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annakiss's Avatar annakiss 07:42 PM 01-12-2005
There. I've started it. Let's all gather now. What's goin' on with the wee ones?

Darling bean is moving around like mad and getting bigger and stronger all the time.

I have my midwife appointment tomorrow and have scheduled an extra hour to talk about my birth plan dilemma. I'm hoping to reconnect with her and just feel good about having her there, as my mom has me a bit talked out of UC.

DH has gotten another type of insomnia and I hate him for it.

I have way more energy now and am starting to get back into a routine after the holidays, which feels good.

I've spent far too much money this month already, but I bought some diapers and a few baby clothes. Like I said in the last thread, DON'T go to Target if your kid is not going to be wearing pink or blue. Anyone have good thoughts about where to actually purchase baby clothes though? I'm hating shopping anywhere but in front of my computer these days. I'll have to wait until next month anyway though since I've already gone over this month's baby prepping allowance. I found some cute stuff on Amazon, but I feel like I shouldn't bother with shipping charges when I can get that stuff at the mall.

What else are we doing to prep for the new one? Emotional work? Let's chat about how we're really feeling. C'mon!

seren's Avatar seren 08:47 PM 01-12-2005
I'm beyond exhausted. Felt great last week, this week I can hardly keep my eyes open. Finally figured out why. Ds and I have a stomach bug.

Baby moves like crazy! It's really nice and comforting. I'm very overweight so dh hasn't felt it yet, but I have been able to feel it outside a few times. So he will soon.

Not doing much to get prepared. I have a cradle (no room in the bed with me, dh, ds, and most of the time dd). I have clothes, just need to get them out and washed. But not sure quite how to do that. Since we don't know what we're having I don't want to have ALL the kids old clothes out. I think I might do the baby gowns that can be either/or, since that's what my babies live in for the first bit anyway, plus a few gender specific. Then have all the rest ready to go in the wash. Or i might wash it all and box it back up. That way I just have to pull out a specific box and it's all ready.

I had an appointment with the midwife on Monday. I've lost 2 more lbs, down a total of 7, after an initial 3 lb gain. We're both pretty excited about that. She is scheduling an appointment with a high risk specialist to see if a level 2 u/s will show much. She's not sure if it will since I'm so overweight, it might be hard to get a clear picture. But she listened to my concerns and is helping me do what I can to find out if there is anything wrong. I feel better about that.

I was doing really well keeping up with the housework last week. It's always a struggle here. And being sick with the stomach bug last Friday and Saturday and it being back now, it's suffered. Poor dh, he's been helping SO MUCH. He's great.

Oh and the insomnia has hit me! More than half the nights I wake up to pee around 4:30 and then can't go back to sleep. I finally fall asleep around 6:30, 30 minutes before the alarm goes off for dh. Ds sleeps through the alarm, but the second dh gets up ds senses it and is awake. SO I was taking naps with the kids in the afternoon, but dd seems to be done with naps. So that's gone. *sigh* Such is life.

Wow, this is a lot longer than I planned, sorry.
CathToria's Avatar CathToria 12:09 AM 01-13-2005
I'm having a not too good week this week emotionallt/medically wise.....

I have GD, I am 37, and I have a history of big babies.... so I am pretty "labeled" as high risk. Whatever.. I am taking care of myself and trying to jump through the medical hoops to make the MD's happy to get the delivery with the "non-high risk" midwives....

SO monday, I saw my endocronologist, who basically wants to controll the living H$LL out of my blood sugars.. wants them really low, so he has perscribed extra insulin before dinner every night (I posted about this in the reg PG forumns)

Tomorrow, I have an u/s with a perinatologist. I really would rather NOT have the u/s, and I already cancelled teh appt once. I also tried to get my OB to let me have a reg u/s at the OB's office, but that was a no go too. I am not totally opposed to u/s, and part of me wants to know if everything looks alright (I've refused all previous testing).. but part of me is also scared that they *may* find something that will put me even higher risk/create even more drama.

then on Friday, I have to see the OB. I see the MW 2 times and the OB 1 time on a rotating basis.

i am just so frustrated that my PG is so medicalized. Part of it IS my fault.... I really do not want to have a homebirth, and I think that I have already switched to teh OB/MW practice that is the most "crunchy" (my midwife delivers at a smaller hospital.. the only hospital in Atlanta with birthing tubs.. and they got the tubs b/c of her) Birthing Centers don't exist, and homebirth is allegal here.

Otherwise, I feel great, the baby moves a lot, I have gained 6 lbs, which is great for me (I am very overweight)

thanks for listening
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 01:15 AM 01-13-2005
Oh Gigi, I'm sorry your having such a rough time. Your GD risks you out of homebirth anyhow, I believe, so don't feel like it's your fault for wanting a hospital birth that makes your birth so medicalized. Medicine absolutely has it's place. When you have risks, that's what it's there for. But that doesn't mean that the risks you face are so serious that you need to feel like this. No one needs to feel like this. Hopefully your u/s tomorrow will help calm some of these folks down, not stir them up more. I really hope you get the birth you want and are able to get your care providers to cooperate with you. Remember, it's always your choice.

Serenity, I'm sorry your feeling so exhausted. I can relate.
Debstmomy's Avatar Debstmomy 03:03 PM 01-13-2005
Hello Everyone! Anna thanks for starting this.

I am feeling much better, and I am getting my confidence back. I am glad. Last week was pretty scary. Baby Girl is moving all the time. I try to talk to her a couple times a day. DH finally felt a really good kick this week, he was excited. I have an big belly to begin with & an anterior placenta, those exterior kicks are hard to feel!

I do notice I tire pretty easy. I had a LLL meeting then went to Trader Joes afterward for a few things & by the time I was home 3 hours later, I was wiped! I felt bad for being on my feet that long! All this lying low, has wiped my energy.

Cath - 's to you. I am sorry you are having a such a hard time. I hope it works out for the best & that you have a very healthy baby! How big are your babies?

Seren - Good luck on your ultrasound. I have a large belly too, and was never told it would be a problem to see the baby(with all 3 kiddos). I hope that is your case too. I have the peeing insomnia too! If I get up to pee, I can not get back to sleep. I have been trying to hold it, bad I know, but I hate being sleep deprived!

Anna - I hate going shopping right now too. I tire out so quickly. I like shopping from home too! I have been checking out E-bay for stuff, and a yahoo group called mamabarter. I am to cheap & superstitous to buy anything new right now. I have not spent a penny yet. So far everying thing is being gifted & I am asking them to hold it until 30 weeks!

Well mama's have a good day!

Oh, how can I post pictures if I do not have a web site to link?? Anyway? We got a digital camera for Xmas but have yet to install software. Perhaps I will do that today. Take Care.
MomAnita4Jesus's Avatar MomAnita4Jesus 04:01 PM 01-13-2005
Hello Ladies...

Seems like its just a down week. Perhaps the weather isn't helping matters either. Its been NUTS...60 degree weather in the middle of winter definately isn't normal! (not that I MIND the 60 Degrees personally..but I think it throws people off)

DH is sick. He's throwing up and running his NORMAL 103 fever. I hate that he runs them so high, it scares me to death, especially when he starts twitching and jumping. I take him to ER or the Dr, and they bascially tell him to take tylenol and send us on our way...basically wasted money (I owe the ER $60 for our last "tylenol" visit). He's been banned to the guest bedroom until it passes, because I definately do not feel like throwing up right about now (or any time for that matter! lol)

I haven't shopped for this little girl either. I have a she doesn't even have any clothes or anything...I am going to have to get on the ball soon. There ARE clothes of DS's that she can wear and won't look to we'll be okay. I want to start shopping for CD's for her too...but trying to hold off until after tax season and see how things are going to look for us. If I can't stay home come May..the CD'ing full time is a pipe dream. There is NO WAY to get MIL on board. She thinks I'm crazy!!! (I think she thinks more than that...good thing its not her opinion that matters!) I'm really considering for her Newborn/small stages I'm just going to get 36 prefolds and some covers...a few AIO's for traveling. And as she starts growing some, I'll move probably more into the AIO's and Pocket category. That of course is depending on me too. I'm going to try and sew some diapers, and see if I am any good at it. I just got my sewing machine for Christmas, so everything I do so far is very basic. Actually the only thing I've done thus far is made some slings...and even those have some improvements I could make. The good thing is, I'm learning. The more I do them, the more I see what I'm doing wrong and what to do different the next time. I guess that is the best way to go.

Everytime I think about making a post about Azalyah's movements....she starts up to kicking and moving. Its so different from Elijah though. He was a BIG mover, and you could SEE and feel the movements on the outside all the time with him. With her, most of the kicks are inside, and not near as I catch myself wanting to worry, only to be returned with a healthy kick to some internal organ in there...a nice reminder about how paranoid I'm being I guess.
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 04:07 PM 01-13-2005
Well, I'm doing better now. I just got over a horrible virus, now Colby is sick *sigh* I'm not surprised, as his immune system is slightly supressed, but still frustrating. He hasn't gained any weight which isn't good at all. I am just hoping to not have to travel to the specialists (5 hours away) any time soon. Dh found a steady job with a different contractor, so financially things are much better now. We finally got a van (3 weeks ago) and a mouse made it's home in the engine & ate through the wires & we had to get that fixed~ it's been a long week.

Baby moves a lot, although not as much as the boys did~ or maybe I don't notice it as much b/c I'm so busy with the boys? Last night I could feel hiccups My next midwife appt is Monday, I'm going to tell them I'm not comfortable with switching the due date to later in May b/c they did that with both boys & then admitted they shouldn't have. And 2nd trimester u/s dating isn't all that accurate anyway.


P.S. Be sure to check out LadyWulf's post titled "Online Shower Swap".
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 04:10 PM 01-13-2005
Originally Posted by MomAnita4Jesus
Everytime I think about making a post about Azalyah's movements....she starts up to kicking and moving. Its so different from Elijah though. He was a BIG mover, and you could SEE and feel the movements on the outside all the time with him. With her, most of the kicks are inside, and not near as I catch myself wanting to worry, only to be returned with a healthy kick to some internal organ in there...a nice reminder about how paranoid I'm being I guess.
I am the same way! I am sorry you had such a rough week, I hope things get better soon.

Eaglevoice's Avatar Eaglevoice 04:16 PM 01-13-2005
Hi mamas!

This week has been weird. It's been really hard for me to get up in the morning. My alarm goes off around 6, and I've been hitting the snooze button until about 6:30 all week long. That means no morning shower to energize me... Around 2pm or so, I feel myself slipping into major sleepiness at work. I get home from work at 5:30, make dinner, and by the time I'm done with dinner, I'm just ready to sit on the couch and veg. I've been trying so hard to get to the pool to swim, but I just can't seem to motivate myself. Last night, when I took my socks off, I noticed that my legs were super swollen. UGH!! I called my Midwife and she said it's probably due to sitting most of the day at my job, and said that the best thing to get my circulation going is swimming. So I guess there's no more excuses, I've gotta get to the pool. She also recommended liquid Chlorophyll for my constipation and gas pains I've been having.

I just finally figured out how to post my belly pics on my sig today. I'm excited to be able to share them with my family since everyone is so far away (I live in Oregon and our entire family lives in Calif). But I'm really super excited that my mom and one of my sister's are finally coming to visit on the 26th. I scheduled my next MW appt on the 28th so that they can come and we'll all listen to the HB and stuff!

I swear little Peanut is going to be a football player or something. It feels like he/she just keeps tackling my uterus! It's such a fun feeling. DH felt it for the first time on Christmas Eve. He put his ear to my belly the other night and swore that he could hear the HB.

I haven't bought anything yet. I'm hoping we get some financial help from our families to assist us...

Debstmomy--I think you need to set up a website for pics. I just used to do mine, it was actually really easy.

Here's to a healthy and exciting January!!!
Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 04:36 PM 01-13-2005
I am feeling better this week than I was the last time I posted on the weekly thread. I love feeling the baby move and kick. Yesterday, I had an OB appointment and I was in the waiting room reading a book with my arms resting on my belly. The baby kicked my arm and it and the book jumped. This happened a few times I thought if anyone were watching they would think I have a twitching problem :LOL I didn't care though 'cause it felt like our secret!! I have the cleaning bug this week and have been trying to get the house really clean before the semester starts back up next week. Dh has it too I think. He wants to rip up the carpet and put down laminate wood flooring (we rent so it needs to be as cheap as possible and look as good as possible ... we won't do anything unless our landlord agrees to pay 1/2). I am pretty sure the landlord will go for it.

I haven't spoken to my mil in a few days so I don't feel as overwhelmed by her. I am going to have dh talk to her about her obsessiveness and over doing it with the baby stuff. On the other hand, my very own mother is not answering my phone calls. I know this because she is at home all day eveyday. She suffers from severe depression and nothing is working for her. She knows I call and she knows I want to talk to her about things but she continues to ignore me. I have battled this for a while now and have come to the conclusion that I would not bother her anymore. If she wants to talk to me then she knows where I am. I can not continue to beg her to have a relationship with me. She says she feels "pressured" to talk to me and it makes her not want too. I can not understand this but the pressure is off and if she never wants to talk to me again she doesn't have to. I actually feel ok with this but it has taken me a long time and a lot of thought to get to this point. I will always love her because she is my mother. I have a great relationship with my dad and I am very thankful for it.

Wow, I sure didn't mean for this post to get this long.

Seren - I have the same insomnia issues. I wake sometime between 3 and 4 am to use the bathroom and then lay in the bed for an hour or so before forcing myself to fall back to sleep. Not mention when I am sleeping it's not "good" sleep. So, I know how you are feeling.

Gigi- I am so sorry about your GD. Keep taking care of yourself. I hope your u/s goes really well

Anna- I am so glad your energy level is returning. I know it feels good after being depleted for so long. Thanks for starting the thread. I kept meaning to and just didn't do it Also, from the last thread when I was feeling so down, thanks for the reply. I am actually about to call about taking some birthing classes and I am excited to meet some other pregnant mom's IRL. I think it will help me to cope with things a little better.
crysmomofthree's Avatar crysmomofthree 05:20 PM 01-13-2005
well this week has been okay but it feels so long, with all the christmas rush over it seems like january is dragging on forever. My milk dried up this week so nursing became so painful that I haven't nursed Lucas since yesterday morning. He seems okay with it except for last night when I was putting him to bed he was trying to lift up my shirt and I told him it was all gone and he cried for a couple minutes, I feel really sad for him and relieved at the same time.
The baby is moving a lot I can feel kicks on the outside with my hand now, and I am waiting to see the midwife on wed, to find out if I am measuring okay, (the ultrasound identified low fluid levels) I am not waging to much on it since I always measure small even though for the gestational age of my babies none of them have been little.
I hope everyone's week gets a little better it seems like the winter blues have set in
berkeleyp's Avatar berkeleyp 06:05 PM 01-13-2005
Sounds like i'm not the only one having a less than perfect month. The past week or so, i feel sooo pregnant and i don't feel like i'm gonna make it another 4 months. More than one person have commented on how big I am and were shocked to find out that i've got another 4 months. I already feel as bloated, achy, and tired as i did with dd1 in the last month or two. Dh is really worried (unfounded) because he thinks that i'm gonna need to be on bedrest and not be able to have a hb. I really want to feel better. On the plus side, i've been feeling our baby move a lot more and even have caught it a few times on the outside. Dh still hasn't felt it.
Had a level II ultrasound last week and found out that we're having another little girl. I'm so excited.
CathToria's Avatar CathToria 11:40 AM 01-14-2005
Thanks for the concern!!! My kids were 9lbs and 9lbs, 12oz at birth, so I know this baby will be big too (and I'm ok with that... the 9-12er came out easily )

I had my u/s yesterday. Everything looks great.. no signs of Downs, heart is perfectly formed, no cleft, no spinabifida. Those results were *really* what i was expecting, but my mind was playing some doubt on me after hearing (from MD's ) the risks of being over 35 (I'm 37) and the risk of organs developing properly with elevated blood sugar levels in the 1st trrimester (mine were on the high side until I requested insulin to help at 7 weeks)

After the tech scanned me, she was saying that they would probably want to see me every 4 weeks for a "growth scan"... since I have GD. This office is 30+ miles away, and they do not allow kids in the u/s room (dh took 1/2 day off of work yesterday). So I said, "ahem, no, I don;t think I will be able to come here that often, and I will talk to my reg OB".....

Then the perinatologist ( ) came in, looked at my results, and scanned me himself. He said that everything looked so good, that he saw no reason why I would have to come back at all.... YEA!!! He thought that my OB could monitor from here.... so that was my good "medical" news this week

I see the OB this morning, and I plan to discuss and explain my wishes for the least amount of medical intervention. I hope he is open to hearing my thoughts.......

DEb, glad things are better and seem to be healing

have a nice week!
Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 05:42 PM 01-14-2005
Hello to all. I really hope the weekend is much better for everyone.
Everyday, I find myself bonding more and more with this baby. He is on my mind most of the time. I am thinking more and more about my birth plans. I will be having a hospital birth and hopefully I can do it with out the use of an epidural. I am not making promises but this is what I really am hoping for myself.
I really really hope I do not have to have a c-section. I am worried about this and told my doctor I only wanted one if it was absolutlely necessary. She looked at me strangely and ask why not : Hmm.... I hope she understands the importance of this to me as I tried to stress it to her. Of course, I do understand that sometimes there is no way around a c/s. I would never want to cause danger to the baby.
This board seems rather quiet today. The weather is cold and dreary here. It has been warm and dreary for the last 2 weeks. I look forward to seeing some sunshine again.
Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 05:44 PM 01-14-2005
Gigi - I am sooo glad your ultrasound went well. That is great news
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 07:18 PM 01-14-2005
Gigi~ Glad all went well!
Tish~ I hope you were able to help your OB understand how you felt about c/s.

We finally got the results of my sister's autopsy (I posted about her sudden passing awhile back)~ INCONCLUSIVE. No reason whatsoever. No drugs in her system, no physiacl signs of anything. They ran pretty much every test there is & NOTHING. So frustrating! Her 21st birthday would have been this Sunday. I was really hoping for some closure.

slightly crunchy's Avatar slightly crunchy 01:43 AM 01-15-2005
I'm still here. 23.5 weeks and all is well, but what happened to my second trimester energy? It is all gone and the second trimester is far from over. I am still managing to exercise in the mornings, but by late afternoon I am so ready for a nap but of course can't take one. Then by the time my son is in bed at night and I try to sleep, I can't get comfortable and fall asleep.

Velvet--I think it is great you are thinking so much about how to prevent a csection. I think it is so important for more first time moms to do this so you can avoid the situation I am now. There is not a lot of support out there for VBAC's these days. I would encourage you to read everything you can about csection and how to avoid one. Having a doula or a woman labor support person (someone other than DH) can greatly reduce risks of c/s. If I had had a doula with my first birth, I believe I may not have had the section. Of course, there is no way to know for sure. I educated myself thoroughly and was sure I would not be part of the statistic that ended up with a surgical birth, yet I did, and it was not a life-threatening situation, either. I would never want to scare anyone and my c/s experience was actually very good compared to many stories I have read. But I just want to encourage you. Do you know your OB's c/s rate? That might be something to consider.

CathToria--yay on the good u/s news! That is wonderful. Sorry you are having the extra stress during your pregnancy, but glad you have reassurance with the u/s.

Calimommie-- I don't think I read your sister's story, but how awful for you. I am so so sorry.

Wow, some of you are shopping for baby clothes already? I feel like it's still so early, but of course it is going quickly now. I have no idea where to get cute gender neutral infant clothes. All the mall stores have pink and blue. I seem to remember Carter's making a lot of little outfits that are white, yellow, green, so I am going to have my mom check out the outlet near her. I'd like to get a few organic things but wow! are they expensive. Also ds was a large baby and outgrew the newborn clothes by 4-6 weeks, so I don't want to get too much. I will need to buy an infant carseat in the next couple of months; I looked at ds's old one and realized it has only a 3 point restraint, not a 5 point which is now considered best. I was thinking I'd just get a convertible, but looking at the one we have now it seems like a newborn would just flop around in there too much.
hubris's Avatar hubris 12:17 AM 01-16-2005
Well, I've been AWOL from here a long time, can I come back?

I'm either 20w6d or 19w4d, depending on whether you like my "I think this is when I O'ed" EDD of 5/29 or the OB's u/s dating EDD of 6/7. Either way, I'm basically halfway there, right? Hooray! I hear people talk about how FAST the second pregnancy goes, but I don't feel like it's going quickly at all!

I've been feeling annoyed with myself lately for not being excited enough about this pregnancy. I definitely wanted to be pregnant, wanted another baby...but once pregnant, it didn't seem REAL. Maybe part of it is just how exhausted I have been until the past week or two. Maybe part of it is that my pregnancy with Griff was my first foray into motherhood/pregnancy and therefore much more "magical" and romantic and exciting. This time I'm chasing Mr. Romance around the house and hardly have time to remember I'm pg. So far I haven't even started a pregnancy journal, don't really want to read name books, all that obsessing/planning stuff just hasn't happened yet.

But then...the good stuff is starting, so now I'm starting to feel much more excited. My appetite is perking up and I actually feel motivated to make meal plans and cook nice meals! Wuwu! I actually finally LOOK pregnant as of this week, two people told me on two consecutive days. While I was feeling occasional flutters starting around 13/14 weeks or so, only in the past 1-2 weeks has it gotten stronger and more regular. I love waking up in the morning and feeling the baby squirm. It's the one time of day that she and I can just be by ourselves. ("She" is what we've been calling the baby, not sure if it's wishful girly thinking or some sort of intuition, we don't actually *know* anything! ). This week I have had a lot more energy and motivation, and I got a ton of yard work done. I felt really tired after each session, but it was a more happy, productive-feeling tired. I'm starting to want to think more about names, and I'm starting to organize the little bit of shopping that we need to do.

Speaking of which, Annakiss, I hear ya on Target's clothing selection. I might try BRU, although I don't remember them being much better last time. My tastes this time are running toward the expensive and boutiquey stuff, but I've been good and have only bought a gender neutral item or two, on sale. I don't need much, whether we have a boy or a girl. Most of Griff's early clothing was pretty gender neutral. Hopefully we'll be finding a dresser for the baby soon (Griff's dresser doubles as the diaper station, so no room there for baby clothes!) and after that, I'll wash up some newborn clothing and diapers. Awwwwwwwww. Can I indulge in some Dreft? It's silly, but I love the smell of it.

Oh, OB visit last week...down another pound, making it a total of -10, which is the same as my last pregnancy, so I'm not worried. I expect to gain a couple of pounds this month and keep gaining from there, slow and steady. Next appt Feb 8th, with the "big" u/s - we're tempted to try to find out the gender, just because the possibility is there, but I really think both of us want to wait until this baby is born to know if he/she is a boy or a girl.

My DH is sick, too, and I feel a little guilty because my sympathy for him is being overridden by fear that I'll get sick, too. Keep your germs to yourself, honey! We're sleeping in separate beds tonight, between my bout of insomnia last night and his achiness/sniffling, we kept each other up all night. What a pair.

Oh, this is wild - I had my THIRD burning-house dream this pregnancy last night. Well, this time it was a school, but I was living in it and was preoccupied with the fact that my digital camera and computer (with all my photo files) were destroyed. During the other two dreams I was also preoccupied with lost possessions, mainly photos and other irreplaceable keepsakes. What the heck??

Tish, would you tell me how to catch the cleaning bug? Yardwork I can do, but my kitchen floor looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years. Ugh.

Gigi, I'm sorry you're down on how your pregnancy is being managed. It sounds like you have a good handle on things and that you're treading that line between crunchy ideals and safety (esp with GD) really well.

Amibeth, glad you're getting over your virus! I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's autopsy. How frustrating not to get the closure you want/need. I hope your future will hold some answers.

Anita, hope your DH is better soon!

Geez, this is long. :
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 03:33 AM 01-16-2005
Just wanted to share that we had our ultrasound yesterday and the baby is perfect! No cleft! I should get to nurse this time! We're so thrilled to have the reassurance. Jon was particularly freaked out, though I didn't know it until afterwards.
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 03:37 AM 01-16-2005
I posted in your thread in TAO, but wanted to post here too. I am so happy for both you & your DH. I hope all of your breastfeeding dreams come true!

annakiss's Avatar annakiss 04:37 AM 01-16-2005
Amibeth - I saw your other post too. Thanks so much! I hope my breastfeeding dreams come true too!
Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 10:48 AM 01-16-2005
AnnaKiss- I am so happy for you. That is great. I know you are very relieved and excited for this baby to have the ability to breastfeed. I am sure your body will do as it is supposed to do - produce milk. That's another thing I think about all the time- Will I be able to breastfeed peanut? Will my body produce milk like it is supposed to and then will the baby latch on and take the milk?

I have to work all day. I hope everyone has a good day.
hubris's Avatar hubris 11:23 AM 01-16-2005
Anna, that's great u/s news!!
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 02:44 PM 01-16-2005
Originally Posted by Velvet005
AnnaKiss- I am so happy for you. That is great. I know you are very relieved and excited for this baby to have the ability to breastfeed. I am sure your body will do as it is supposed to do - produce milk. That's another thing I think about all the time- Will I be able to breastfeed peanut? Will my body produce milk like it is supposed to and then will the baby latch on and take the milk?
Now that, I have no worries about. Didn't last time either. I remember being so excited when I leaked colostrum around 30 weeks. I produced PLENTY of milk. I breastfed for 13 months, but I was being nursed by a pump and really feel like I missed out on a nursing relationship with Aleks. I wouldn't worry too much about it for yourself either, Tish. Your body will do what it needs to do and if it doesn't, you will deal with it as it comes and do all you can.
seren's Avatar seren 10:48 PM 01-16-2005
Anna, that's great news! I know how relieved you must be. I know this was a concern for my mom with my brother and sister. My step-dad was born with cleft lip, not sure if cleft palate. But I know they were always wondering if their children would have it also. Glad to hear all is well!
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 03:27 AM 01-17-2005
Here's my pics of the ultrasound, if anyone's interested:
schatz's Avatar schatz 11:58 AM 01-18-2005
Hi everyone!

No time to post last week and was out yesterday so I'm catching up on all of the weekend posts today. Congrats to all who had good ultrasounds! Yea for Anna! - here's to days of bfing bliss I am just hoping that I have copious amounts of milk this time -- last time I felt like the antithesis of a milk truck -- my pumping output when at work was always just barely enough for dd and I battled through a supply crash at 8 weeks due to an ill-advised depo provera shot. I feel I can work through any latch, cracking, yeast, etc as I had those problems with dd but I would love to actually leak this time! I'm sure that sounds nuts to women who deal with major leakage. FYI to first time moms - think carefully about post-partum birth control. My doc told me that either the mini pill or the depo shot would be fine with bfing since they are both progesterone only. Well, WRONG -- depo does diminish milk supply in "some" women. And, I had no interest in sex anyway so why was a I worried about bc? Duh Ahhh, hindsight is truly 20-20.

So mid week last week I suddenly realized that if this bean comes at 34 weeks like dd (or heaven forbid earlier!) then I've only got 11 weeks to go. I have many things to do between now and then so I have kicked it into high gear. Love that 2nd trimester energy. I bought fabric to make valances and pillow shams for dd's new bed and my bedroom. Also making a window seat cushion for dd's room and finally (after 2 years) getting around to organizing the changing table with baskets and liners (ala pottery barn but made by me at a fraction of the price ) So, I've been getting up well before dd and dh on days I am home to sew. Got two things finished over the weekend but have more to do. I also plan to paint the changing table white and paint a cupboard in my foyer. So much to do, so little time. But, I feel great and energized. Here's some energy fairy dust for anyone who needs it

Lots of baby movement happening here. Can feel some movements on the outside too. Dd talks to the baby which is super cute. Still no girls name. Got to work on that more seriously.

Wow, this was long. Hope I didn't bore anyone. Have a groovy week.

Eaglevoice's Avatar Eaglevoice 04:02 PM 01-18-2005
Hi ladies!

Wow! What a weekend we had here in Oregon. There was an ice storm and we couldn't even leave our house. I have been trying to save money by eating everything in our pantry for the past week and a half and was planning on doing my grocery shopping on Saturday morning. Well, we woke up, and could barely walk out on our front porch. There was so much ice covering everything. I had read a post by a woman who slipped and fell on ice a few weeks ago and went into early labor because of it, so it made me really nervous. To make matters worse, we live on the side of a super steep hill. Cars were sliding all the way down it all weekend. Bringing every other car in its way along. Our friend had left his car in front of our house on friday and by sunday morning it was at the bottom of the hill. It was pushed over the curb and into the bushes! What a mess. By the end of the weekend, there were 7 cars piled up down there! Needless to say, I didn't make it to the store until last night and we were eating the weirdest stuff all weekend. We were out of pretty much everything and I had to get really creative. Well, one good thing came of it all. DH works weekends, and he didn't have to go to work, so we all got to spend some quality time together!!

Baby's going crazy in there! It's so fun to feel. I can't wait to meet my little "belly fairy" as my DSD call him/her.

Anna--How exciting!! I'm so happy for you. Two of my neices were born with clefts and I've seen what it was like for my SIL to manage that, I'm glad you won't have to go through that again.
Debstmomy's Avatar Debstmomy 06:26 PM 01-18-2005
Hello Mamas! Another week has flown by! Wow! I sure hope these next few months continue to fly by. I am ready for DD to be here, so I can get into that grove, instead of just wondering about it.
I am feeling pretty good these days. Everyday I grow more confident & find myself doing things I shouldn't, like lift the stock pot full of water or even taking the trash out. I have had much time to reflect on this & the more I do the more confident I become. With my spotting, it was so scant that if I did not check for it, I would have never known it was happening. I never bleed into panties or anything (I know TMI!) In fact I recall my midwife telling me that probably many women scant spot & never know it because they do not check every time they wipe (again TMI!). Makes me think I am way to anal about all this. All in all, I am feeling much better and I am glad.

Talked to another friend of mine yesterday. She has 50oz for me, and will continue to pump. I am so excited! I had a Breastfeeding Coalition meeting today & saw the IBCLC I will be working with. She wants me to come in soon so we can go over finger feeding or supplementing at breast with a syringe. (I only SNS's & Bottle fed with DS & DD and hated both). I hope that this will work better for us. Again, hoping that I will indeed get a full supply, but being realistic about it all.

Anna - Excellent news about your baby!
That is all for now! Have a great day!
crysmomofthree's Avatar crysmomofthree 09:16 PM 01-20-2005
I went to the mw yesterday and I gained 7 pounds since the last visit, yeah! i am so glad I hadn't gained anything yet. And this midwife isn't concerned about the low fluid levels, because I am measuring good for dates. so everything is going well, I am just counting down the weeks until my mat leave starts (mar 15) only 7 to go.
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