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: On Saturday, I was nervous and edgy, I demanded we go to Target to get baby lotion and diaper pads, which we didn't yet have and clearly needed. While we were there, I started feeling crampy, like the day before my period. I didn't say anything to my DH until we got home. He remarked that he quite doubted I was getting my period!

I slept well Saturday night, and woke up Sunday (Easter) morning feeling crampy again, and after taking a shower, noticed some goopy stuff on my leg as I was drying off. I showed my DH and got back in the shower- and we talked about it for a minute and read our Birth Book before admitting to ourselves that that was a mucous plug!

We walked downtown and had a big breakfast, I was still having cramps, but not in any pattern, and not strong enough to stop walking even. We called my girlfriend and cancelled our Easter plans, and hung around the house, where I slept, sat on the birthing ball, and became increasingly uncomfortable during what I was now calling contractions.

Sunday night, the contractions were about ten minutes apart, and I slept in between them, lying on my side. I even had dreams in those ten minute breaks! I was still able to lie down.

By Monday morning, they were stronger again, and about eight minutes and then six minutes apart. I was walking and leaning over the bed in order to breathe through them at this point, and they were increasingly intense. We called our MW about noon. She asked that we keep on keeping on, and call her when they were five minutes apart for an hour.

That happened around 2:00 PM, and we called her and planned to go to the birthing center. The car ride SUCKED, but I was relieved to be there, as I felt like I could now relax and get to work. We walked and walked, leaned and breathed, talked in between, I couldn't lie down at all anymore; as I was in way too much pain if a contraction came on while I was lying down. I was SURE I was getting there! I wanted to go into the tub- so our MW checked me around 5:00 PM. My son was moving down, she could feel his head, but I wasn't dilated at ALL! We were stunned, but kept at it!

She checked me again around 8:30, and I was dilated to around 2 or 3 centimeters. Oh I cried- I couldn't believe it! We talked about our choices, and we decided to go home for the night, as a 24-hour stay at the birthing center would limit our options, and my water hadn't broken. Going home was SO HARD- we were so sure we would be going home after our birth with our baby in our arms- not my belly!! I was also in a lot of pain if not able to walk and move, so the ride back home SUCKED.

I was up all Monday night with contractions that stayed around every five minutes, but were lasting longer, some 90 to 120 seconds- so the breaks were shorter. I let my DH fall asleep and moved around all night- outside and in, breathing, being with myself, it was really intense and amazing being "with" myself while my mom, my husband, and my best friend slept in the house, they were right there and I felt safe, but alone, which was how I wanted it, because I wasn’t alone really, I was with my son.

Monday morning around 6 my little household woke up and I cried, I was glad it was morning and they were all with me again. We kept working at home, and went back to the birthing center about noon. The car ride SUCKED (seeing a theme?). We worked and walked and breathed, and got into the tub around 3:00 PM. We were in there a couple of hours and it was HEAVENLY- I absolutely loved it. Contractions were about three minutes apart and 90 seconds long- bearable.

The MW got us out when I got a little overheated- worried the baby was hot. I did not want to get out- but was okay once I did. Sat on birthing ball leaning into my DH lap between contractions. Got checked again- lip of cervix just wouldn't get out of the way- I was encouraged to start pushing so we could see if I could push through it. We worked and I tried to push but not very hard for a couple more hours, and another midwife arrived to give her opinion around 9:30 PM. She checked me and I had more cervix in the way- they were worried I was actually swelling back closed. The new MW was so sweet and wonderful- gave me EPO and massage to try and help me work through it. I was exhausted. We talked about trying to stretch the lip of cervix out of the way- but it was posterior and that couldn’t happen (I was told).

At midnight it was really time to talk- the second midwife said we could keep waiting- but I wasn't willing. I was exhausted and felt defeated. We cried and decided to drive to the hospital. The car ride SUCKED. I felt calm and ready for the next step- relieved that SOMETHING was going to happen- relieved that our midwife and doula were with us, and just so tired. As I was sure that we wouldn't be going to the hospital unless I required some serious intervention- the contractions were pissing me off, as I now wanted an epidural- I was SO scared of getting Pit without one.

Our back up doctor wasn't available. Our MW's back up hospital was "full." We ended up going through the ER with the on-call OB and anesthesiologist, who refused to give me an epi, as I wasn't "registered." While this seemed really bad at the time now I am so thankful for all of these things!

I was put on a pit drip and in a bed on my back. The pain was so intense- and pushing hurt worse, but I had no option. I was awful to my husband- blaming him for allowing them to put me on Pit with no Epidural, even though I had heard what they said. I shouted and shouted that I couldn't do it- that no one was listening, and then when a contraction hit, I pushed like hell. I don't know where the strength came from- it felt like it came from outside of me, I didn't know it was there until the contraction hit and I felt the wave on power come on as I pushed, when the contraction was over I felt exhausted and didn't believe I could continue, but I was wrong.

Three hours later, which seemed like ten minutes and ten days, I had no sense of time, I screamed bloody murder and my beautiful son was born. It was 4:28 on Wednesday morning. All of the pain was immediately gone and I was calm and quiet as he yelled. They put him on my breast and I was amazed. My DH and I gazed at him, I rubbed his skin and they wiped him a bit- and I breast fed him. As I held him, my husband spoke from behind my shoulder and his big clear eyes gazed up at his daddy's voice. My entire world changed.

So- after everything, we had the natural birth we wanted- drug free, except the pit, which as hellish as it seemed was a blessing, because our son is so beautiful. I never felt the urge to push, or recognized it if I did. I counted through my contractions, so that at whatever stage I was in, I had an idea of how long (by my count) they would last, so that during the next one, I knew when I as halfway done. This was a great help to me and helped me focus.
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What a great, honest story. I had the same experience with my first labor of desperately wanting an epi, and then being glad I didn't have that option when it was all said and done. It sounds like everything worked out just how it was supposed to. Congratulations!
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Congratulations Joy Anne--you are a birthing goddess!!

Wow-you worked so hard throughout that LONG labour & managed it without an epi--that's amazing!!! way to go!!
And congrats on your beautiful little boy!!!
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your timeline for labor is almost the same as mine!! contractions starting on easter sunday, baby on early tues morn.

i hear you on that car ride misery! i was turned around on my knees in the backseat with my head smashed against the windshield.

you're a trooper!!
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oH Joyanne, you are so powerful and strong and Brave! I'm glad you are now enjoying your beautful son.
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Wow! What a woman. You're amazing! Enjoy your little one!!!
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What a harrowing experience, but with a beautiful ending. Glad you were able to avoid pain meds after all. Enjoy that baby!
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thanks so much for your congrats- my dh said he almost cried with relief when he heard I couldn't have the epi because he knew i didn't really want it.

he looks at me now like I am a war goddess! he is so impressed- that is what made me realize how cool it all was- because it felt kind of matter of fact at the time- not exceptional, just hard. not harrowing, just challenging. does that make sense?

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