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Schatz, we aren't finding out either. Dh wanted to, I didn't. We already had our u/s (since we thought we were farther along) and the baby was too shy, so it was a moot point. I'm actually relieved we don't know.

Serenity LDS mommy to 4 rambunctious kidlets
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My family started back in the summer of 1991 when I was about to turn 15. I was dating and living with my boyfriend from high school and had gone to Planned Parenthood to be put on the pill. Turns out I was pregnant. My oldest was born in April of 1992. She was huge and beautiful, 9lbs, 13 oz, 22in long. Her dad and I split up, but have remained very good friends. I adore him and his wife and their other 2 children. Right now he is raising our dd because she didn't want to move to CA from OR when I had to move. My next dd was born in January of 1995. Her father and I had been together for over a year when I got pregnant. He walked out when he found out because he suddenly wanted to get married and I told him that I wasn't marrying him simply because I was pregnant and if he still wanted to get married a year from then we'd discuss it. He didn't want to wait. Last I heard he was working under the table to avoid paying child support and to pay for his drug habit. My dd has never seen him. In 1997 I met and quickly fell in love with a friend of my 12yo's dad. He was fun and sweet and against all odds I got pregnant with our ds. We were using both condoms and bc pills! We ended up getting married in March of 1998 and our ds was born in August of that same year. The day before we got married my soon-to-be dh hit me for the very first time. Assuming it would be the last, and not wanting to tell my parents who constantly bitched and complained about the cost of the wedding I went ahead and married him. There isn't a smile to be found on my face in the wedding photos. The abuse didn't stop and in Spring of 2001 I got out. He has only bothered to see our ds when it's conveinient to him, usually with an excuse, about every 3 months. It's unfortunate because my ds adores him and we get along somewhat well now that he's gone.

Which brings me to my dh now. I was working a crappy job that I absolutely hated in June of 2002. One day I saw this guy standing out in the parking lot talking to our co-workers, smoking. I don't smoke but there was something about him, I had to know him, so I walked over and involved myself in their conversation under the guise that I was there to talk to someone else. I NEVER had done anything like this, being generally pretty shy. Within seconds the conversation was just the two of us and quickly the rest of the group left us there alone because they were bored. Since the job involved a lot of work outside of the office, a group of us went out that night. I gave them all my phone number so that we could meet up again for work before I went home. I didn't go to work the next 3 days because I was so tired of the job and ready to quit, (it was one of those jobs that if you didn't show up or call nobody cared). Then Ryan called. He said he and some of the guys were all Downtown Portland that night working and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. An hour later I was downtown. We spent most of the night at clubs with the co-workers. By the end of the night we were attached at the hip. When the other 2 guys said they were leaving to meet up with a couple girls they'd met a few nights before Ryan said he was tired and didn't feel like going. I said I'd drive him home. They looked at us like "yeah right" winked at Ryan and left. It started raining and neither of us noticed. We ran and played in the rain and mud puddles all the way back to the car, which was pretty far away. I dropped him off at home and we sat and chatted for a while. After that there was no looking back. We were together every day pretending to work. When we were at work everyone assumed we were a couple, but we insisted that we weren't, just very good friends. I was in no way about to get into another relationship. One night it just "happened" and we were together. I fought against it for months saying that we weren't together, with him constantly telling me how much he loved me and that we were meant to be together, but then one night, in October, we were laying in my bed, as we often did, watching movies. We were watching "Life as a House" and there was some line in there about how much this guy loved the woman in the movie. Ryan turned and said "see, that's exactly how I feel about you". I rolled over and kissed him. He said "are you sure?" I said "I've never been more sure of anything in my life." 2 months later I found out I was pregnant. I waited 2 weeks to tell him, planning to wait til Christmas but not being able to hold it in, and about an hour and a half later I was bleeding and thinking I was miscarrying. We spent the night in the hospital. I spent most of the rest of the pregnancy on bedrest at home and in the hospital. Ryan was amazing through it all. Our ds was born at 31.5 weeks gestation perfect and healthy. After 3 weeks in the NICU to learn to keep his temp up and to suck/swallow/breath he came home. In December of 2003, when our ds was almost 6 months old, we got married. On August 1st we moved to CA because Ryan got transfered at his job. I started my first post partum AF that same day. My next one never came. For 2 weeks I thought it was just screwy because I am still nursing, but finally decided to take a pregnancy test anyhow and got a positive! We are excitedly awaiting our 5th child, a boy, on Mother's Day
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wende - wow - you've done a lot of living in your years - I can only imagine. Hooray for you for having the gumption to get out of the bad relationships so that you could find Ryan. I sure hope his job situation works itself out soon. thank you for sharing. to you
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Mark and I met through the theatre I worked for at the time... I was dating one of the actors and working in the box office/house management, and he was good friends with another actor in the troupe (Chrissy). We'd hang out at opening night parties while our others schmoozed the donors and did their actor thing. When the actor was working one night I went with Mark and Chrissy to a party and I just remember that as he sat in the floor in front of me watching the movie, I had this insane urge to put my fingers in his hair. I started dreaming about him and we started an email correspondence. He was home after three years working as crew on a private sailing yacht in the Caribbean and didn't know that many people yet... so we talked a lot. One night we went to dinner. Just as "friends." Later that night we kissed each other and I just knew he was the one. He pushed me away and said "I will never touch you again if you don't go home, right now, and break up with D." So I did. And the next day I told a friend that I'd met the man I was going to marry.

That was back in 1996. I was still in college and told him I wouldn't marry him until I finished school. He proposed about a week after I finished... in front of my whole family at Christmas Eve dinner. We married a year and a half later in 2000 and were blessed with dd in 2003. We were surprised, yet thrilled to discover that we'd be having another next May. He's my best friend, he's tremendously funny and the most decent human being I have ever met. The moment he first touched me my heart said yes... I'm lucky to have him!

There's our story! It's been great to read all of yours!
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I met my DH in 1996. We had both moved to a new city and worked together. We quickly became part of a big group of friends that hung out together all the time. When we met he was dating someone not-so-serious long distance, and I had a boyfriend of 7 years that was long-distance at that time while he finished law school. We were talking marriage but in actuality he would not have been a good choice for marriage and I finally figured that out about 6 months later. DH had broken up with the other girl a few months before that. I had always kind of liked him, and one night after we had spent hours talking, he asked me to dinner. But I wasn't sure whether it was a real date or whether we were going as friends. In his mind, it was a date. A really nice restaurant, and he tried to kiss me at the end. But I was still hurting from my breakup a couple of weeks before and just couldn't think about dating anyone else yet.

We didn't see as much of each other for a while and I spent time with other friends. A few months later, I started hanging out with the old group again and realized how much I liked him. I just had a really good feeling about him. One night there was a party at his house. We ended up spending the whole night together, talking until morning. For the next few weeks we spent every day and night together. He told me after a few days that he knew I was the one and I felt the same. I was 25 and he was 26. We were in no hurry to get married, just knew we would sometime. A couple of years later, it was time for job changes for both of us, and we knew this was it. He proposed in spring of 1999 and we moved to a new city together, lived together and got married a year later.

Great idea for a thread! I love these stories.

Schatz, I am not finding out boy/girl either. We did with ds and want to be surprised this time.
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I met my DH in kindergarden, but we weren't friends then. Our little sisters also went to kindergarden together and then they were in the same girl scout troup. My mom and his mom were co-leaders I think, so we would always end up at the meetings with our little sisters. His little sister is a huge brat, so I hated her and him for it and pretty much ignored him for the rest of grade school. He didn't go to my middle school, so I didn't know him then.

Sophomore year of high school I dated one of his friends briefly and in doing so joined his group of friends. We ate lunch together and had classes together -- passing notes back and forth and whatnot. We didn't say it at the time but we both knew then that we would end up together eventually. We were a couple for one day in high school, but it just didn't do it for me and I had to tell him I didn't like him that way. Then hated each other for a couple of years over me not paying him enough gas money or something like that. Eventually we became friends again after we graduated from high school, so I would talk to him on the phone every now and again and go to parties at his house.

Then one day I came over for some consoling after someone broke up with me and we talked and I ended up spending the night in his recliner while he slept in his bed. The next day we talked some more while we layed in his bed together (it is a twin bed, so we were pretty close) and a realized that he had a very attractive back. He had been swimming regularly all summer and he has a beautiful celtic dragon tattoo. So I started having a little crush on him. It kept getting stronger when we would talk or hang out together and I eventually told him a couple of months later and we haven't been apart since. I pretty much moved in with him immediately.

He was living in a room in a friend's house at the time, so we had our own bathroom but no kitchen or anything like that so we were living with this whole family. At first we thought they would be upset if he had someone staying in his room with him, but instead they were really happy that we were together. It was very strange living with someone else's family for two years, nothing was really private. We would hear them yell and fight with each other in the evenings, and they would hear us *ahem* I am sure, since you could hear anything through our door.

We moved out into an apartment of our own in January. On February 13th we decided to get married -- the next day. So we called a bunch of people and got a marriage liscense and I got everything set up with the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The next day we went early to the festival with my little sister who was my Maid of Honor to enjoy the festival and get a good pick of the rental clothes. I just looked on their website a couple of days ago and discovered that the picture on the weddings page is of OUR WEDDING!

http://www.royalfaires.com/ARIZONA/Default.asp?page=69 that's us! heehee

It was thrown together at the last minute, but everything was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I had the most beautiful bouquet that my cousin put together out of flowers brought by three different people (including a potted orchid) just minutes before the ceremony (my mom forgot to bring the ones I had bought, but those weren't very good anyway -- try going to a florist the night of feb 13th and get good flowers, I had ended up with red tulips) Anyway, here are more pictures if you want to see. My cousin was our last minute photographer, I think she did a great job.

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