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My brother was breastfed for about a month before my mom developed severe PPD and was told by her doctor to stop breastfeeding. She didn't breastfeed me at all (I was the younger child). I have allergies and asthma, and my brother doesn't.

ETA: My MIL ff'ed entirely by choice, and my husband and his sisters are pretty healthy as far as I know.
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I was BF for a little over a year I was born in 73. My mom also BF my older siblings. They were born in the early 60's. It was quite uncommon to BF back then. I liked that she gave the finger to "the man"!

My DH was adopted so he was fed formula. My DH is very pro BF-ing.

My family is very supportive. My 70 year old dad is pro co-sleeping, BF and SAHMing, although he does get a little hebbee-jeebeed when I feed my son. I cover up for him.

It makes it much easier when you have your family supporting your BF .

Living my dream. wife to dh, mom to ds1 (9/07) and ds2 (2/11), owned by pug and cat. Does it get any better than this?joy.gif
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I was adopted in the 1960's...I don't know if my mother was even aware it was possible. She was also a Peds nurse and I'm sure was convinced that formula was better and only poor people and immigrants breast fed, since that was the view at that point in time in this area.

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My mom BF me and my 2 brothers for 18 months, 35 months, and 26 months. She was one of 8. My grandmother BF all of her children for about a year each. She's told me several times about expressing milk for when she went out with my grandfather. She's also made a few weird comments about how my DD "has to share the milk" with DH!!! Makes you wonder. As far as I know, the chain of BF has never been broken in my maternal line. All of my first cousins on my moms side were BF for 1-4 years each. We were also mostly all cloth diapered (in the 80s) and mostly co-slept. I had some wonderful role models growing up. I grew up assuming that all of that was normal

My DH was not BF. He's the baby of 4. His mother "tried" to BF her first, but her doctor told her it "just wasn't working" and she was "so relieved". She didn't try with any of her children. Neither of her daughter have succeeded in BFing. They both "tried" but "couldn't". My BIL's wife just had a baby with the same outcome. However, my MIL and her siblings were all BF (though my GMIL told me when DD was just a couple of weeks old that I absolutely needed to be giving her bottles of water, just ask my doctor, he'd set me straight). The first time my DH recalls ever seeing anyone BF was when he was 24 and staying with my aunt who was BF her then 11 month old (weaned at over 2 years).

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I wouldn't eat anything else according to my mom so i breastfed until at least 1.

My older sisiter got formula around 6 mos b/c as my mom tells it...she gave in to pressure and regretted it.

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My mom nursed me for about 2 1/2 years and DH's mom nursed him for a little over a year. She would have nursed him longer, but he weaned during her 2nd pregnancy. She nursed her 2nd for 3 years.

My mom tells me that she hated weaning me, but she was going nuts because she was pregnant again and it hurt. I've told her like 10 times that it's fine and I wasn't traumatized for life by her "premature" weaning. LOL

2 1/2 years in the 80's was awesome!
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My mom breastfed me until I was 6 mo, she probably would have breastfed me until I left for school tho lol. SHe says that around 6 mo, she gave me a bottle for one reason or another and me being the super independant one I am I never wanted to go back to the teet. I wonder sometimes if it was just a nursing strike but with no access to the support mama's get today she didnt know and just gave it up. She looks at my PIS in awe, wishing she would have had a milking machine like that.

SHe was breastfed, who knows how long. My grandma was a huge lactivist from way back in the day lol. I remember a Thanksgiving we didnt have pumpkin pie because someone bought Libby's pumpkin pie filling and my grandma refused to use it lol. Man she would be so proud of my nestle-free home!
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Everyone in my family breast feeds. My Mom breastfed me when it was not fashionable to do so and received a lot of flack from people she was friends with and worked with. Then again, she also co-slept, CDed and didn't vax and that got more people riled up. lol.

I was breastfed for 18 mos til I self weaned. So was everyone in my family. My GMa is a home birth midwife who BF my father til he was quite old.

My DH on the other hand was not breastfed. My MIL thought it was gross and for "poor people". Then again, she also had an elective c/s under general anesthetic for the same reasons. She despises a lot of natural parenting choices, and has expressly forbidden me from breastfeeding in her home if FIL is there. She has also researched "father rights" in overturning my decision not to vax. As in, can DH override my choice and get the kids vaxed against my wishes. She is a strange cookie....

Mama to nine gorgeous babies, with finale #10 due April'14.
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My mom bf me for about 12 months-ish, and if I had a bottle, it was expressed milk. Same for my brother, but he only made it 9 months I think when he started to bite her really really really hard and she had had enough. I was born in 1982, my brother in 1990.

My DH, born in 1972, was bf. So were his 3 siblings. My MIL used to shoot the older kids with milk in the eye when they were being annoying
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Maybe 6 weeks. I have never really known anyone to breastfeed.
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I am so very proud of my mom. In small town Menominee Michigan, she was a 19 year old first time mommy when she had me in 1970. She bf'ed, and tried to join other women together and have a LLL group. They were refused LLL membership or charter or what have you, because none of the interested moms had bf'ed "older kids". The called themselves the "nursing mothers group", had a photo in the paper, etc. They would go to the hospitals and recruit new moms. Ha! I see where I get it from. Go mom.
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both my mom and grandma claim that therir doctors told them that their milk was "rotton" so they couldn't breastfeed.

I had a ton of health problems as a child including allergies and asthma. I even had pnemonia (sp?) when I was two.

My sister wasn't breastfed either and she had numerous bowel issues as a child.

I breastfed dd1 until she was two and has yet to be sick. I'm now breastfeeding my newborn. My sister is not breastfeeding her son. I guess it interferes with her partying.
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me and my half sibs (1 bro 1 sis) were all BF for 3 months then mum lost her milk. (with me caused by inability to keep any food down she got postnatal sickenss, with my sibs it was cos her then husband was an abusive man who kept calling her fat and a pig if she so much as looked at food so she quit)

DH says he was BF but cant remember how long for and his sister was born when he was 14 months old so it may have been less than a year.

i hold no feelings against my mum for stoping feeding me as that was jsut what happened then.

i managed 12 weeks with DS1, 10 weeks with DD1 (purly selfish reasosn for quiting and i regret it but cant do anything about it)
14 months with DS2 and 7 months and still going strong with DD2. so far i am the only person i know who BF for taht long in my family
cousin was not BF, she FF her first and BF her 2nd for 6 months

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my mom weaned me at a year. pretty good, especially considering i spent the first 2-3 weeks in a NICU and she had to pump for me with an old fashioned manual pump! :

but i didn't get any formula!

and of course i got the milk through a bottle, so there was a huge risk of nipple confusion. but i went to the breast easily, luckily.

she told me once she felt sad weaning me at a year, but she didn't really know she could go longer. i don't think she'd ever seen anyone do longer nursing. i bet if she knew it was "okay" to keep going, she would have.

DH was nursed for 18 months

both our families are moderately to extremely supportive of breastfeeding. i guess we will see where everyone falls on the continuum once DD is a bit older! but i do have a SIL who nursed my nephew for 3 years and is still nursing my niece, who is almost 2. and she is an MDC mama, too!

ETA: about health problems, DH had really bad excema (sp?) and food allergies as a kid despite being BF'd. he has sinus allergies still. i have neither issue. but overall i'd say he is healthier than i am, not due to being breastfed because i have congenital health problems--though we are both pretty healthy!

dissertating wife of Boo, mama of one "mookie" lovin' 2 year old girl! intactlact:: CTA until 7/10 FF 1501dc
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My mom BF'd me over a year, not completely sure how long though.

My MIL BF'd DH until he was 18 months.

My dad was BF'd until he was 6 months, when my grandmother said that he no longer wanted to nurse, he only wanted solids after that. But, she wasn't able to BF'd his sister because of some medication she had to take after she was born.

My mom was BF'd, and her siblings were, but my grandmother has since passed on so I can't ask her for how long.

I am the only one of my siblings to have a kid so far, but my SIL BF's (and is active on MDC too).

Most of my cousins BF'd too.. not all of them, but most of them.

So.. we are a pretty BFing friendly family.

ETA: My mom did give me formula, even though I was BF'd. She didn't think her breasts were large enough to produce enough milk.

As far as health problems- I don't have any allergies, and DH has some seasonal allergies. My dad has a lot of them. But I think that's it.

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I wasn't breastfed, but dh was for about 4 weeks and then his mother was convinced that she wasn't producing enough for him and switched to formula.

I don't know if my parents were. I have a brother and a sister and my sister has kids but has formula fed both of them. I formula fed my birthdaughter b/c of lack of knowledge and my mother wasn't supportive b/c she didn't understand.

Allyn birthmom to S 3/12/03, placed in open adoption 4/06, married to W 6/22/07, mama to H 2/5/08, mama to M 8/26/12.
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My mom bf me for 16 months. Beginning in 1969. My father's very conservative, Italian-American family was scandalized. They said it was too "lower east side," meaning too "immigrant" and not Americanized enough. They all ff, of course.

DH was ff from birth. His mom talks about how the hospital nurse showed her how to put formula in his very first bottle because "big babies are hungry babies." He has allergies and is generally much more prone to illness than dd and I are.
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My mom bf'd me for about 7mo. This was in 1973, and she was a maternity nurse until she retired to 'raise her family'. Given the atmosphere in the medical world at the time, it's actually well to her credit that she still chose to bf.

She did the best she could, but insists that I self-weaned at 7mo. She didn't understand about "nursing strikes".

But despite that, and despite getting fed cereal very early, etc, I give credit where it's due and I know I was better off than most babies in those days.

My younger brother was BF'd for 3mo, then the youngest brother for just 3 weeks. She said it was just too difficult to keep it up with 3 young kids. She does wish she had done things differently.

I have digestive issues, which I think are mostly attributable to early solids, rather than duration of BFing. No major allergies.

My youngest brother who was mostly FF'd, has the most severe allergies of all of us.

My mother was not BF'd herself. She had "homemade" formula. She has *severe* digestive problems, as in she has needed surgery and takes daily medication to get by.

On to my DH! His mom was an LLL leader so he was certainly BF'd, not sure how long but it was at least a year. He has no digestive problems, he can eat anything.

But, he does have allergies and lots of them. Allergic to pet fur, hayfever, and severe exzema or psoriasis all over his body (and I do mean ALL over).

Some of the severity of his skin conditions might be due to an acne medication he took as a teenager which has since been pulled off the market, skin problems and anxiety/depression (which he also suffers from) were unknown side effects.

It's so hard to isolate one thing from another, with so many potential causes and effects!

Heather, mom to Caileigh 12/06 and aspie ADHD prodigy David 05/98 :intact lact
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My mom did not bf me, I feel no resentment towards it, she was 19, had a emergency c-section and I was in the hospital for a week after she left, but regardless I would never resent my mother.

I do know, however, that she came from a long line of long term nursers, my grandmther nursed all five of her kids past 2 years old, her mom and grandmother did the same and both were wet nurses for other children.

My hubby was bf for 6 weeks until my Mother in Law went back to work and neither one of us has had any health problems.

My mom did nurse both my brother and sister and the ironic thing is both of them have major allergies, skin conditions, etc and me miss formula had none of the above..go figure.

However, my mom was super supportive of the breastfeeding and when I had a breakdown with my daughter at the hospital and begged my mom to give her a bottle (48 hours without sleep, she was nursing every hour on the hour for more than 25 minutes and I was just spent), my mom took her, put me to sleep and didn't comply because she knew with sleep I would recommit to nursing and I am so glad she did that.
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Sorry, I haven't read all the replies but wanted to post my story b/c it breaks my heart to this day. My mom BF my older brother (1971) for about 6 weeks, then the dr. told her he was "allergic" to her milk and to switch to formula
(He was colicky). Now for me (1976) my mom BF and pumped (!) until I was about 4 months old and she had a nervous breakdown (working full time, husband no help, a baby and a 5 year old) and spent 6 weeks in the mental hospital. (She was then diagnosed with bipolar). Now, this is the part that breaks my heart: she cried every day from pain (and missing her DD) b/c her breasts were so engorged and the hospital did not supply her with a pump or any relief! After the 6 weeks I guess her milk had dried up and and she could never BF again. Needless to say she is very supportive of my breastfeeding b/c of her horrible experience. I think when my DD was born she was reliving having me as a baby all over again. Sheesh, now I'm crying!
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I was bf for 6 weeks as were my 2 brothers and sister. Then we were FF. I give my Mom credit for doing 6 weeks but sometimes wonder why she didn't continue after that (after the first 3 weeks it was easy for me). My Dad always said we had the best, most expensive formula My older brother and I never had health issues by my lil sis and bro did growing up (though it may be the SoCal air vs. South Dakota).

They support me bf'ing DD but I know sometimes they think it's wierd I'm still going at 6 months strong... but I always tell them breast is best and formula is way too expensive so why? When I was PG my goal was 6 months (as I went back to work FT timeat 3 mo) but now that I've hit 6 months I plan to continue for as long as I can... I love it! Just the looks and noises DD makes when she knows she's getting her boobie

DH was never BF (not sure if his brother was or not) but it was in the 70's and they though formula was best. He had major allergies and health issues growing up. They were really wierded out by me bf'ing but they've come around!
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I am one of four children. I was bf until it was almost time for the 'new baby' to be born, and then I volunteered to quit when mom talked to me about it (17 months, I talked like an adult). I was also supplemented with weak cereal bottles (with breastmilk) from 2 weeks old on due to a VERY hearty appetite. I never had any real issues, a little reaction to cow's milk til I was 3 or so. My brothers all self-weaned between 6 & 8 months. They just refused one day, and my mother said it always hurt her feelings alot. So, then they went straight to milk with vitamin drops. We all had weak cereal in a bottle from 2 weeks on, except the youngest who was premature, he started about a month later. Noone has any real allergies or illnesses we would contribute at all.
I bf all my kids, different lengths of time. oldest, I think 15 weeks or so, then stupidly dried up when I didn't pump enough at work. The twins, I bf exclusively for about 3-4 weeks, then supplemented with pumped bottles here & there for one, because he had latch issues and I wasn't sleeping almost at ALL. They had formula 1/2 & 1/2 with breastmilk (only goodstart!) here & there to cut me a little slack timewise. My kids wanted to eat constantly. We hit some thrush issues and at the same time, I had to return to work. They stopped getting bf at about 14 weeks as well. My daughter & I had major freakin non-stop PAINFUL thrush issues, and sadly ended our bf at about 9 weeks. ALL of my kids recieved weak cereal in breastmilk from about 3-4 weeks old, and it helped them sleep 4 hrs thru the night so mom could rest. My ped. told me as long as they didn't respond badly, go for it. None of them have any allergies or issues at all! I sincerely hope to bf this one for a year..... I have always wanted to, it never worked out right though.
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I was BF til age 3, including through my mom's pregnancy with my brother. The evening before my 3rd birthday, she said, "Three-year-olds don't need to nurse anymore; they drink big-girl milk." I said okay, and ran off to play, and was totally cool with it. She was very helpful with me establishing a nursing relationship with my DD.

DH was BF for about 3 months, after which his mom stopped because "he was always hungry." He's always been supportive, and when I recently told him I might want to BF past 1 year (my initial goal), he thought it was great.
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I couldn't vote as you didn't have an option that fit me. I know my mom breastfed all three of her kids - as we have photos of it, and I remember her nursing my sister and my brother. We also have a DARLING photo of my sister nursing her doll as she sits right next to my mom who was nursing my brother on my gramma's couch. We were also all cloth diapered and she was a SAHM.

But I have no idea how long she nursed us. If I had to guess, I'd say somewhere between 6 and 12 months but I don't really know, and she's been gone for 24 years next month.

I don't know if MIL nursed dp at all, but if she did it was just for a very short while. She tells all about making a formula for him by watering down cans of condensed milk.

All three of my kids were breastfed for about a year average.
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My mother breastfed me for about 6 weeks, and was happy to stop. I don't think she was breastfed at all, my grandmother put her on rice cereal at just a couple of weeks old

BC Mum of four ('05, '07, '11 and 06/14!)     
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Originally Posted by madamepril View Post
I sincerely hope to bf this one for a year..... I have always wanted to, it never worked out right though.
I hope you can achieve this, you may want to check out some LLL meetings for support.

BC Mum of four ('05, '07, '11 and 06/14!)     
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My mom BF me for nine months.

Though, at the hospital they told her to supplement me with rice cereal since I was a "big baby"

Guess which kid in the family has food allergies?

My older sister ENed two kids by the time I had mine. BF is normal and expected in my family.

MIL did not BF. As far as I know she never intended to, she questioned me on it quite a lot.

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My Mom breastfed me and my brother. She says I weaned at 9 months and I'm pretty sure they put me on whole milk at that time as my Mom has expressed how disgusting she thinks formula is to me several times. I am sensitive to dairy (causes excema flare ups) so I wish she had breastfed me a little longer as it may have helped with that.

ETA: In my extended family breastfeeding is the norm too. My cousin was still nursing her toddler while I was pregnant (she weaned her DD at 2). I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that at our family gathering.

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My mom tried with me. Unfortunately she had a hospital acquired infection and between that and what ever they used to treat it, it killed her supply. I lost 1/3 of my body weight in my first few weeks of life because there was nothing coming out even though my mom was constantly trying. In the end, I was a formula baby and she contemplated bfing my brother but ended up ffing him as well.

I still had the worst time convincing her that yes, I'm going to bf successfully. There's still a CASE of formula at her place that she tried to give me that I refused to take.

Sad to say my environment for bfing is kinda non supportive. I'm relegated to using a cover that my baby hates and makes me feel like I've got a big sign over my head that says "Nursing Mom! Look! Nursing Mom!" But it's the sacrifice I'm willing to make to make sure my DD has the best.
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My mom BF me for 6m. She said it was really tough b/c she had an emergency section and they didn't want her to hold me to nurse but she insisted. Dad's weren't allowed to stay in the hosp. and she had to beg the nurses to bring me to her overnight. She was finishing nursing school when I was 4m and started bottles of formula b/c she didn't have a pump and couldn't hand express enough. She says I self-weaned at 6m but I doubt that. She BF my younger brother for 18m with support from LLL.

Dh was not BF and neiher was his younger sister.

Happy Mommy to one amazing girl (11y) and one sweet boy (7y), and wife to DH since 7/03 : :
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