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what's your diet like?

on a typical day, this is mine

my son "wakes up" at about noon so there's really no breakfast

so, for lunchmeal:

noodles with soy ginger sauce or maybe a salad or a baked potato
one orange
water to drink

for a snack
one tortilla with guacamole

for dinner,
soy burger with ketchup and mustard
lettuce and tomato
water to drink

also, i drink a lot of juice during the day and throw in a banana or two....

what's yours like?
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wow! You eat so much of soy! I’m NOT a vegan/vegetarian, but I’m really careful about soy.

Here is an article which ran in Mothering Magazine a couple years ago.

and here is a good book about soy "The Whole Soy Story. The Dark Side of Soy". I thought you might be interested to read.

My dh was having cough for about 15 years and about that time he’s been diagnosed with a thyroid problem. Also just about 17 years ago he “discovered” how healthy soy was and was drinking/eating tons of it (vanilla soy milk, chocolate soy milk, tofu, etc.).
About a year ago I ran into an article linking soy to possibly permanent thyroid damage. And I’ve also heard before that some thyroid problem maybe linked to unexplained chronic cough. So I showed it to him and he stopped consuming soy cold turkey. Few months later his cough was practically gone and his thyroid test which was at the same level for years came back much better.
Just wanted to mention,
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I read the soy article when it came out and have shyed away from soy as a vegetarian. It's not easy, soy protein is in EVERYTHING!! But I don't do soy burgers, tofu, and if I do, it's not often. I stick w/ beans, peanut butter, almonds, etc. While I was pg I ate a filet mignon (6 bites!) once a week for a protein boost ( I used to like filet prior to becoming vg)
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We suspect that my baby reacts to the soy in my diet, so I cut the soy out of it. As a vegan, I will second that it is in *everything*. Let's see, what did I eat yesterday...

Oatmeal with maple syrup for breakfast
Sauteed peas, artichokes, and pearl onions with couscous for lunch
Peanut butter and jelly (well, fruit spread) Sandwich for a evening snack (my partner works nigh shift and sleeps during dinner hours)
Minestrone soup for dinner

I also drink a ridiculous amount of juice, particularly OJ.
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i eat soy - buy not a huge amount of it...i also eat fish now and then
typically for breakfast i have either oatmeal with honey or a bowl of bran flakes and a small yogurt...then for lunch i have either a salad or a sanwich with soy meat and veggies on a whole brain bread. dinner is anything from a piece of baked fish with veggies or some pasta to a pb and j sandwich and a yogurt or some carrot sticks. some days when the dd is super fussy and my fiance is working all day (he has a reg 9-5 job AND works nights as a pilot in the AF Res) i eat a couple of odwalla bars for dinner or lunch....

Mama to Amelia - age 6

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Wow - it sure doesn't sound like y'all eat very much for nursing mamas .... I get so hungry and thirsty ... but then again, I have *always* been a big eater, and only now do I have good reason.

I do eat soy, but in much lower amounts than I used to in the past - like several times a week instead of several times a day. I also prefer the less-refined forms (organic tofu vs. commercial fake meats) though I occasionally have a veggie breakfast sausage when I'm craving the protein and liking the convienence. I hardly ever drink juice - but I try to drink LOTS of water. It is easy to forget, until I feel like crap and realize half the day has gone by and I haven't had any water to speak of.

I am LOVING the "eat lots of (good) fat" part of being a nursing mama - my midwife forbade me to eat anything labelled "fat-free" and discouraged "lowfat" for when I was either pg or nursing! I eat avocado and olive oil like nobody's business and it must all be going right to my little guy because I am smaller than I was pre-pregnancy after 10 months.

Typically, I eat eggs and whole grain bread/tortillas for breakfast, or soup and whole grain bagels, or organic plain whole milk yogurt and granola and nuts.

I sometimes have a morning snack of trail mix, or fruit, or just Mama milk tea.

Weekdays (I work FT outside the house), Lunch is leftover dinner from night before, or a frozen veg entree from Trader Joe's, or a baked tofu or cheese sandwich or homemade burrito.

Afternoon snack is same as morning, or little bit of salad or carrot sticks/hummus, or cottage cheese, or an organic fruit/nut bar or Luna/Lara bar.

Most Common Dinners: mexican food (variations on beans, cheese, salsa, avocado, tortilla/chips, tomato, lettuce mix, etc.), whole grain pasta and soy meat balls and veggies, or stiry-fry veggies over brown rice or quinoa, or veg/quorn burgers and salad, or something similar.

I often eat a before-bed snack of plain organic yogurt with a touch of blackstrap molasses if I haven't already eaten some yogurt that day.

Those are the good days - of course there are some days when I get to dinner and am craving veggies and realize I've had carbs and cheese all day! We all do the best we can...

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