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I'm keeping this in journal format because I was thinking of starting a blog...or at the very least trying to keep a's what I've got so far though.....

Thursday April 14th

I took a half day off of work today because Robin had an appointment at the dentist and couldn’t keep Elijah because it was going to take at least 3 hours. I decided that since I was coming near the end, that I’d better use the time wisely and go to the license bureau and get my plates renewed and a new license, since I probably wouldn’t have much time later. I also had an appointment with my midwife, so it as bound to be a busy day.

I spent the morning sitting with Justin while he got ready for work. I shared with him I wasn’t feeling very well for some reason, but figured it was just part of being near the end of the pregnancy.

I decided that trying to take Elijah to the license bureau wouldn’t be very much fun at all, so I called my dad who said he would keep him for a few minutes. My grandma lives right around the corner from the bureau, and that is where dad is staying. While there, everyone kept asking me how I was doing and feeling. I was doing good..just normal stuff it seemed, except for some reason I was feeling queasy – and wasn’t really wanting to eat anything. I spent a good portion of the morning over at grandmas talking with my dad and Aunt Theresa, and then it was off to the Midwife.

Justin was meeting me at the appointment, because once again, taking Elijah in and doing all that by myself probably wasn’t going to be very easy. I was semi-excited about the appointment, but really wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. Although I had been having a ton of braxton hicks contractions – I had quite a few with Elijah, and still had him on his due date. Debbie was the Midwife at my appointment, which was exciting because it was supposed to be Margie, and her and I usually have some personality conflicts. I like Debbie a lot better. She asked how I was doing – I pretty much told her I felt great except for a few things that I figured was just “end of pregnancy stuff.” (the queasiness, tired, braxton hicks.) She gave me the option to be checked or not to see if I had any progress. Since the nurse assumed I was getting checked and had me undress from the waist down – I decided why not? I seriously was expecting to have had no progress. The week before I was barely a fingertip cervix was soft. That’s pretty much it. Much to my surprise when Debbie tells me that I was 3cm dialated, and that she was VERY low. I didn’t even think she had dropped yet, seeing as how her feet were still sitting in my ribs. Debbie told me she’d be surprised if I was even at my next appointment.

The rest of the day I spend informing people at work how close I was. In fact, since I had been checked, I was feeling very crampy anyway. I tried not to sound too exciting. I received the “he could come at any time” moment with Elijah, and he came 3 weeks later, so I knew that I could still have a bit of a wait ahead of me. By the end of the work day I was STILL crampy and getting a little tired. We decided that since Justin had rehersal for a Spagetti Dinner he was playing for on Saturday this evening that Elijah would stay with his mom for a little while longer, and I would go to the rehersal with Justin…just in case. First we went home and I took a bath to see if that would stop the contractions I seemed to be having.

We made it through the rehearsal – I was still a bit crampy, but it was somewhat slowing down. We picked up Elijah, and went home to go to bed. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up around 11pm and started timing contractions. They were bearable, but coming about 5 minutes a part. I called the Midwife on call (Lisa) and she told me to wait until they progressed some more and then come on in. I was still nervous at this point, afraid that these “contractions” were going to somehow go away. I actually started praying that what ever was to happen…but if this wasn’t labor that I wouldn’t do anything to make me look foolish! (as if women don’t go to the hospital all the time thinking they are in labor!). So even though I had woke Justin up, we decided to try and go back to bed and rest at least. About a half hour later, I got back up with some intense contractions. I knew I needed to get to the hospital.

Early Morning, Friday April 15th.
I called the Family Beginnings Center and let them know I was on my way in. We first had to take Elijah to Robin’s house. We called a couple times – no answer. So we just took him over and went in through the garage. Scared Justin’s sister pretty good that way. Labor in the car is NO FUN! Sitting like that through contractions isn’t the best way to manage pain, that’s for sure! When I got to the Birthing Center time seemed to slow down for me for some reason. I was having contractions – and they HURT! My water hadn’t broken yet. I was advised not to get into the Jacuzzi tub for a while. I know that it was for fear that I might slow my labor down. I was leaning on Justin to get through contractions. At one point I kind of felt silly, because both the nurse and the Midwife thought I was dealing with the pain very well (maybe I was?) but I kept thinking, that just means I have a long time to go – and these suckers really hurt! My water still hadn’t broke when I got in the Jacuzzi tub…but I felt like I needed to do something. Labor just intensified from there. At some point I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom, so they decided to “check” me for more dialation. I was told I was only 5 or 6cm!! I thought I was going to go crazy! How could this be?? And the labor was so strong. The nurse told me to try and sit Indian style and think of the baby decending. It would help me progress. She kept saying that it really shouldn’t be long from this point on. I just thought that she was trying to encourage me, when I felt I was fighting an uphill battle. It seemed that with Elijah, once they broke my water I was pushing within the hour. Here I was – I still had my water, labor was intense, and I seemed to be where no end was in sight. Finally the Midwife came back in, suggested (finally) to break my water. I had to get out of the tub (where I had wanted to birth) because I was too short for her to get in there and do it comfortably. So I got out and got on the bed. She barely stuck her fingers in to see how I was doing and my water broke. She said “well, she’s right can push your baby out when ever you’re ready.” I was thinking..”ARE YOU KIDDING?” I didn’t even really feel like I needed to push at that moment, but I did. About 4 pushes, and less than 5 minutes later Azalyah was born (3 weeks early). It was 3:48 am, only really about and hour and 45 minutes after I arrived at the birthing center. She was 6lbs 8oz’s, and 21 inches long. (Kind of a funny point here..when I gave birth to Elijah, I had been pushing for an hour and a half, and was really “geared” up into it, so when he finally was born he pretty much shot out of me. With Azalyah, I had barely started, so when she started crowning – it’s the first time I felt the “ring of fire.” I thought I was ripping open all over the place. I felt her head come through and thought to myself “oh good, its over” and stopped pushing. I kept thinking…funny, it don’t feel the relief I did with Elijah, and that was when I heard the nurse and midwife tell me I needed to push the rest of my baby out. Had I not been in a bit of pain, I would have been laughing, because even then I thought it was funny.)

I was able to “catch” her and lay her on my belly, but it wasn’t long until they took her away. She didn’t score very well on her apgar’s – her coloring was off, and she wasn’t crying really. She was breathing, but not very well. You could see that she was having some distress. So after a bit of rubbing and trying to get her color to come through and help her breath – they gave her back. I got to try and breastfeed for about 15 minutes and they decided to check her blood sugar – and temp. Both were low. They took her to the nursery for more tests. She didn’t come back to me for about 2 hours. That sucked. They had to give her formula to get her blood sugar up, which did interfere with her wanting to nurse right away. But we’ve got it down now – thankfully!

Early Evening, Friday April 15th
We had to transfer to another part of the hospital, because for some odd reason, all these ladies kept going into labor! Family Beginnings (the birthing center) filled up for the 2nd time since I had got there. It was my turn to decide whether or not to stay in my room and force some lady who wanted a natural birth into the hospital, or for me to move. Of course I’m moving! The beds in those birthing centers aren’t very helpful for healing and caring for a newborn anyway…it puts pressure in the most awful spots of your tailbone while trying to sit up. So I moved. It was fine, except instead of doing ALL procedures right there in the room, Azalyah had to be taken down the hall 2x’s. But it was fairly brief, and they were good about brining her back to me. (Well, kind of. One time I rang the nurse to have them check her breathing because of a weird choking thing she did. They came and got her…I got so nervous after about 20 minutes I called and let them know I wanted her back in the room when they were done. They had just decided to use that time to check her weight and vitals…that’s why they took so long!)

April 17th
We are now home and doing very well. She’s showing signs of Jaundice, but so did Elijah, and he turned out fine. We have an appointment tomorrow with the pediatrician, so I’m not going to worry about it until then. She actually sleeps really well right now – but some if that might go away in the next couple days. We’re all still getting acquainted around here. Elijah is very curious – but also jealous. He likes looking at her body parts. He couldn’t get enough of looking at her feet this morning. But when I’m holding her – he tries to lay in my lap in her place. I feel bad for him, but I know he’ll adjust. It has been, and still is very important to me to make sure he realizes he’s not being replaced. He just needs to learn to share I guess! Kind of hard for a 16 month old!

April 18th
We had our first Pediatrician appointment today. All went well except we have to go to Children’s Medical Center some time to get a hip click checked out. They told me not to worry about it, but they wanted to check just in case. Ug – I hate more hospital type visits! Elijah had his weight checked while we were there, and he’s doing good too. He’d only gained a pound, but she considered that very significant since he just had that Rotavirus two weeks ago. Oh, and Azalyah had already gained like 4 oz’s…which they thought was great too, since she’s already over her birth weight and they have 10 days to REGAIN their birth weight! I think she’s enjoying being and overachiever.

We spent most of today over at Robin’s house. Elijah enjoyed that! Justin pretty much just napped the entire time on the couch. I really think it was good for Elijah, as all these changes – including being home all the time – have got to be somewhat difficult.

April 19th
We stayed home most of the day today. Both Justin and I were trying to clean, but between everything else (and all four of us napping) we only got a little bit done.
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Just thought I'd add some pictures...

She's so beautiful to me. LOTS AND LOTS of hair...and its charcoal black. I think she got it from my grandma (its even darker than my hair). My Grandma is from Guam. She even has darker coloring than mine.. I know both of those can change as she gets older...but for now she definately takes after me and my family more...where as Elijah is a spitting image of his dad!

And of's Elijah
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: Welcome Azalyah!!!
I have been wondering if she had been born yet because in your last post you said you shouldn't make it through the weekend. I am glad all of you are home and doing well.
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congratulations! I am totally crying here. Your baby is beautiful, a real cherub.
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Congrats! Sounds like a great birth! I especially love the photo of her smiling.

anna kiss partner to jon radical mama to aleks (8/02) and bastian (5/05)
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shes beautifull congratulations!
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Congratulations! She's very, very pretty!!
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Congratulations!!! What a cutie pie! I hope you are feeling well and you are able to rest (some at least )
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What a cute family! Congratulations on a great birth!!
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Congrats! Your children are so beautiful!
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Congratulations, what a beautiful baby!
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Way to Go Mama!! She is beautiful!!

Cristina - "If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded." Maya Angelou
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I enjoyed reading your story--thank you for sharing it!


You have two beautiful children!
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Wow, thanks for sharing that great birth story!! Congrats, mama!!!

Jenn, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Placenta Specialist, future Midwife
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congratulations to your family and welcom Azalyah!

dd 05.17.2005
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Great story!! I love how detailed it was Beautiful family Congratulations~
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Thanks so much for sharing! Congratulations!!!
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Congratulations, she is gorgeous! I love the picture of her with the grin!
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