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Yeah, that weight losing thing is just a big fat lie by the LLL...

I gained 5o pounds during pregnancy, being vegetarian, rarely pigged out (okay, 2 or 3 times). No matter what I ate I just gained and gained and gained.

A lot of it was water, after 2 weeks I had lost 18 pounds, all water and nothing else.
Now I am stuck with the rest and it is not budging. I have a velcro-baby, poster child for high-need and sometimes he would not give me enough time to eat at all. Guess what?? I still have not lost an ounce after the water went away.:
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I ate pretty darn healthy during pregnancy and worked out at least 4 days a week (walking, elliptical machine ...) and yet it seemed I was destined to gain a fair bit of pregnancy weight. I gained 45 lbs during a 41 week 1 day pregnancy. It took me 7 months (yesterday!) to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I had lost 23 lbs within 2 months and then, because I tend to load up on carbs during the winter and either gain weight or not lose weight (I've been this way for as long as I remember - it's like I'm hibernating! actually, I think it's related to SAD) I was stuck at that weight until about March. In the last 2 1/2 months I've lost the remaining 22!

I am not dieting or depriving myself - I just make sure that I'm making healthy food choices. My workouts are sporadic. I probably go for a walk with DS at least 3 times a week and I try to get on the elliptical machine at least once a week.
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I'm fairly overweight anyhow, but...

By 4 weeks pp I had lost the 20 pounds I gained with my pregnancy plus another 15. I seem to be stuck now though, not dropping any more. DD is 4 months.
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I lost 40 pounds over the first 4 months pp, and then joined Curves after my weightloss had slowed and lost another 40 pounds over the next 18 months. I didn't start solids till after 6 months and dd2 is still nursing at 22 months. I've got another 20-25 pounds I'd like to lose but it's getting harder now.
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I gained 50 lbs with my first and lost 35 of it.

With my second, I gained 20 and I've lose 27 so far. 5 lbs in the last two months. I just started to exercise regularly, so I think that's why some of the weight is coming off.

Mom to two boys, 5 and 3, and pregnant with number 3! EDD 10/8/10
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I gained 35lbs with the pregnancy and lost all of it at the 6 month mark. After the 6 month mark I kept losing weight, at a year I'm 15lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight and it seems to have stablized. I eat healthy (most of the time) and I walk about and hour most days of the week. Walking feels like a break for me even though I'm w/ dd when I'm walking. When dd was smaller I walked with her in a carrier. It's like adding weights to a workout. I'm sure that helped with weight loss. Now that she's bigger sometimes I walk with her in the stroller, sometimes in the carrier. I'm very surprised at how easily the weight came off. In the begining I would have never thought that I'd lose the weight and I never imagined that I'd ever weigh less then I did pre-pregnancy.
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I didnt lose the last of the baby weight till DD weaned at 16 months... in my experience the BFing kept on a few extra pounds, didnt help me lose at all.
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All but the last 5 pounds melted off of me very fast with all of m pregnancies. The last 5 pounds dissappeared about when the baby was 6 months old except this time around. I have lost 27 pounds in 15 days which I do not recomend at all. I did not even gain that much during my pregnancy.

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Both babies I mostly lost 3/4 of the pregnancy weight within 6 weeks, then around 9-10 months dramatically lost another 10-15 pounds all within like 6 weeks without doing any special diet or working out other than regular daily living activities like occasional walks with the kids. I don't eat dairy though so that is a major fat group that I don't take in. I think when my babies started to take in more solids my body was ready to let go of the "safety net" of the extra fat stores. I think the breastfeeding helps prevent to rapid weight loss because in nature, if you are too skinny you don't last. Has anyone here watched a couple seasons of "survivor"? The fat people always have more energy at the end of the day. That one girl with the artificial boobs looked rediculous because she was skin/bones/and boobs.

I have a problem with the weight loss being a reason for breastfeeding. Just one more thing "wrong" with women today. You are always too fat or too thin. Never just right!
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I lost all the weight in the first month or two, but it took longer than that for my body shapr to shift back to normal and fit into my old clothes again. Now, at 1 year pp, I'm about 25 pounds below pre-pg weight, just from bfing. I eat like a pig (I just hada big lunch and I'm hungry again!), so I guess I'm lucky. My sister was the same way and gained some back after her son weaned at 2 years old.
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I gained ~25 during pregnancy and lost around 20 in the first month and the rest by 3 months. Now I'm back up 5 lbs but still in my normal range. BF is definitely working to keep my pounds off because all-the-while I'm eating like a horse! All healthy foods, though, no refined carbohydrates and very little saturated fat and we do get out on good walks a lot. Don't know how long it will last, though.

happily married sahmommy to almost 3yo son
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I have 2 more pounds to go to be back at my prepregnancy weight...yay!!! My weigh loss has been a slow process. I gained 29lbs. during pregnancy...lost 12 after ds birth and slowly lost the rest. I have been working out since ds was about 3 months old...I just recently started running again...hopefully that will take care of the rest. Good luck to you!!!

Lyndsi~ wife to Justin, mama to Waylon (7/06) Orin (3/28/10) and a surprise arriving in Octoberbellycast.gif

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Then there are those of us who gain weight while breastfeeding. I'm always always hungry.

S & J . DD 2/8/7. DS 4/25/10. Natural foods eating, sleep deprived, gardening WAH mama.
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I gained 40-45 pounds when I was pregnant with DD. I lost 20 right away, then I plateaued for a long time. I think it was around 10 months that the other 20 pounds came off, rather quickly, actually. The last 5 hung around.
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I have a problem losing weight, as in TOO MUCH- I was a healthy weight when getting pg the first time- gained 60, lost 98 in a year... managed to gain 25 to get pg again- gained 60 more and now have lost over 65 and still losing about .5-3 lbs/wk. I eat like a horse- well over 3K calories a day- usually 5K. I'm 20 lbs less than I started and I really could gain 5 lbs and be happy about it. I lose all baby weight by 4 months.
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