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smashlie's Avatar smashlie 06:11 PM 07-07-2008
So, the ped wants ds to start taking vit D drops since he's exclusively breastfed. I've read conflicting info on this. Anyone else doing it?

Mama Mko's Avatar Mama Mko 06:32 PM 07-07-2008
We didn't do this. I don't see the need. We go out in the sun occasionally and I really just don't worry about it.
MaLu's Avatar MaLu 06:35 PM 07-07-2008
Here it's given to all babies until two years of age. Or I should say it's given to the parents to give to the babies. hehe It's because Sweden is so far north and we don't always have many hours of daylight. I sometimes give my son the drops and sometimes not. I'm not too worried about it, but if I'm at the cupboard and remember then I do it.
Magali's Avatar Magali 06:57 PM 07-07-2008
Originally Posted by rebeccajo View Post
We didn't do this. I don't see the need. We go out in the sun occasionally and I really just don't worry about it.
Draupadi's Avatar Draupadi 07:14 PM 07-07-2008
Originally Posted by smashlie View Post
So, the ped wants ds to start taking vit D drops since he's exclusively breastfed. I've read conflicting info on this. Anyone else doing it?
Are they the Trivitamin drops?
We did them for many months but then stopped.
We think the vitamin drops were the source of the unexplainable rash DS kept getting all over his body from about 5 months until about 4 months ago. The rash went away when we stopped giving them to him.
Of course, he's not EBF anymore and gets tons of sunlight because he's outside playing every day. He doesn't "need" them anymore.
randomacts's Avatar randomacts 07:28 PM 07-07-2008
I refused to give these to DS. We live in Texas, are fair skinned and it is summer. Don't think we lack for sun here. He gets at least 20 minutes a day (sunscreen free but indirect) so I don't worry about it! That stuff is NASTY and it made him puke the one time I did give it to him.
YesandNo's Avatar YesandNo 07:49 PM 07-07-2008
Just last month there was a study about this that said EBF babies are 10x more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency than formula babies. I do give them do DD.

I've never seen any evidence that a sunlight gives adequate vitamin d if you're wearing sunscreen and avoiding direct exposure.

My DD likes the stuff, actually. I'm not surprised, it smells like sugar to me. I time my dosing of it to when she's fussy because I know it makes her cheer up.
Mama Mko's Avatar Mama Mko 11:11 PM 07-07-2008
For me, that study is questionable since the sample size of breastfed babies was so small.

I like the information at kellymom:

They even have a table that show how much sun exposure is necessary. They also say increased vitamin D in the mother does go through her breastmilk to the infant. So that's another option if you don't want to supplement but are concerned.
smashlie's Avatar smashlie 12:18 AM 07-08-2008
Thanks for all of the input. It's so hot here that we rarely go outside in the sunlight, which is why I considered the supplement in the first place. We actually have an appointment with a new ped tomorrow, so I'm curious to hear his opinion. They're doing a Rickets study at a local hospital here that I would normally participate in, but they would need to do X Rays on ds and I'm just not ready to make that sacrifice for science right now.
mamadelbosque's Avatar mamadelbosque 12:31 AM 07-08-2008
We don't do them... but then again we don't avoid the sun. I'm not convinced that sunscreen 'works' like its supposed to (lets through the truely harmful rays, and blocks the good ones that make you make vit d). If you avoid sunshine and/or wear sunscreen whenever your out in it, they might be a good idea. But I don't get the point of the above, so...
MotheringHeart's Avatar MotheringHeart 12:41 AM 07-08-2008
I'm on nursling #4 and we've never used them. My kids have not ever had problems. I make sure that we go out in the sun and I make a point of not slathering on sunscreen unless we're going to be out for long periods. One more data point....
Mama Poot's Avatar Mama Poot 12:43 AM 07-08-2008
I don't give them, they aren't necessary. I really get annoyed by peds pushing this kind of stuff because it undermines breastfeeding and assumes that the mother's milk is inadequate. Don't buy into that. Just take your child out for some fresh air and sunlight and they will be just fine.
smashlie's Avatar smashlie 12:56 AM 07-08-2008
We avoid the sun outside because of the heat. I guess if it's absolutely necessary, I'd sit in the sun and bake with him, but I feel like vitamins would be a safer, more comfortable alternative to that. At least until summer is over. Does anyone allot specific time to do this? I guess I should?
Moonglow Girl's Avatar Moonglow Girl 01:22 AM 07-08-2008
We don't.

Vitamin D supplements for EBF babies didn't become a standard recommendation until my third child. I figured my first two didn't have vitamin D supplements and they don't have rickets. So I doubt my third will either. If I was dark skinned or lived in the extreme northern latitudes, then I might consider it.

I did start taking vitamin D supplements myself though. Turns out a lot of adults are deficient, and I figured why not?

Also, about it being hot out - if you take baby out in a diaper, baby doesn't need much more than 5 minutes a day for sufficient vitamin D. You can break it up into several 2 minute sessions if need be.

Good luck making your decision.
ellymay's Avatar ellymay 01:56 AM 07-08-2008
I've been told to give them never do