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Belleweather's Avatar Belleweather 08:42 PM 01-04-2008
Does anyone have any experience nursing a baby with a High Palate? It seems that my son has a high, bell-shaped palate and our LC suspects that (plus a possible tongue tie) may be the cause of his slow weight gain and poor ability to transfer milk. Everything that I'm finding on the internet talks about babies that needed long-term supplementation and feeding through an SNS and all sorts of really intensive work to get them breasfeeding and develop a supply in the mama, and I'm starting to get freaked out -- when I pumped for my older son while I was working I had a terrible time with pump resistance, so the idea of having to do long term pumping is a huge emotional minefield.

I could really use some BTDT support from other mamas. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Breastfeeding Insomniac's Avatar Breastfeeding Insomniac 11:04 PM 01-04-2008
If it is possible, have his tongue tie(s) clipped. That may hopefully be enough to correct your issues. Do you know of any Dr's that do the procedure?
2sweetboysmom's Avatar 2sweetboysmom 05:18 AM 01-05-2008
My youngest has a very high palette. The LC looked in his mouth and said "OUCH! that must hurt." It took about 6 weeks for bf'ing to not be painful for me, but he has always been a good gainer (no tongue tie issues) I just stuck with it because I knew it would eventually all work out.
PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 10:50 AM 01-05-2008
Originally Posted by Breastfeeding Insomniac View Post
If it is possible, have his tongue tie(s) clipped. That may hopefully be enough to correct your issues. Do you know of any Dr's that do the procedure?

If you can't find a doctor, a dentist may do it too. And the younger the baby the thinner the tie and the easier the procedure. (With a young baby and an obvious tongue-tie, it is often done quickly right in the office.)

For the high palate, have you adjusted your latch? The asymmetrical latch (where baby anchors the lower lip on the bottom edge of the areola and then rotates up to take the nipple) if often really painful with a high palate. Some moms have better luck making a 'breast sandwhich' and popping the baby onto the breast straight, with the nipple pointing right back into the mouth, rather than up into the palate. A deep latch is still needed. And with the tongue-tie, pain may still continue.

best of luck with it.
superfastreader's Avatar superfastreader 12:30 PM 01-05-2008
check out my tongue tie story here:

i talk about high palate--
womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 02:49 PM 01-05-2008
When my dd was born (3 weeks ago), the mw noted that she also had a high palette & said it was possibly due to "birth trauma" of a sort (asynclitic w/ caput). She suggested having her adjusted by a chiropractor which we have done several times and her palate issues have resolved. Not sure if they would have improved on their own w/ out treatment, but I think there was dramatic improvement even after the 1st treatment. HTH
alegna's Avatar alegna 02:55 PM 01-05-2008
Dd had a high palate. No tongue tie. Nursing was excruciating at first. Totally mauled my nipples. It was 6 weeks before it didn't hurt.

But it worked out- still nursing at nearly 3.5yrs.

neshamamama's Avatar neshamamama 04:01 PM 01-05-2008
My first dd had a high palette and a very tight suck. She transfered milk well but nursing was excruciating and I had nipple trauma for a good eight weeks. At that point I was desparate and tried craniosacral massage for her. Just one session totally improved our nursing relationship- my nipples finally began to heal and she was able to relax her jaw a bit. We wnt on to nurse for more than 2 1/2 years. I am now a total believer in craniosacral massage.
Pumpkin_Pie's Avatar Pumpkin_Pie 01:08 AM 01-07-2008
DS also has a very high palette. Nursing was so painful for the first month or two that I was on the phone with the LC nearly evey day for a while. I was told it would sort itself out as he grew, and although I didn't want to wait, we got through it and now nursing is easy as pie. Well, aside from the 9 month old acrobatics but that is another whole thread...