i did nurse my dolls as a kid, so i bet my mom's nursing had a big effect on me, even if I don't realize it.
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My mother nursed my 3 younger sisters, I was the only one she didnt. She had such a hard time money wise that most the time I got kool aid, and she vowed she would never do that to any more of her kids. I have always wondered if that isnt the reason my teeth were totally rotted out by the age of 22. Yes, she was an inspiration for me to nurse, it is what I had always seen, what I new, but I am the only one out of her 4 girls that breastfeeds, the other ones do not "want to be tied down":
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my mom BF both my brother and I, she was the only one of her family who did so, and my brother and I were healthy as horses . MIL has one excuse after another...she says her milk never came in (well it often doesn't if you don't try), her milk was poisonous due to the stress of her long labor (seriously), blah blah. Pumping was "torture", and she hated to feed my husband every 3 hours becasue she "needs her sleep". Poor DH!
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My birthmother breast fed me for the 3 days she had me. I know, she has the best heart! She BF'd the rest of her children (3 more) for at least a year (maybe more) and she didn't start any solids until 6 months. Pretty progressive for the 70's (heck--even now!).

My adoptive mother did not breastfeed her biological children. When I asked her about whether or not she BF'd she said something like, "No way, I never intended to."

MIL BF'd DS #1 for 6 weeks. She spoke very negatively about her experience of BFing while I was pregnant. She didn't BF my DH (her DS #2) at all because she thought it would be too difficult to run around after her fist son and BF. She did express some feelings of guilt about not BFing DH.

All that being said, everyone (in my family) has been very supportive of my breastfeeding. My mom (adoptive) suggested that I attend BF support groups. MIL is horribly uninformed re: Breast milk (she kept trying to get us to give DD water and has said other silly things), however is supportive of me BFing. It's actually stunning to me how uninformed people in general are of Breastmilk. We educate, We educate!

What influenced me to BF? I just always thought if I ever had a baby I would BF. In fact, I thought that was one of the bonuses of having a baby. I have always had a romantic view of breastfeeding. What could be more cool than to nurture a whole other human from your breast?

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