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May 2005 > What did you eat today?
udonandbroth's Avatar udonandbroth 02:44 PM 11-18-2004
This is kind of an interesting thread... interesting to see what other people are eating and it makes me pay attention to what I am eating.

ok so yesterday I ate:
B- kukicha tea, cous cous topped with mixed berry jam, two bites of steamed bok choi
L- LO brown rice sushi with sauerkraut and peanutbutter, natto, LO tempura, more bok choi from breakfast, tall glass of water
later- tea
Pre-dinner- two rice cakes with pb and one tangerine
Dinner- Rigatoni with peas and marinara sauce, sauteed broccoli rabe
Dessert- LO vegan chocolate cake from son's birthday on Sat. with extra vegan, grain sweetned chocolate chips on top
Snack while watching Sex and the City with DH- peanuts, raisins and grain sweetned vegan chocolate chips, kukicha tea

peace_lily_mama's Avatar peace_lily_mama 03:12 PM 11-18-2004
Dinner- I'm planning baked fish and chips and a huge salad with spinach,peas, carrots mushrooms,advocado and feta

that sounds so good
MamaFae's Avatar MamaFae 05:47 AM 11-19-2004
Ok so this thread really brought my attention to what or should I say what I am not eating!

I so hate feeling full and if I eat a lot I feel full for hours. It is hard to get a lot of little meals in because everytime I walk to the kitchen I have two little boys on my heals with their mouths working like gupies asking for food! And that is even if they just got down from lunch!

So today I started writing it down:

B-2 cups of cereal w/ 1 cup of 2% milk
S- 1/2 banana
L- Taco salad with sour cream, lettuce, and tomato, glass of milk
S- Granola bar, glass of milk
S- handful of potato wedges from the deli while grocery shopping.
D- Rotisseri chicken breast and grapes. Iced Raspberry Tea

Not too bad. At least I actually ate breakfast today! Need to do better on the veggies and on the water only managed 5 glasses today and I need to drink more cause I am dry mouthed big time! I always have a glass near by just forget to actually drink it.
Debstmomy's Avatar Debstmomy 01:14 PM 11-19-2004
Pigged out on Thursday!!
B- 3 cups Tea & 2 peices W/W toast with butter
s- Bananna
L- Thanksgiving Feast at sons 1st grade class. Turkey, Beans, corn bread, potoates, small amount of Gravy, apple juice & delicious pumpkin pie
(Came home got sick!)
S- 1 slice cheese & 1 slice turkey Ham
s- 1 orange
dinner snack? - Small amount of cheese rice & stir fry veggies b4 LLL
Dinner - 1/2 taco salad with chili, cheese, sour cream, salsa & chips
Very full going to bed!!!!
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