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I'm fairly big-chested anyhow, so those nursing tanks are useless for me, unless I'm also wearing a nursing bra. Just no support.

I think it's good to have one or two nursing dresses or tops for if you want to be covered while out and NIP. But mostly, I think they're just a good way to justify buying yourself a new wardrobe. lol

This is my 3rd dd, and I nursed the first two for over a year each, I never really had 'nursing' clothes, because they were expensive, didn't fit well, and were too preppy or frumpy for my tastes. Good, well-fitting nursing bras are essential, imho. Unless you can get away with being bra-less, something I've not been able to pull off since I was a pre-teen. :

Good luck, mama.

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In public I usually like to nurse with baby in the sling, so I find having a top I don't have to pull all the way up to get access is helpful. So I like wrap style tops or one with an empire nursing opening. I also have a non nursing top I love because the v-neck is low enough I can pull it down and pull a same color sports style bra up and have quick access. A friend eating lunch with me couldn't even tell I was nursing since she thought the red sports bra was part of the top.

I prefer to be able to pull a bra up from the bottom rather than trying to reach the top of the cup for the clasp. I have a bra from japanese weekend that opens this way and it is my new favorite- but I also use sports bras or anything with a stretchy band in the same way. I'm a C cup and it works great- might not work for someone more generously endowed.

I don't bother with nursing tops at home. I do always wear some kind of bra in the daytime because I need to hold pads in place.

To sleep I prefer button front pj's and just leave the top unbuttoned rather than messing with openings. I hate to sleep in a bra so I usually just keep a small towel nearby to cover one side while I feed from the other.

Part-time L&D RN and Full-time Mama to Xander 4/01 & Carly 6/08
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bras/tanks - YES

clothes - no, not for me

WAHMama to Allen (2-10-05) and Alexa (6-27-08)
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Originally Posted by iamleabee View Post
thanks for the helpful hints for those that bought nursing bras, did you buy before or after the baby was born? will you want a nursing bra right away?
You'll need SOMETHING to hold nursing pads in place.

While pg with DD1, I purchased nursing bras, but they didn't fit once she was born. I ended up using some cotton undershirts (that had fit properly before but now were incredibly snug and weren't much longer than my boobs) to hold nursing pads in place until I had a chance to do some bra shopping.

While pg with DD2 (and still nursing DD1) I got a bunch of Bravados (custom made as I'm an unusual size) and those got me through all the pre and postpartum bra-size shifting (band size geting bigger before birth, engorgement 4 days later, etc) and then purchased more structured bras when she was about 2 weeks old and my bra size was somewhat stable.

When pg with DS I ordered bras in "fits me right now" (with bra extenders for the rib cage expansion in my 8th and 9th months) and a cup size up for after the birth. Those larger bras fit for about a week and then I was back into the ones i'd worn while pg.

I recomend getting something loose fitting and stretchy for late pg and early postpartum, then plan on getting some "real bras" 2-3 weeks after birth.

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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I have nursing tanks which I like because I can wear with any regular shirt and just pull my shirt up without having my stomach show. I think nursing specific clothes are not really necessary, IMO but maybe some find them worth it. Besides I think a lot of nursing clothes are overpriced.
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The support of a nursing bra is unbeatable IMO. A few shirts for NIP isn't bad either.
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I haven't worn a nursing bra for months. Once I became less engorged and stopped leaking, it was just easier to wear a soft bra and pull it down.

Never had nursing clothes, but they would have been handy at first when I was getting the hang of NIP. The nursing tanks were good for that, but I found them a tad uncomfortable and mine wasn't the right size, so it led to plugged ducts once.

When I DID wear nursing bras, I bought a couple at Target.
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As was stated, it all depends. If you can afford or find a few of each to start out with, that might be nice. I had to have nursing bras and I also had a couple of the night time ones as well and that was nice. I had the tanks too, and wore the bras with them. I liked the nursing tanks because in the winter time I could lift a regular shirt and then slide open the tank and bra and still have my tummy covered.
I also had a variety of nursing shirts and a nursing dress from Motherhood which I loved and passed on to a couple of other women from my church and they loved them too. I found some of the nursing tops at resale shops and some online for sale - if you do a search on nursing clothing or breastfeeding clothing along with the word sale or clearance you can find the ones that are on sale.
If you can't afford that, then at least get a nursing bra to start with. I got one before I had my baby and others after.
I have a friend who is smaller busted to begin with and she never used nursing bras - just used sports bras and pulled them up or down. So, it really does depend on what works for you.
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For me, nursing bras are a necessity. Nursing clothes... well, like many others have said, they often just don't sit right and who has time to look in a mirror after nursing the baby?

I prefer to layer using stretchy lycra or microfiber tanks - I have some with stretchy straps so I can just pull them down, and I wear them under another tank or t-shirt. For me the issue was always hiding the postpartum belly more than my breasts.

This time I plan to buy some more nursing bras and trying a few of the Bravado tanks. I buy my bras around 36 weeks and buy a couple, then buy more around 4 weeks PP once engorgement has gone. The first place I lose weight is around my rib cage, so I need a smaller band size then.

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I am smaller chested. (36 B while lactating) I wear a bra occasionally. I need one if I wear a thin shirt b/c my nips show too much without one. I really don't like bra's. But yeah, you will probably need one unless you are really tiny chested. I prefer the type without any padding. The ones with padding are too stiff to fold under and feed discreetly.

I don't find nursing tops discreet at all. I find myself having to pull my whole boob out through the hole. With a regular shirt I don't really show any boob.

My favorite thing which works in cooler months, is a Cami under a regular shirt. Boob goes over top of Cami, shirt comes up. Nothing shows. A cami gives me a bit of support, but wont work for a very large chested mama. I love this, as no belly or boob or anything shows. Add on a light sweater or jacket, and no one can even tell what you are doing.

For home, I just wear a t-shirt or whatever and no bra. I only put the other things on for going in public.

I do like a nursing nightgown. That would be worth buying IMO. Your arms and belly and back and everything get to stay nice and warm and you can leave your boob out the entire night if you want. Nothing else gets cold.
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Originally Posted by lanamommyphd07 View Post
nursing bra--totally worth it.
nursing clothes--waste of money. I hated them.
Totally agree!
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I haven't read all the replies yet.
If you're nursing for the first time, then yes. Nursing bras/tanks/shirts will be a great tool when you're out in public and still unsure of yourself and they make things easier in general. However, once I got the hang of things I ditched the nursing clothing and now I just wear regular shirts and bras and pull my boob out as needed.

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I love my nursing bras so much that I wear them when I'm not even lactating. They're sooo comfortable. I can't imagine trying to use a regular bra while nursing. I don't really care for nursing clothes, but I do have a bunch of nursing tanks, the kind that clip at the shoulder strap. They're handy when hanging around at home because I can leave the flap open afterwards to dry my nipple off without a shirt hanging over my boob, and when I'm wearing babe in his wrap. My boobs got unexpectedly huge with this baby, though (I only went up 1 cup size with DS1 so I wasn't anticipating the sudden boob job!) so most of them are pretty snug in the chest area. I'm hoping once I "deflate" a little they'll fit better.
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For me, none of the special nursing things were worth it.

Shirts were proportioned all wrong.

And don't even get me started on the bras. Especially in conjunction with a nursing shirt.

Normal bra + normal shirt = put hand under shirt super-quick, pull cup down, pull shirt up just enough, totally covered, private, nothing but side flab showing. When done, pull shirt down and a hefty yank on the bra strap could pull cup up, at least enough to put baby upright on shoulder on that side and fiddle with it later when it would just look like a normal woman fiddling with shirt/bra. Go on with day.

Nursing bra + nursing shirt = put hand under shirt, first through neckhole to unclasp thing, then under shirt to pull down cup flap, pull shirt slits open, stick NIPPLE through shirt (augh), totally exposed all around aerola as baby does various things to try to not get shirt into mouth. When baby is done, NIPPLE sticking out of shirt slit, close shirt slit (which has gotten stretched out of shape with baby's touching of it, might be slobbery). Stick hand *all the way down front of shirt* to grab cup flap, pull up, clasp with *one hand* while holding either sleeping or very happy milky awake baby, sweat buckets, face red from exertion, want to toss bra in garbage.

Gimme a soft cup bra and a regular t'shirt *any* day.

And DS is 4, my breasts are nowhere near as large as they were in the heyday of nursing, but I'm still a 36 F, and I was a nice little 36 C when I first got pregnant. So it's not that I had small breasts while nursing, oh dearie me no.
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I have two nursing bras and rotate in and out of them in the winter... I also have 5 nursing tanks, though one I never wear (its white and you can see right through it and see the concentric rings of fabric... and it just looks HORRIBLE), and another one (teal, same deal, but not qutie as bad), I mostly wear around the house, the others (black), I wear all the time. I think they're definetly worth it, because it just makes it easier...

ETA: Oh, I just realized.. I'm sure most nursing tanks are designed for you to be wearing pads in them... but I've never needed pads as I've never leaked, so I don't bother... and so the lightly colord ones look AWFUL.
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