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well, as most of you know i was facing an induction this coming monday because my bp has been high. so, i planned on taking castor oil today or this weekend, actually, to avoid the dreaded pitocin. thankfully, none of that happened.

on monday i woke up with bloody show and some more intense cramps than i'd had before. i went in for my appt with the doctor who "messed with me" but couldn't get high enough in my cervix to strip my membranes. anyway, went home, had some more bleeding and cramping, but i still didn't think anything would happen for awhile.

i woke up at 2am on tues morning with some contractions about 10 min apart. since i'd been having those off and on for a few days i just tried to go back to sleep. after i got out of bed the contractions went away for the most part. i'd have them off and on, 10 min apart, all day. but i'd go 1-2 hours w/o so much as a twinge. so, i figured i was in for a few days or pre-labor fun.

at 10pm on tues i showered and went to bed. looking back, i'd been having contractions strong enough that i had to pause, lean against the wall, and concentrate all evening. but, they were 10 min apart and not regular. they'd stop for 30-60 min at a time before coming back.

at 10:30 i asked dh to come to bed to help me. i thought i was just wanting the moral support and to not be alone, turns out i needed his help with the contractions! i had two big contractions that he helped me with. we dozed between them. then, i got up to use the bathroom and had a bowel movement and still was in denial that it was real labor.

i came back to bed and another contraction started. this one was so bad that i had to get off the bed, kneeling and leaning over it. dh was massaging and helping me breathe. the contractions went from 10 min apart to 4 min apart instantly at this point. we talked about how long it was a good idea to let that go on before we started making phone calls. we decided to wait an hour, but after 30 min i told him we needed to make the calls. the hospital is 40 min away and we had to wait on someone to come stay with dd#1.

we called my doula, the doctor, and everyone else who needed to know. as soon as dh's parents came we got in the car. the contractions were awful in the car. i was on my knees in the backseat facing the rear windshield. very uncomfortable, but better than sitting.

in the car i started saying that i couldn't do it, i couldn't handle the pain, and i decided that i'd get an epidural as soon as we got there. it was at that point i realized i must be in transition.

when we got to the hospital the nurse checked me. i was 9.5 cm!!!!!!!! i couldn't believe it. i almost kissed the nurse. at that point about a dozen nurses descended in our room. we'd given them the birthplan asking for no drugs, no IV, no heplock, no continual monitoring, etc. they were great about it. plus, since things were happening so fast they just didn't have time to do some of that stuff. i could overhear them talking about it. very funny!

the doctor got there and checked me. i was complete but my mom wasn't there yet and i really wanted her there for the birth. i also really wanted the pain to be over. i also was terrified of tearing like i did with dd#1 (4th degree). well, i started pushing on my hands and kneeds leaning over the birth ball. i told my doula i was scared. she was really supportive, prayed for me, and encouraged me thru the whole thing. i was "pushing" for 15 minutes, but wasn't really pushing in my bottom. again, the fear was taking over.

my doctor helped me focus on where to push by putting her finger gently inside my vagina. though i didn't think i'd want that, it helped so much. i switched to my side because i was exhaused on my hands and knees and started pushing for real. my mom showed up just as the baby was crowning. the pushing was great. no one counting or yelling at me. they just encouraged me when i was doing it right and helped guide me where i needed help. why can't all births be like that?

after a bunch of little pushes and one big push her head was out. the doctor broke my water as her head was crowning. i wonder if she hadn't done that if she'd been born with the sack intact? we got her shoulders out and the doctor handed her to me. such a fast thing! the whole thing! i tried to nurse her, but she wasn't interested. so i held her for awhile. they took her to do their medical stuff while the doctor repaired a very minor 2nd degree tear (so thankful for a little tear instead of a big one!!).

after that she nursed and went to sleep. i'm so happy to have had such a good experience. the car ride was the worst part.

my doctor did great. honored my desires for this birth. so did the nurses on duty that night. the nurse who was with me last night in the hospital told me that my main nurse is very comfortable with natural births and wasn't freaked out by no IV and no continual monitoring like some other nurses would have been.

anyway, we're home doing great. my milk came in today so the baby is getting a nice full tummy and she's sleeping a lot.

good luck to the rest of you april mamas! i hope you all have such wonderful birth experiences.
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Aprildawn, thanks so much for sharing your birth story! It sounds like you had a great birth. I'm so relieved to hear that you didn't have any major tears after your 4th degree tear last time. I hope I'm as lucky! It also sounds like you had a pretty great hospital birth experience. You give me hope!

Congratulations again, and enjoy your new babe!

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What a wonderful birth. I'm so glad it all worked out so nicely for you. Enjoy these first few weeks!
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sounds wonderful!!!! congratulations and enjoy your babymoon
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congrats! What a great experience, I'm glad it was everything you needed it to be (minus the car ride ) And I'm glad they respected your wishes... I'm sure getting there late had to help some.
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Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you that you were able to avoid the induction & have your wishes respected!
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aww congrats momma!!! sounds like a wonderful birthing!!!!
welcome sweet baby!!
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What a great story! Makes me thankful that we have a 12 minute ride to the hospital instead of a 40 minute ride! I hope that I can be as brave and stay at home as long as you did. Congrats to you and your family and little Lydia!
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what a wonderful story, April! That sounds like a fantastic birth! So glad you were able to avoid the induction too....
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Good timing April! Glad you had a good birth.
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Congrats Aprildawn!
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Congrats! I know you were worried about the induction so it's wonderful that everything happened on its own. You must be thrilled!
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Peeking in from the December list and the running group to say:


Welcome Lydia.

I'm thrilled to hear you had such a smooth birth.
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Congratulations! I'm glad everything went smoothly and you were able to avoid induction. Car rides in labor are NOT fun - I remember that from DD's birth.
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Congrats! So glad you were able to avoid an induction and that your tear was minor in comparison to your first tear.

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