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Fluffhead's Avatar Fluffhead 06:37 PM 05-26-2005
Hey mamas,
Ive been laying low the last few days because I have had so many contractions that gear up and start doing things like 9 mins apart...8 mins apart...6 mins apart...boom nada nothing done zilch goodbye thanks for the pain come back again and kick my arse soon please. I had my own pity party a few days ago and since then I've had the attitude to make the most of what time I have left because obviously I am being given this time for a reason. So I have gotten all excited about some extra time and started some sewing projects for the baby (a really sweet diaper bag of my dreams). Anyhoo....

Today is my birthday and we were thinking what a great present a baby would be...but I refuse to dream or speculate anymore. I saw mw this morning and declined being checked because I didn't want my hopes up and I was having some cramping real low in my cervical/vaginal floor area and I felt like that might provoke it. So I stopped to get a bagel on the way home and when I got out of the car I had all this sudden cramping. I figured it was from getting out of the car (its a jeep and I have to sorta slide down bc I am really short and very top heavy) so I paid no mind to it. As Im leaving the bagel store, I felt another one but this one made me kinda stop and shuffle a second and say 'OW'. Had a few more on the way home but still didnt pay attention because Im going to stay pregnant forever right? :LOL This has gone on all day but they are no where even close together and the cramping is in my vaginal area (I have no other way of explaining this location except to say "up there"). Anyway, a little while ago the fedex dude came and when I stood up to get the door I felt stuff running down my leg but I assumed it was sweat because its pretty hot today. I think I was oblivious because it just now hit me that it's not sweat and it's coming from "up there". So I don't know if this means anything....and I'm definately not getting my hopes up.....but "up there" cramping + fluid running down my leg has the potential to be something right? Or am I just really reaching here out of desperation to meet my baby?

Heres to a whole lotta baby vibes for everyone waiting, patient or not

crysmomofthree's Avatar crysmomofthree 06:54 PM 05-26-2005
sounds like "up there" pain and fluid mean something "might" be happening lol!

you sound like me, 30hrs after my water broke I started getting "cramps" I kept telling dh it was gas, and that I probably would "never" go into labor on my own by the 72hr cut off time and have to be induce well.... Lauren came flying in to the world after 4 and a half hours of irregular labor and yes those contractions were painful but I was still laughing during them and talking, I had a big smile at ten centimetres, and they never got regular. Hopefully this is it for you but we we won't get our hopes up
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 07:29 PM 05-26-2005
Well shoot, I thought the end of that story was gonna be a baby in the fedex guy's lap or something! :LOL

Don't know what to say, but good luck. Labor vibes for you!
Eaglevoice's Avatar Eaglevoice 01:50 PM 05-27-2005
Originally Posted by annakiss
Well shoot, I thought the end of that story was gonna be a baby in the fedex guy's lap or something!
:LOL Me too!!! Good luck, I hope this is it for you!!!
darkstar's Avatar darkstar 03:23 PM 05-27-2005

wende's Avatar wende 05:06 PM 05-27-2005
Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one and I hope your next post will be telling us all about your wonderful birth!
robugmum's Avatar robugmum 05:12 PM 05-27-2005
Sounds like labour to me!