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So what have you left to do to be ready for the new arrival? (I'm a list maker by nature, so this is really helpful to me : ).

I've got to
1) get my sister's dresser, sand it & replace the knobs
2) wash all the baby clothes, dipes & blankets
3) clean up & install the carseat - and make sure 2 can fit in the car!!!
4) clean up the swinging chair
5) think about food for labor and postpartum
6) fill out info about what hospital I need to go to for an emergency, etc. on my emergency sheet.
7) finish growing her.

anna kiss partner to jon radical mama to aleks (8/02) and bastian (5/05)
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Here's my list:

1- Buy a car seat (I've been bidding on ebay, just have to win one LOL)
2- wash, organize CD's.. decide what else I need
3- wash/organize baby clothes
4- finish cleaning out our office for dd#2's new bedroom
5- steam clean carpets
6- have meeting with doula
7- pack hospital bag
8- fill up freezer with OAMC

plus other odds and ends around the house......

Gigi. Mommy to 3 girls.
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I need to:
register at the hospital
get a birth pool
paint the baby's room (well my dad said he would do this)
buy a dresser
find a free crib ( : we co sleep at night but with three other kids and a dog I need somewhere to put the baby so I can say... shower?)
rewash all of the baby clothes and cloth diapers and put them in the drawers of the dresser I don't have yet.
clean the car seat and install it in the van
write a birth plan, pack a hospital bag

okay its a long list but really if the baby comes before april 20 it won't be coming home with me anyway so I have three weeks to have it all ready.
and I guess if I didn't do any of this stuff the baby probably wouldn't notice (except maybe the car seat)
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buy a sling.. that could be done after though

finish packing hospital bag.. just gotta put my PJ's in there.. might help if I stopped wearing them

put carseat in car

thats it pretty much
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~Move DS2 into DS1's room so they can adjust to sharing a room
~Have DH paint Myla's room
~Buy a new crib mattress (DS2 is using the crib, but if Myla is anything like my boys she'll prefer sleeping alone~ I know strange kiddos :LOL )
~Buy a co-sleeper
~Bring in my childhood dresser from the garage & put Myla's clothes in it
~Get more clothes to put in the dresser
~Buy small FBs & inserts (can be done after b/c we'll be using 7th Gen sposies the first month or so)
~Pack a hospital bag
~Register at the hospital

I'm sure there is more & I am starting to panic~ this pg has gone by so FAST! I cannot believe there will be a new baby girl in this house in less than 2 months~ I'm due in 4 weeks!


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1. Pick up crib and changing table that a friend is giving us
2. Get rid of the bed in the babies room
3. Buy whatever we don't get at the baby shower
4. Buy more cloth dipes and clothes if needed
5. Paint the room
6. Clean the carpets
7. Buy my birth kit
8. Cook and freeze food for the birth and after
9. Knit more diaper soakers

Jenn, future midwife, mama to 2 sweet girls (6/05) and (5/07). 
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You all are making me think of other things I forgot to put on the list like pick up my sling from my WAHM friend (and come up with the $ to pay for it) and all this cleaning that I wanted to do, none of which is entirely essential, like steam cleaning the rugs and scrubbing down some of our upholstry just because I know I won't be able to afterward.

anna kiss partner to jon radical mama to aleks (8/02) and bastian (5/05)
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Yikes! Getting so close...and my list is HUGE

1. Buy a small freezer so we can store enough food for a couple months
2. Cook a couple months worth of meals (we currently freeze about a month worth now)
3. Buy a minivan (!)
4. Get a new carseat (though MIL said she would get this for us)
5. Pack our hospital bags
6. Get DD used to the friends who will be taking care of her during the birth
7. Organize my house!
8. Fill out the diaper stash (I have a ton of s fuzzi bunz but need inserts)
9. Find a coming home outfit for baby
10. Pick a name!
11. Have a garage sale to clear out all this extra stuff we have around we don't need (And to fund diaper stash)

Okay, if I list anymore I'll just get depressed!

Mightymoo - Mom to DD (6) and DS (4)
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What a great thread! I'm a list maker, too, but have been procrastinating on this one. (not necessarily listed in order of importance)

- Finish Moses basket
- Buy bigger carseat for DS #1
- Have DS#1's convertible carseat installed rear-facing for DS #2
- Do something about the state of the guest-room/sewing room/storage room/treadmill room before MIL gets here on April 30
- Decide if I'm making food ahead of time to freeze and then either do it or forget about it
- Buy essential oil blends for labor
- Finish "Useful Information" notebook for MIL (holy crap! she'll be here in exactly one month!!!)
- Write out list of birth wishes to discuss with midwife, assistant & DH at 36 week visit so we're all on the same page (or as much as possible at any rate)
- Find & buy humongous chux pads before 36 week visit (went to Target and they didn't have them... must go to CVS & Rite Aid soon)
- Help plan and give my Mother Blessing

I think that's it...
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dig out DS's old onesies and wash them
wash all diapers (I have enough now thanks to some incredibaly sweet and giving ladies here on MDC)
clean out the bassinet that has become a storage bin
get a carseat
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finish washing clothing and put away in dresser
make up bassinette bed
H to buy car seat
get carpets steam cleaned!
dye clothing and prefolds
make and freeze meals
get couch (TODAY!)
figure out diaper thing, wash them..
buy pads or something, buy 7th gen disp. for first week
buy nursing bra
go to fabric store, get some fabric for wrap
pack bag for hosp
figure out what to do with DS

I think thats it
I dont want to think about it really.. too much
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Umm lets see.......
Pack bag
Steam clean living room carpet
Wash clothes (although I have most of that done)
Install car seat
get a bassinet
I am sure tons of other things I haven't thought about.
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1.Make and freeze lots more food
2.Stock up on canned beans, tomatoes, soups, pasta, cereal so the only quick runs to the store can be for milk and eggs
3. pack bag
4. Target run for: shower curtain liner for bed, maxipads, washcloths (for baby wipes), misc.
5. Write out phone numbers and directions for my mom for when she comes to care for ds
6. get carseat installation checked by CPS tech
7. find dresser for ds so old dresser can go in baby's room
8. move computer and books out of office so baby's stuff can go in there; this involves shopping for new computer desk and painting the room
9. big brother gift for ds #1 (finish making it)
10. Prep for ds #1 birthday party which is a few days before EDD
11. Decide about when MIL can come for a visit. Stress! DH, when asked, told her to email me directly... so now I have to tell her myself I don't want her here in May. Urgh! I am very nonconfrontational, but I think 8 months pregnant I deserve to remain so with MIL.
12. Finalize name for baby!!
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Old 03-31-2005, 03:39 AM
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Lets see:
Buy remaining parts of birth kitB
Buy older kids a bunk bed, so that another dresser will fit in their room.
Get dresser from my Moms
Build side Car
Steam Carpet & Couches
Get Carseat
Get clothes & diapers
Wash what blankets & clothes I have from DD & DS
Order More Milk Plus,Get domperidone
Buy a recliner for nursing in.

I am sure there is more to do, but it escapes me now!

Cristina - "If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded." Maya Angelou
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Oh god, I have so much to do.... I am so behind. If I get half of this stuff done bf. the baby is born I will be amazed but here is my overly ambitious list:

1. we need a bigger bed!! we are currently sleeping on a full/semi queen sized futon and I would love a king. I am planning on making one if I can find the cotton batting on Fabric Row...

2. order a new swing motor

3. order a new cover for daughter's carseat (the current one is ripping to shreads)

4. ask all my friends to help me out after the baby is born. my mom is coming out but I don't know for how long- could be as little as a week. I'm a little freaked out about that one.

5. ask other friend to attend birth. Already have one best friend to be there and now I need the second (my husband is very traditional and from another country- dosen't want to see the baby born. Luckily I don't want him in the room, either, watching me give birth)

6. knit a cotton cap for a newborn (I hate those weird pink and blue stocking thingies that they put on newborn's heads)

7. Finish sewing/ buying current kid's summer clothes, pjs and shoes so that i don't have to worry about it after the baby is born

8. Sew something for myself to wear while giving birth. I don't actually own any nightgowns or pjs. T-shirts are just depressing (which is what I wore the last two times).

9. write up instructions for people helping out with the kids/household stuff

10. fix broken window on car (my daughter is not going to like getting rained on when she has to move over to the left side of the back seat ) I seriously can not put this one off longer! It's been broken since September- isn't that ridiculous?

Well it's good to get all this stuff in list form. I am a pretty fast sewer/knitter so I should be able to get most of the sewing and knitting done on time.
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Reading all your lists reminds me of how much I still have to do. OMG - only 6 weeks and thats assuming babe is on time. I would really like to have everything done in the next 3 or 4 weeks. Holy ___!

* rewash baby clothes and dipes - take inventory, should have everything I need
* rearrange bedroom to accomodate cradle
* help dh move desks out of spare bedroom to make room for crib (not that i plan to use it much)
* Buy birth supplies : chucks pads, gauze pads, hospital style pads, & hydrogen peroxide
* Get birth supplies together to bring to midwife's house (where baby will be born)
* Pack emergency bag for possible hospital transfer
* Install carseat and have checked at police station for safety
* Pick up the rest of baby stuff from MIL's: swing, toys, other junk
* Stay healthy, not gain too much more weight if possible
* vaccuum all the hard to reach places like under furniture
* buy "first" outfit
* Get better diaper pail(s) for cding

I'm sure I'm forgetting things. Good luck to all of us with busy and tiring weeks ahead.
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OMG!!! Reading everyone's lists has just made me realize just how much we have to do! Yikes!
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i keep marking things off my list, only to think of more stuff i have to do...

*i need to repaint the baby cradle
*pack a hospital bag
*figure out exactly who is going to be with me after the baby is born...hubby's boss isn't being too cooperative about giving him time off, i'm a little worried. everyone keeps saying vague things about coming out to help, but i can't pin anyone down exactly on exactly when or for how long...
*clean the carpets (yeah, like the baby cares, lol)
*take some junk to charity
*buy some nursing bras...ok, i'm a moron, but how exactly do you know what size nursing bra to buy? the same size you've been wearing, or bigger?
*wash the baby clothes
*figure out after the baby shower what, if anything, we actually still need to buy. luckily, we have most of the necessities already.
i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot....
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