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peace_lily_mama's Avatar peace_lily_mama 03:18 AM 11-16-2004
not to make childbearing out to be some tedious task that requires us to surrender our most cherished self-indulgences, but -

what have you given up since you've become PG/a mother?

I haven't really given up much since I've become a mother, except going out and staying out late and partying. I have prolonged getting a lot of tattoos since being PG, and breastfeeding.

And since being PG again, I have sworn off drinking alcohol (okay, I'll had a sip of red wine and probably will again,) gave up nail polish last time, hair dye (not like I dye my hair anymore...), coffee, most all caffeine (except tea and sips of coke in a rare moments of weakness ( i dont' even drink coke normally!) skateboarding, and that's about it.

What do you miss?

wende's Avatar wende 03:59 AM 11-16-2004
I miss my barq's rootbeer.
Debstmomy's Avatar Debstmomy 02:32 PM 11-16-2004
With this pregnancy, I gave up being a student and dream of starting nursing school. (I am really ok with this now! Thanks Ladies. I WILL go back when baby is age appropriate)
Caffiene (about 95% still drink tea with a little & occasional sip when I have a really bad headache), OTC meds for my allergies (talk about suffering!).
Can not think of anything else other than a staight nights sleep due to peeing so darn much!!!!!!
nitemarehippygirl's Avatar nitemarehippygirl 10:19 PM 11-16-2004
hmmm, at twelve weeks along, i mostly miss my scalding hot, relaxing baths. i also miss the occasional drink with friends, and am starting to miss wearing cute clothes, as i transition into more comfortable, but less attractive stretchy clothes, lol. i'm also putting off getting another piercing.
nym's Avatar nym 10:38 PM 11-16-2004
booze! hehe.. uhm extra large english toffee cappucinos from Tim hortons.. all that sugar and caffiene.. not much else really...
Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 11:12 PM 11-16-2004
I have given up alcohol (I only had it occasionally), going out to see bands play (too much cigarette smoke), caffine, and running. I was running 4 miles 3x a week, but I quit because I thought it would not be good to put the baby through all that impact or get my body too hot. I was told I could continue at a slow pace but I still decided to stop until next summer or fall. I actually quit exersicing altogether once the tiredness and queasiness set in but, now I started walking again just today!!!

I really don't mind giving up these things. I'm so happy to do it for my little bambino
peace_lily_mama's Avatar peace_lily_mama 12:22 PM 11-17-2004
Yeah, it's just another labor of love!