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March 2005 > Can you help a friend out?
dani76's Avatar dani76 05:09 AM 03-23-2005
Hi mamas! I'm from the June 05 club, but I have a friend who is is doing a research paper about pg mamas and mamas with newborns. I helped her with the pg questions, but she needs 2-3 more mamas with newborns.

I know you are all super busy, and understand if you can't do it. It's 10 questions. If you are interested I can PM you the questions. Thanks in advance!

crayon's Avatar crayon 01:30 PM 03-23-2005
You can PM me- I will help
rad's Avatar rad 07:44 PM 03-23-2005
I can help out too. Just PM me.
TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 08:22 PM 03-23-2005
I wish I could help :cry
Quindin's Avatar Quindin 02:56 PM 03-24-2005
you can pm me too
dani76's Avatar dani76 02:42 AM 03-25-2005
Thanks everyone! Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I was out of town. Let me find out how many people she needs and I'll let you all know. Thanks so much!
dani76's Avatar dani76 02:12 AM 04-01-2005
Thanks to everyone for sending in your answers, she had more than enough info to write her paper. Plus, I was happy that she got some less than mainstream answers.