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April 2005 > OK! Now this is Ridiculous!!
littlebeagle's Avatar littlebeagle 07:16 PM 03-23-2005
Okay!! Now this is ridiculous!! :

I have to pee just about every 15-20 minutes!! I don't wake that often during the night or anything, but nonetheless, it is still super-annoying throughout the day. Each time it's such torture walking to the RR because this little stinker apparently likes to squoosh my bladder!! :LOL

Just thought I'd vent a little about my RR habits.

natashaccat's Avatar natashaccat 08:36 PM 03-23-2005
Right there with ya mama!
heket's Avatar heket 05:04 PM 03-24-2005

Just last night this struck too. I went, left the bathroom, and had to turn back around to got again! :

I find it happens at work a lot too. I think it's from all the sitting and drinking water I do.

At least it won't be for much longer!