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Holy Moly!!! WE ARE IN MAY!!

We are having babies!! I see another was born! This is getting very exciting!

How is everyone doing???

I am cranky today. I woke up with a headache. My sinuses are clogged. My kids are misbehaving because they are excited about their new bed. They had to sleep in the living room last night on their matresses & are very rambunxious. I have no patience. DH is cranky too!! I think I may just take off, since I am not that much help anyway.

Went to a slient auction/dance last night for last night. It is an organization that works to prevent child injuries in & around cars. I think they raised some good funds last night. I was out bid on a Britax carseat anda baby quilt, but that is ok. The food was good & the band was better!!!! I had constant braxtion hicks when walking the auction, but baby groved during the music!!!

That is all around here! Have a great May 1st!!!

Cristina - "If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded." Maya Angelou
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Yay! May 1st! I am due in 3 days.. sigh!

How are we doing.. Well DS is sick. He is 20 months old and not much fun when he is sick! He has the norovirus again. One day of puking and it has been 3 days of pooping so far. I'm lucky in that I haven't gotten it. The bad thing is that he just wants to lie on me, and nurse. Driving me insane.

I am feeling badly. I posted a thread about it, haven't gotten much for responses.. I totally think my body is getting ready for labour, I wish it would happen now though. I don't know how much constant pain I can take.

I see my midwife tomorrow, she is going to strip my membranes if all is favorable and give me their secret labour tonic! I can't wait. I don't know how much more I can take!
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Officially 30 days to go!!!

Can't believe it.

Happy May everyone!

Hang in there ladies we are in the home stretch now.

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DD has been super sick for the last 5 days...throwing up, diareaha. I am beginig to feel it now too. Well the throwing up at least. I woke up this morning at 6 to puke I hate the last month of pregnancy. When I was laying in bed htis morning DP brought me an article out of the paper about a restaurant in Chicago that serves a labor inducing salad. It is organic greens, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinegrette. I know that its a long shot, but I am ready to go out and eat this damn salad every day :LOL . The owner stated that womens water broke while eating it. And that others still waited for their babe for 3-4 weeks after eating the salad. But I am willing to do just about anything. I hope everyone is doing well

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Let's see...based off my TWO due dates (good thing they are not an exact science) I am due somewhere between today and the fourteenth. :LOL Had some mild contractions last night but nothing really good. I was hoping to have the baby this weekend. Too bad we don't have abuilt in turkey thermomater and when the baby can make it outside and is ready to come out it pops up letting you know, push and out comes the baby! Wouldn't that be grand! :LOL

I'm finally sleeping again. I think it was the side of the bed I was on. We switched sides since the dog was bugging DH and OMG!!!! I have slept so great! I guess I woke up last night, sat up, and said, "They're coming." He asked who and I said, "They're coming. They're coming from the ceilings and through the doors." He again asked who and I told him never mind and laid back down. Sure wish I had been present for that! :LOL I don't remember doing it but I had BIZARRE dreams all night so I wouldn't doubt it.

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Ugh, May - I am so not ready! I don't have a stitch packed for the hospital. The house is an absolute pit, the baby clothes need washing, the diapers need washing and on and on AAAAAAAH. I will be 37 weeks on tuesday, so I really should be prepared at this point.

DH keeps suggesting things we can work on - this morning he said 'Why don't we go through the CDs and decide which ones to sell' (we are planning on moving sometime this summer and want to get rid of some stuff) and I said 'Ugh, why don't we GET READY FOR THE FRIGGIN BABY!' :LOL

I'm having a hard time sleeping since I have BH contrax all night long and they wake me up. I am still worried about the childcare situation for my DD, DH has suggested we ask his dad to come out earlier than he was planning, but that still gives me 2 more weeks before he'd come. I have friends lined up, but my worry is that she doesn't know them well and will freak out on them.

Nym - I saw your post, I just didn't have much to add - but it all sounds like good signs to me. I know its uncomfortable, but having the baby sitting low like that has to be a good thing - working on your cervix, etc. I hope it means you don't need to wait much longer!

Mightymoo - Mom to DD (6) and DS (4)
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Thanks for all your well wishes. Turns out it was not a false alarm. Our sweet baby was born April 29 @ 7:23pm. We are in love!!!! I will post more about it later. As for now, I am VERY tired and the baby is sleeping so I am going to catch a nap while I can. He nurses like a champ!!!!
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Congrats Tish!

Sorry you're feeling crummy, nym. Don't have anything to really add. It could be indicative that something's coming, or it might not. Good luck, either way.

I had a few contractions yesterday morning that felt real and were regular for a few minutes. I've thought about trying to find my cervix again, but haven't actually done so. We're all ready for the baby, for the most part. We cleaned the rugs and upholstery on Thursday and yesterday we cleaned out the fridge. Doing work brings on BH, so I'm taking it fairly easy now. Plus I'm just in the get-exhausted easily phase now. Baby is still quite posterior and I'm hoping that will change.

We have our home visit on Tuesday, which I'm looking forward to. I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow. My mom thinks that since I'm feeling contrx earlier than I did last time and since I'm measuring a couple weeks ahead that this baby will come early where Aleks was "late" and both will be on time for them. But she doesn't want me to have her yet because it's still "too early". It's not like I'm trying to have her early. I don't really want to, but things are pretty much in place now since DH just finished school and his last paper is being turned in tomorrow while I'm getting the car seats installed properly. Our freezer is full, my errands are done, the birth supplies are all here. I've even typed up the emergency phone # list, the home birth supply list with the locations of all the items, and an instruction sheet for Aleks' caretaker with pictures on how to properly fold his diapers. I just need to put all his snacks, dipes and special labor treats that I got him in a backpack. DH thinks I'm essentially crazy. I told him he was jealous that he's not this organized. Now if only I could plan when to birth.

anna kiss partner to jon radical mama to aleks (8/02) and bastian (5/05)
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Hi all!

Congrats Tish! Enjoy your baby moon.

I can't wait to see some more babies being born on the board!

I am "due" on the 10th, and I'm positive on the date, so I expect I'll have a baby around the end of next week, judging on how long second babies tend to "cook" in my family. Oh my goodness! It seems kind of unreal. I was having a lot of B-H, but not so noticeable anymore, so who knows. I do wake up at night with a sore belly, but I think that is just because I am so huge and tight now that no position is comfortable anymore. I am also very ready. I stayed up late last night working on ds's big brother gift, and I think I can get it finished in the next couple of days.

Anna's post reminded me that I need to put some things together for ds in case he needs to go to my friend's before my mom gets here. My mom came up this weekend and brought me a bunch of meals to put in the freezer. so I'm really set now.

Darkstar, hope you and your dd are feeling better very soon. And your son, Nym! Sorry you are having a hard time. Just remember, by a week or a little more from now, it will all just be a memory and you will have your baby.

My ds is so excited about the baby. The only thing that has come up recently is him talking about how he will nurse again after baby is born! And I am not sure I am excited about tandeming anymore. I thought he might want to, but he gradually weaned during the pregnancy, or so I thought. He hasn't asked at all in several weeks. Then a few days ago he told me he will have one side, and the baby can have the other! I wasn't sure what to say, so I will have to explore how I feel about that in case... Any other mamas here have experience with tandeming?
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i can't believe that it is May! 10 1/2 more days (or so) to go for me. That is a scarry thought... just over ten days... anyhow things are coming together slowly for us... my mom came out to visit this weekend to help me get ready for the baby. Got a few baby things and summer clothes for the kids so I don't have to go out shopping after the baby is born. Still haven't gotten that darn car window fixed or packed for the birth center or most of my list but I have kind of given up on it.

Found out last week that I am GBS+ and I was kind of freaking out about that for a few days. I am waiving the antibiotics but I kind of wish I'd never gotten the test in the first place. I didn't even know about GBS with my son nor did my midwife test for it...was neg. with A. Sigh, just another thing to deal with. Unassisted birth is looking more and more appealing to me these days. I feel like I could pull it off since this is my third and i kind of know what to do and expect... but I probably won't unless the baby just comes too fast.

Feel like I am getting sick (sore throat, runny nose, tired as heck)- ugh, just what I needed right before giving birth. Wasn't sick all fall and winter but I seem to be making up for it this spring. Also tired in general and it is Really hard to keep up with my kids these days. I hate being tired. I have way too much to do to be tired. I hope this ends soon bc. I know I am going to be super tired after the baby is born. Finally got some fabric for the kids so I am excited about making some more clothes for them.

I am just hoping that the baby holds out until after next Saturday, which is the day of my shower. I am kind of excited for that and kind of not because last time I got some super lame gifts (a picture frame, a mobile, an astrological onesie, etc.) nice stuff, but nothing that I actually *needed*.

Congratulations to Tish and her new baby! I guess the labor map was correct Good luck to you both.
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Found out the other day that babies in my family like to "overcook". My sister was a month late and I was a few weeks late. Not a comforting thought. I sure hope that is not the case here. I don't think so but the thought of going another month........ :

DH is being a brat today. We have two employees that work here at our house. I made clear that when he hired the second one I didn't want the kid coming over and hanging out. The other kid does because he was a friend before we hired him. I cannot stand this new kid. He thinks he is so cool....seriously, even brought up his probation etc. the first night we met him. I got so sick of it I told him he really didn't have bragging rights to it all cause it actually wasn't brag worthy. He got defensive real quick but come on! Anyways, very annoying and I avoid him as much as I can. I don't talk to him, I don't go downstairs when he's here etc. So does he only come around for work? NO!!!! He is possibly coming over now and I asked DH to go elsewhere if possible and he goes off about how I don't have to stay down here when he's here and he's coming over to see him as a friend, I have no obligation to him in any way. I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE this kid and I don't want him coming over acting like this is his buddies house. I have put up with his stupidity long enough. I should not have to deal with him right now. I said so and now we are not talking. DH seems to think I am being over emotional due to pregnancy hormones but come on! Common sense after saying, "I don't want him over here as anything but an employee" and agreeing to it would mean NOT LETTING HIM COME OVER TO HANG OUT!!!!!!!!!! He is rude and frankly I think he is a lot of the reason I am not too terribly anxious to get labor going. I feel like I couldn't do it with him here (even though DH and I have agreed that once that happens employees go home) so I'm putting pressure (sub concious or not) on myself to hold off until the weekend. Dumb I know but he is really effecting me......I was watching a birth day type show and he popped off with some rude comment about the woman being a "nasty fat ass who shouldn't be on t.v.".....great! The woman doing something natural is a nasty fat ass. I don't want him possibly saying something like that before he leaves. I think I would cry! Ok, I'm done with my mini vent.

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I ran into one of the homebirth midwives I know here in town & told her that my OB wants to talk about inducing if baby isn't here by my next appt (Friday) b/c we aren't sure of the date & I might already be a week or so overdue. She suggested the Blue Cohosh pellets (rather than the tincture) & it's cheaper, so I got some yesterday. She said if after 4 days there is no progress then to stop taking them for a couple of days & then try again. I can easily reach my cervix (my mom & a close friend of ours got a big kick out of that!) I can tell it is slightly more dilated than it was Thursday, so at least something is happening. I have been very crampy & keep losing parts of my mucous plug, I have been trying to walk as much as possible to get things going. I am due in 2 days, but won't be surprised if baby is a wek or so late, but am concerned about the OB not wanting to let me go past Friday. Apparently he has a rep for never letting moms go past 41 weeks (unless, like one mama did they don't show up for thier induction). If it comes down to it I plan to ask him to try stripping the membranes first, rather than any meds. I will not allow Cytotec or Pitocin, so I'm not sure what he'll think about that. Does anyone know the difference between Cytotec & Cervacil?


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Tish, congrats!!!!!

Nothing going on here except for a lot of pain. I'm ready. I'm tired and cranky. Trying to be patient. Everything in the house is basically ready. Of course we helped a friend move Friday and she gave us a bunch of crap, so there is junk all over, but otherwise everything is ready. Just have to get that picked up. I told dh since he was the one who wanted it, he had to do something with it.

Serenity LDS mommy to 4 rambunctious kidlets
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I can't believe it is May 1 too. My estimated date is May 6th so I am pretty much just expecting that it could happen any day now. Every night I run around the house checking this and that just to make sure I have everthing together in case tonight is the night. I am starting to drive myself crazy though because I am wearing myself out trying to get too much done before the arrival. All in all I am feeling good - just the normal stuff of not being able to sleep, walking is getting harder, hip pain, lots of pressure etc. . . I am nervous too - so incredibly nervous to give birth again for some reason. I had a great birthing experience with my first, but for some reason I am nervous now. I am just trying to stay positive and strong.

We are almost there. Congrats to those who have given birth in the past couple of days. It is so exciting to see that it is starting for everyone.

looking forward to more stories. happy birthing.

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Wow, even though I could potentially not have this baby for another month, it's crazy to think that it could actually happen anyday now. I'm having this weird rib pain in the back on my left hand side. DH tried to massage it last night, but I think it actually made it worse. Other than that and my sore lower back, I feel pretty good. I think the baby dropped today. DH and DSD say that I look a lot lower and I sort of feel as if my belly is resting on my legs when I'm sitting which I never noticed before. Congrats to all of you mama's who have had you're babies already. Good luck to all of you who are coming up in the next couple of days! This is so exciting!!!

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: congratulations Tish!!

Lizabethian, that sucks about your DH's "friend".... I know how that can really affect how you're feeling and it shouldn't!!! I hope your DH can understand that and can manage to keep him away for a while.... s:

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks, and I think I'm officially ready for this baby.... DS has finally learned how to ride his bike on his own and we went for a ride today, so I was walking after him for a looong time... the walking brought some BH's I think although I wouldn't be so sure... and at one point all of a sudden DS asked me today why do we talk about the baby so much and not about him anymore.... and if we loved the baby more than him although I was surprised to hear this I think it was good because we got to talk about it and he was OK afterwards.... I got him 2 disposable cameras, so that he could take pictures during or after the birth, and he used up one of them today : oh well... as long as he's happy.... I'm also planning to get him a special gift from the baby so that he doesn't feel left out. I guess that's my concern right now....
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Congratulations Tish!!! I hope you having fun babymooning!
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