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jenveg618's Avatar jenveg618 12:01 AM 07-13-2008
Due to oversupply and foremilk/hindmilk imbalance issues, I decided to try block feeding (in 2 hour blocks) to see if that would help. Before trying this my 8 week old was wanting to nurse very frequently, and had mostly green poops and seemed fairly gassy and spit up a lot. Today was day 2 of trying out block feeding, and I'm finding that my baby will feed from the same breast 2, maybe 3 times within that 2 hour period. I'm just wondering if/when this will ever slow down? I also have a 2 1/2 year old and it's really hard for me to tend to his needs when I'm constantly nursing all day long (baby does sleep great at night, thank goodness!).

Would the frequent feeding from that same side over the 2 hrs keep overstimulating my milk supply on that side? It also seems that even though we're sticking with just one side, there are multiple letdowns so I know he's still getting lots of foremilk (although we did have a mostly yellow poo yesterday). I've tried just holding him off to stretch out the time between feedings, but he becomes so fussy and miserable and ultimately I don't believe in trying to "schedule" a baby this young.

Should I just stick with this plan and expect improvement in a few more days? I would be so happy at this point if we actually could go 2 hrs between feedings!


jenveg618's Avatar jenveg618 01:11 PM 07-13-2008
I'm just bumping this up; hoping someone out there has some experience with this method of reducing supply. I'm feeling very drained from constant feeding
Bald_Bull's_Mama's Avatar Bald_Bull's_Mama 05:32 PM 07-13-2008
Maybe he's nursing very frequently because he's in a growth spurt. I'd say if his poops are getting better, he is less gassy and spits up less, it's working. When we switched to block feeding at that age, I don't think DS ate any less frequently. I'm sure it is difficult with an older child as well. Have you tried wearing your LO? It helped me through the super frequent feedings while keeping me from being confined to a chair.
I wouldn't try to put off feeding him if he seems hungry. I would stick with the block feedings if he seems to be feeling better and try to remember that it will get easier. He won't be feeding 3 times an hour forever although it sure feels like it at the time.
alegna's Avatar alegna 06:10 PM 07-13-2008
The frequent nursing is normal. Your supply will regulate.

Dd didn't go more than 2 hours between nursings during the day until well after 2 yrs old.

April422's Avatar April422 07:02 PM 07-13-2008
If you're block nursing to reduce supply, I'd nurse on that side for 4-6 hours, instead of just two.

Cluster feeding is normal and as a PP mentioned babe could be in a growth spurt.
jenveg618's Avatar jenveg618 10:56 PM 07-13-2008
well, it seems like I've managed to reduce my supply, because neither breast is ever engorged at any point during the day anymore. Also, for the last 3 feedings of the day he basically got on the breast and wanted to nurse for a loooong time, around an hour or so, possibly more. He would sometimes seemed frustrated and I got the feeling that he wasn't getting enough milk when he wanted it (maybe he's so used to getting such a fast flow of milk). But boy were my boobs sore and worn out afterwards! I hope that I haven't reduced my supply too much, because the one-hour feedings are pretty draining. I did feel several letdowns during the whole feeding, and he would FINALLY seem satisfied, so I suppose he did eventually get enough milk.

After that one yellowish poop they've been green again. I sure hope this will change soon.

As for wearing him, I do wear him in a Maya wrap but I can't feed him in this or any type of sling/carrier. He needs to be burped at least 2-3 times during a feeding and pops off the breast a lot, so I'm using my hands a lot during the feeding. I keep hoping that when he's older I can manage this so I can be hands-free with my older son while he nurses.