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Aaudreysmom's Avatar Aaudreysmom 02:36 AM 09-27-2004
That first month of BFing. With my duaghter I did not make it through and this time I'm certian that there is no other choice. I'm sure I will be visiting the BFing forum but I just thougt I would mention it here in my new group of friends.

With DD I has sore cracked nipples. Any advise on making this first month or so of BFing more ease and relaxed?

Thank you mamas!

plum's Avatar plum 02:42 AM 09-27-2004
it was scary for me at first. i wasn't even planning on sticking to it longer than six months, to be honest. the first days i kept telling myself '1 more day' then by 1 week, '1 more week.' before i knew it, it was two weeks, then six weeks, now she's 1 year and still going.

the first days ARE hard, though. it hurt so much! she cried a lot because my milk didn't come in until about the third day. my nipples were sore and cracked for the first week. i just kept applying lansinoh and within a few days, they seemed to heal and my nipples toughened up.

you can do it! stressing about it will just add more pressure and make it scarier.
rainbowfairymomma's Avatar rainbowfairymomma 02:31 PM 09-27-2004
I can relate to this in a different way, my milk actualy never came in....
I was given meds and such... so i'm hoping and praying this time will go well.
Last time I persisted for about 8 weeks, pumped between feeds and toped him up with formulea
and nothing.....
iamama's Avatar iamama 02:51 PM 09-27-2004
I tried this but found it uncomfortable but its not as bad as cracked nips. Use a wash cloth near the end of your pregnancy to "rough up" the nips and have dp touch/suck to get the nipples used to the moisture and action. I don't know if it really works but seems like i'd be worth a shot and dp will be happy to have a role in breastfeeding!
Aaudreysmom's Avatar Aaudreysmom 03:33 PM 09-27-2004
I don't worry about it too much, it's just one of those things that will happen. I just want to be sure I am as prepared as I can be. I will use lanolish (something I did not know about with 1st bebe) and DH knows that it is his job to toughen up my nips.

Anyone else have any advise?
CathToria's Avatar CathToria 11:01 PM 09-27-2004
Yes, I have advice

Sore and cracked nipples are signs of improper latch and incorrect positioning. It will be helpfult to go to LLL or other bfing meetings while PG to see mothers nursing their babies and how they are positioned. Also to have your support people in place should you need advice when you have a newborn.

Have your dh help with latch and positioning. have him look to make sure that baby's top and bottom lips are flanged out, that baby has a lot of breast tissue in his mouth,

Baby's tongue should be extended a bit, and you may try aiming your nipple toward the roof of his mouth (like toward his nose) instead at his throat. This will enable him to take in more breast tissue.

annakiss's Avatar annakiss 09:21 PM 09-28-2004
I'm scared of this too. DS couldn't nurse at all because of his gargantuan cleft lip and palate, so this should (: ) be my first time out. I pumped for 13 months with DS, but I know it's not the same. I never had cracked nipples. They were sore sometimes, but not that bad. I bought a nursing stool yesterday. I'm in touch with local moms and will go to LLL meetings here like I did in Montana to form a support base. I will definitely have someone that I can call right away to come help me out.
robugmum's Avatar robugmum 02:02 AM 10-07-2004
My best advice....
Go to a few LLL meetings while you are pregnant. Getting to know people beforehand will make it much easier to ask for help if you have difficulties again! I really struggled with nursing my ds in the early days and weeks. We just worked very hard on improving his latch. My local LLL group was great at offering support and advice when I needed it. With my dd, 2 years later, it was much easier. There was still a little bit of pain (I have really sensitive nipples) but it went away quickly. I think I was better at helping her latch properly. Experience makes a big difference! Even taking a really good, up close look at a baby nursing with a good latch can be helpful. Do you have any friends who are nursing successfully? Maybe they'll let you have a look! I know a good friend of mine was able to do that and it helped a lot.