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Labor started on Tuesday morning at 2:30. It wasn't subtle but it didn't hurt either. I was having to catch my breath about every ten minutes to get through them but other than that they were nothing. DH got up to get to work and asked if this meant I was in labor. He got so excited he kept coming upstairs to ask things and reassure me I could kick the employees out at anytime. I had lost most of my plug the night before but continues to lose the rest of it during the day. As I got up and got moving for the day I noticed that the contractions I was having were coming farther and farther apart andw eren't as intense. I grew disappointed pretty quick after that.

I went about my day and talked to my sister often. That's when I noticed that maybe they weren't getting duller. I was having ahard time talking through them and by nine thirty- ten o clock I was having ontractions very frequently. I let DH know that this was it and went to get in the tub. I had heard and hoped that the water would be nice for me but it sucked! I couldn't stand being in there so I hopped out. Before getting out though I checked to see how things were moving along (I know, doesn't mean anything but man I HAD to know. ) and was shocked to feel my bag of water BULGING like nothing was stopping it. I talked to my sister one more time after that and told DH to come upstairs to be with me. I labored with some t.v. and some music for a little bit before they started to bug me. I decided to lay down our sheets and what not so we kicked the dog to the basement and set things up. By this point things are getting very intense and I'm having hard time dealing wth things in general. I was rocking on my hands and knees whenever I got a contraction but that wasn't doing it for fact it made it hurt more (or so I I couldn't find anyhting that would work for me! I decided to try the water one more time and hopped in the shower. That helped a little bit but our hot water ran out quickly and I was stuck to find something else. I got out and went back in the living room where DH was trying not to have panic attack. he was getting nervous and didn't want to say anything. All of a sudden things kicked into high gear HARD. I had already been crying with contractions but now I was crying and shaking bad. I remember thinking that it meant I was in transtition but I also remember reading that first time births were long and this was entirely too quick to be transtion. I was desperate and telling DH I didn't want anymore kids after this. lol He went and filled the tub for me and we both hoped it would work. I got in and tried to relax but was instantly hit with a contraction so I bolted upright and crawled onto my hands and knees and had my face on the tub faucet. By this point I couldn't handle it and broke down. I told DH to call someone, I wanted to get pain killers. He called a friend while I managed to crawl out of the tub and get dressed. I was so hurt at my mind's inability to do it that I stood in the living room bawling and telling DH I was a failure to myself and this wasn't what was supposed to happen and thanks for not calling me a baby...yes I thanked him for that. He calmly told me I did awesome and I'd feel better soon and that I wasn't a failure, that this was hard. Our ride showed up and the driver (poor kid) booked it to the hospital with me in the front seat grabbing his oh s**t handle. He ran all the red lights before thinking to turn his hazards on. We get there and are immediately taken to the L&D room. The nurse who took me down was nice and very talkative and explained everything as we went. I got to the room and kept asking for the pain killer. I was in so much pain I was crying and having a hard time breathing. The nurse tells me she needs to check me first and asked if my water had broke yet. I told her no but that it was bulging and right there. She looked at me as if I had two heads! DH explained we were trying a homebirth so she looks at me again and asks where I could feel it. I told her on my last check it was right at the opening of my cervix. That was nice to see her face of shock and disbelief. I got into bed and waited for to get back. Within seconds she was ready to do my exam. She checked me and told me I was at an 8!!!!!! I was so pleased with myself at that point that I lost those feelings of failure. I had stayed home until I was an eight before I felt I needed something. I kicked butt! I asked if that meant I could still have pain killer. She said yes and went about getting my hooked to an I.V. After that I was not so nice. She got the I.V. in and went about asking the questions she needed as we waited for the pain killer to get there. After having been asked for the millionth time when my birthday was I snapped and yelled at her, " Is it really necessary to be asking me this right now!?" She looked at me with shock, explained that this was all she could do until the drugs got here and that DH could answer for me. My reply? "How long does it take to grab a needle!?" Finally the lady with the pain killer showed up and asked if I wanted an epidural or an interthecal (sp?). The nurse immediately said interthecal and then explained the difference (the interthecal went in right away and lasted less time). I opted for that since the pain relife would be immediate. The lady walked out to go get it ready and the doctor (whom I STILL do not like) walked in and said they were going to pop my water. I told them no. I knew it brought everything on harder and faster and that it wasn't necessary. he actually argued with me!!! He kept asking why and I kept firmly saying no. I asked what the point was and the nurse said it would bring the baby, my reply? "The baby is going to get here either way and I don't see the point in it." The doctor shrugged and said whatever and walked out. When he came back in the nurse told him I had decided to go for the interthecal and that meant that we would need to break my water (I had agreed by that point) since the effects were far shorter lasting. He said ok and left until the pain killer got there. While I was waiting for that the nurse asked me something again that irritated me enough to ask how long it took mix some stupid liquids. I don't think the staff liked me this point. Finally the pain killers showed up and as I was leaning forward the nurse kept telling me to roll my shoulders. I was so pissed that they couldn't wait until my contraction was over that I screamed at her that they were rolled as far forward as they were going to go and to leave it be. lol She didn't like that. I only snapped at DH once this whole time and that was to tell him I was breathing. He looked like he could have cried but don't tell me breath when I'm obviously trying to! lol Theyw eren't kidding...before she had pulled the needle out of my back I was in heaven. They gave a minute and then I started pushing. I asked if I could squat since I didn't feel being on my back was doing any good (but then again I couldn't feel anything and wouldn't have known other wise) but was told that my legs would buckle or they'd let me. I said ok and started pushing. By this point the medicine had kicked in fully and it was having a good time in my body. I think they gave me too much cause I fel asleep. I also got sick a ton. DH had to wake me up a few times when I wasn't pushing so they could ask me something. I ended up getting an episiotomy. The doctor explained to DH I was going to tear and he wanted to cut. DH told him no, let me tear (such a sweetheart for sticking up for me like I asked) and the doctor explained it would be several tears, not just one. DH looked skeptical and took a look for himself. Sure enough the way the baby was presenting my skin wasn't stretching in certain spots and I was on the brink of tearing in three or four spots. He woke me up and explained it all to me much to the doctor's dismay. I agreed and fell asleep again. Dh woke me up and I pushed Scarlet into the world. It took about one and half to two pushes (even with the pre cutting pushing) to get her out. They took her off to wash her up and DH went over to supervise. The doctor explained to me what he was doing step by step and said that I wasn't going to need to push my placenta out and that I wouldn't feel it. Sure enough about two seconds later out it came. I leaned forward to try and see it before passing out again. i was quickly given oxygen as I wasn't doing too well and entiehr was Scarlet. She was taken to the NICU for some observation and oxygen. DH went with her and made sure to stick to what we wanted.

When we got to the recovery room I was told what had happened during my sleeping moments. Scarlet was born a little floppy and purple. They quickly got some color in her but she did need some help breathing as did I. my blood pressure got way too was 80 over something when she was born and I was given some medicine to help with that. I was also having a problem with bleeding. I didn't hemoorage or bleed to much but with my blood pressue so low they were worried about it. When my blood pressure went down they lost her beartbeat on the external monitor and quickly inserted the interal one to find it, which they did and all was well there. Her head plates were farther apart than they would have liked to see which made/makes her soft spot really big. They watched that during our stay and everything seems to be in order. She has a skin tage by her ear which could be indicative of hearing problems but she passed the in hospital hearing test fine. When she was finally brought to my room (about three hours later ) we were both out of it. We had a hard time with nursing at first but she is doing great now. She was favoring one side more than the other but we finely got it down. I actually had one nurse who said I would need shells to nurse her. I had a few great burses but overall they were really dumb! It took forty minutes one time to get something I needed and the only reason I got that was my new nurse came in to do her vitals check and asked about it. As she walked out of the room they were paging her.

Despite going against our plan everything turned out good. I actually was glad we got there when we did (although I was to a ten by the time I got my pain medicine...I soooo could have done it ). The hospital was amazingly pro bfing. In fact they WILL NOT give your baby a bottle unles you specify and you must do so everytime and they will not give out want you, you buy it. I was super pleased about that. All in all from start to finish it took 14 hours. Oh yeah, before we had left the house I told DH what I did and did not want to happen. He stuck by them all so well. Scarlet was not given any shots or eye goop. They did give her the vitamin K shot but mainly because I had such low blood pressure, issues with bleeding, and was not able to feed right away. I was fine with that since nothing else got done. I'm sure the hospital was glad to get rid os uf.

DH also cleaned the house top to bottom the next day and got the house super stocked with foods and drink so all I ahd to do was come home. He even mopped the floor and did the laundry. Man it was nice! All I need to do is have a baby to get him to help out.

Scarlet's hospital picture

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Congratulations! She is beautiful and I love her name. You all take good care of each other.
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She's beautiful! Congratulations!

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