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View Poll Results: Do you experience depressive Feelings or a hollow feeling in your stomach when breastfeeding?
Yes 69 25.09%
No 206 74.91%
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Originally Posted by Llyra View Post
I've never heard of this before, and it surprises me that some mamas experience this. What I experience with letdown is exactly the opposite-- I get a cozy, drowsy feeling that feels just like how I feel when I crawl into my bed after a long day.

Yea that! I had no idea other women felt differently, oppositely of that! Thanks for this thread, it helps to know that others aren't as lucky.

Mama to a sweet baby boy (01/18/08), wife to a sweet and loving husband, blogger:, swimmer:, reader of all things and future IBCLC. Waiting zenfully for my spirit baby to return!
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I get a food aversion and a hollowish feeling in my stomach when DS latches on. I wondered if I was the only one, but it's good to know I'm not!
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Had I just read the poll title, I almost might've voted "yes" because during the entire time I was nursing my DD (who is 13.5 months and weaned now), I was terribly depressed about it, felt like I had no privacy, hated being touched, had really sensitive nipples to the point I would cry sometimes when she wanted to nurse ... but after reading through the threads and the descriptions of D-MER, I am pretty certain what I had was rather a physiological and hormonal issue. Yes, I had feelings of anxiety and depression and hopelessness, but I could not associate them with letdown nor did it cause an emptiness in the pit of my stomach as described by many women in this thread. That emptiness feeling, to me, is like when someone gives you incredibly bad news, bad news of the worst kind like the death of a close family member, etc. But I do not remember experiencing that when nursing. Likewise, I never felt the euphoric feeling others described... Hmm.
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I had this when I was using the breast pump trying to get labor started. (I was being threatened with an induction, and noticed I could get contractions this way.) I thought of it as some kind of a pminitive fear/wanting to escape, feeling just too terrible to describe.

After dd was born, I never had it. (I did have feelings of aggression and wanting to get away later on when she was a toddler with a bad latch, but not this same thing.) The day before I gave birth I still had it, the moment after, no longer.

Oh... and I have connected that home sick thirsty feeling with wanting to be nursed and bury my head in my mother's arm. I think that what I long for is the unique feeling of nourishment and peace I must have felt when I was nursed. The world was ok and nothing else existed in that very moment. (I was only nursed for about a year, so I don't have any real memories of it, though... just would make sense to me.)

Mama to a little lady and always praying for more.
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I did maybe for the first 2 weeks. I would feel anxious while feeding her. Like butterflies in my stomach.

Mama to L (7) and A (born 7/15 by VBAC)
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I showed my mom the new D-MER website as a way to explain to her why I feel so dreadful when nursing my LO. She says that she felt the same way when she nursed my older sister and that the bad feelings is the reason why she stopped nursing her at 6 weeks. Is a genetic link involved in this problem of negative emotions with breastfeeding?
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No, that isn't what the evidence is showing us thus far. There are some mother daughter pairs but there are just as many that aren't. ETA: that and the fact that a good amount of mothers do not have D-MER with their first or second babies but will with their third. It *looks* like environmental effect on dopamine or dopamine receptors over time (exposure to too many radio waves or some such thing; that's just a nonsense example to show you what I mean) ....OR individual's life stress experiencing altering brain receptors in the brain....one such study, not ours, done on rats:
"It is concluded that interactions between an individual's experience of stress at adulthood, together with other environmental events in their history can be important determinants of brain DA receptor levels."
Our educated guess right now is that women have NOT been experiencing this from the beginning of time. It's something our life in the western world or the environmental effect has caused. A negative evolution of sorts. That is just a guess though. An educated one. But best not to quote me
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This is exactly how my wife described breastfeeding our first daughter. I can't wait to show her this. Thanks.

Used to be stay at home parent to our two lovely girls, survived nursing school with family intact, about to graduate and looking for a job! I low-supply nursed my bio daughter for 3 years. 

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I had this bad three years ago when I had to exclusively pump... felt like depression/suicide/yuck... when I was able to start nursing around 5 months pp it got so much better and so did my PPD.

I'm 30 weeks pg now and still breastfeeding a toddler... just in the past couple weeks I am starting to experience this feeling again. I had forgotten about it, it had been so long...
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I had this feeling in the first few months of BFing my last 2 I thought it was maybe post partum depression but it ONLY HAPPENED for a short time at the beginning of every nursing session and its AWEFUL its soooooooooo overwhelming I thought this was just me I'm going to have to reaserch this now, thanks for posting

Betsy, Mommy to DS (10) DD (4) DS (2) and DS (1)
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Originally Posted by Bethla View Post
Interesting. I wrote a post about this years ago and got no responses, so I assumed I was just weird.
: I thought it was just me. I've been nursing for the last 50 months, and 28 of them have been tandem. I never got that good cozy sleepy feeling you are "supposed" to get. Well, sometimes I got sleepy.


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I didn't get any of those feelings listed. I mostly get a hazy feeling. Kinda like the edges of my brain are fuzzy. It's not that I can't concentrate, I have to wade through the muck to focus on anything.
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