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Do you know of any case where an exclusively breast-fed baby became overweight with over-supply or for any other reason?
I'm asking because I have very chubby baby(20lb at 5months, not that big boned, around 75% for height).
And I just adore his big fat bottom. But I talk to my mom a week ago, and we were talking about how chubby he was. And my mom told me I should watch my baby's weight. I told her that was ridiculous since he only drank breast milk. But I couldn't erase that remark out my head since then.
I did have a overly abundant milk supply for the first 3months or so, since I was tandem nursing my 2 year old. Now that the older one is weaned, my milk supply is more tailored to my younger one's demand. But at first he had hard time drinking from my breast because it was coming too fast for him. It made him choke, spit-up etc. So I had to feed my older one first many of the times, then feed the younger one, so the flow would be slower. So he might have gotten more fatty milk than normally he would. I don't know...
Do you think my baby can be overweight, even if slightly?
And if he is, will the situation resolve itself, without any intervention(meaning me trying to become more schedule feeding mommy, rather than feed-the-baby-any-time-any-where-for-whatever-reason kind of the mommy that I am right now)??
What do you think?
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I wouldn't worry at all.

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I wouldn't worry either! Your baby sounds deliciously perfect!

Breastmilk is digested in such a way that the baby's metabolism stays very calm. There is not sugar high and then low, as we get with highly processed carb diets, so the insulin levels stay the same, and there is no signal to "quick, pack away as much fat as possible because we may starve soon". Baby eats when hungry. We'd all be better off if we did that!

Just wait until your baby starts to become a toddler, and you'll see him change dramatically in body shape. Some breastfed babies gain so much until about 9 months old, and then their weight gain really slows down and they grow in length.

Keep enjoying your chubby baby and feel free to go ahead and erase that remark!
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I was just about to post the exact same question. DS is 12.5 lbs. at 7 weeks old and is gaining like crazy. His cheeks are so chubby that they're beginning to droop and he's starting to look like a character from The Sopranos. My parents hadn't seen him for a few weeks and were floored at how big he'd gotten.

My instinct is that it's not a problem, but I was wondering what other mamas' experiences were. DH and I are both pretty small boned and thin, but this kid eats like every feeding is his last meal. He also wants to nurse CONSTANTLY - I'm lucky if he goes an hour during the day, and then he cluster-feeds every night before bed. I'm happy to oblige, but it's exhausting, frankly.

wife to DH since 10/03, mama to DS (12/07)
also mom to small zoo: 3 snakes, 4 and one very lovable pit bull
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My baby was/is HUGE! I thought maybe he had gigantism. The ped even made me come in for 3 month WBV to make sure "he didn't get too big" But when I came back in I saw the nurse practioner in the office (I love her!) and she said there was absolutely NOTHING to worry about and to not even consider him being too big until closer to 3 years and all solids.

BTW my ds is 6mo and 23lbs 9oz. EBF
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20 lbs at 5 months sounds perfectly fine to me.

I think DS was about that weight at 5 months, and my little DD is already 16.5 lbs at 3 months (and as for BostonianBaby's question, she was 12.5 at 6 weeks)

DS gained quickly as a baby and was over 30 lbs at 18 months, but in the subsequent year he's probably gained only 3-4 lbs, just gotten taller and thinned out. He is 2.5 years old now, totally normal in weight, and healthy as the proverbial horse.
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My daughter was a very chubby exclusively breastfed baby and she's now a sturdy but not overweight 2-year-old who still loves nursing.
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I don't think a breastfed baby can be overweight at all. Don't worry, they get what they need, that's the beauty of breastfeeding! Formula on the other hand....


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My first was 7.10 at birth, 12.5 at 4 weeks, 16.8 two months, 21 pounds three months, 32 at one year, now is 75 pounds and just turned 7 yrs old. He does not have a lick of fat on him. He is just a big boy. He was like a circus exhibition when he was little. Luckily my ped was very knowledgable and told me not to worry. He was EBM until 6 mos but really did not pick up solids until about 18 months. Enjoy your big, luscious, happy, healthy baby. I sometimes feel like people are trying to find something, anything wrong with BF babies because they are not familiar with the process. Maybe you will be like me and wear your seven year old's shoes out shopping one day and not realize it until you get home! (we have the same color Merrils)
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