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My baby is 3 months old and I am really struggling. I've got it bad this time around.

Anyways, I've never taken an antidepressant. I'm wondering how long people generally need to stay on the med for? I really don't want to just be on it forever... but I don't want to be swinging up and down coming off too soon.

Any stories/ideas?

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I will likely need to be on Zoloft for the rest of my life, as it makes a HUGE difference for me in how I face the world. For PPD, I don't know how long you'd need to be on it. 18 months? Less? More?

I just wanted to say to not be scared. If you need help, you need help. Meds aren't a shameful thing. I had such a hard time with this when I started taking antidepressants, but truly, for me I have a medical issue. My brain doesn't function correctly. Being on drugs, as annoying as it is, helps me function properly. And that is an awesome thing.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do And when you do choose to go off antidepressants, be careful and wean off slowly! I've had a couple instances where I forgot to take my pills for a few days and the withdrawal really sucks. But if you do it carefully you barely notice it.

Kris - married to Nate since 12/06, mom to Toby since 1/08. Also servant to two felines. Done having babies for medical reasons.

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These meds take a few weeks to get fully in your system, and it's recommended that you be on them at least 6-12 months to let your brain heal. I know many women who are on them for this amount of time and then are fine.

For me, I view them as in the same class as cholesterol meds or insulin for Type II diabetics. If diet, exercise and lifestyle changes don't get me well, then it's time for medicine.

If you're careful about not stopping them too quickly (wean yourself down instead), going on and then off again isn't too much too worry about.

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I've known a lot of Moms that have really really benefited from this. They say it's like waking out of a fog and they actually sleep better and feel better over all. They bond with their baby too. There is nothing wrong with taking meds. Sometimes you just need it and just because you start it doesn't mean you'll be on it forever. I hope it helps.

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I got severe PPD after my first daughter in 2005 and started Zoloft after five months of struggle from hell and as many months of trying avoid meds... And when I did start of Zoloft, it helped tremendously. I became pregnant again just a few months after my first daughter and needed to stay on Zoloft because chances of postpartum the second time around are high. After my second daughter, I lowered the dose and my depression changed - it was better in some ways and worse in others. So, I stayed on Zoloft... And now I'm pregnant with my third and staying on the meds because it just makes sense. I can enjoy my children, I can enjoy my life, and I just feel so much better... After all those months of struggle it is a real gift to feel normal.

In terms of how long I will have to stay on Zoloft, I'm thinking at least another two years... I have to give myself at least this much time after this baby is born because those first two years are especially hard for me with sleep deprivation... I was able to lower the dose significantly before becoming pregnant this time and I was doing really well, so I know that it's totally possible for me to be off them.

I would say, give it the time you need to feel like life is good again - a woman's body goes through so much during pregnancy and postpartum, and we do not have the same kind of social support that women of old used to have... with sisters and aunts and neighbours all nearby to help with baby, food preparation, laundry, whatever... I know I was terribly lonely after the birth of my first - and that's with having my mom and two sisters in town.. it's just a different world for new mothers these days. I needed someone to be with me, help me through moments of terrible anxiety and sadness and that just wasn't possible! I mean, after everyone got off work they could come and visit, but the daytime was awful.

Anyway, be gentle with yourself. I truly believe that having a moderately peaceful, or as peaceful as can be first months with your baby is by far more precious and worth doing whatever needs to be done to achieve that. The first 5 months of my first daughter's life were really quite hard and, in all honesty, while I don't mean to scare you, I do have to tell you that now, 5 years later, I still mourn that loss. I know how different my attachment to my second daughter was because I was well...

Agnieszka wife to Kevin, Kalina (Jan 7, 2005), Tosia (June 4, 2006) , and baby Emmett (Dec 27, 2009)
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I feel you! I just started on meds. I have been on them for 1.5 weeks. It is weird. Hopefully it helps because it has been hard. I put it off for 8 months. Good luck to you!
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I took this for ppd after my son was born. I ended up staying on it for 3 years, until we started ttc again. I will likely be taking it soon as I'm due with this baby in about a month or so. Actually sometimes I feel like I need it already.

It helped me a lot. In addition to ppd I had a lot of anxiety and could not sleep. After taking the zoloft I felt like I could face the world again. Good luck with your decision.

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With DD I was on Zoloft for about 6 months. My midwife had suggested that it works better to try to come off your anti-depressants in the summer, and DD was a January baby. I was feeling ok by summer so I started weaning off it in June and was done with it in mid-summer.

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I took Zoloft from the time I was 4 months pregnant until about 7 months after he was born. It was a life made me blissfully "even".

I was also on it for a year about 5 years prior to getting pregnant.

Def make sure you get weaned off properly. Suddenly stopping Zoloft can really make some crash badly.

Good luck!! ((((hugs))))

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It helped me. I am pretty anti-Western meds, but it was the only thing that helped even me out. My midwife said I should be on it for 6 months, but I only stayed on it for 3 months. I feel great now. It was just that boost I needed. Usually your healthcare professional will out you on the lowest dose first - 25 mg and in some cases 50 mg.

A happy mama is a happy baby!

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I was just wondering how the meds worked with breastfeeding?? tia

Me, my Husband and three little Boys! 7, 5 and 7 1/2 months! Life is good!
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I am on Zoloft and have been for just over a year (as I was diagnosed with mild depression Oct '08)....actually I was on celexa first and then when I became pregnant in Feb '09 my ob switched me to zoloft as she said it was fine for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. My baby has had no issues from me being on it.I take a small dose but it has helped me immensly! I feel like myself when I'm on it and don't like how I feel when I go a few days without it. I remember not wanting to go out with our friends and not wanting to play soccer or do TaeKwonDo (things I usually loved doing). I also remember getting very upset (crying uncontrollably) over silly little being out of milk or not having the dishes done. Since beings on meds I have not had these issues and am so glad I made the decision (with help from my family). good luck to you

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Originally Posted by crazymom03 View Post
I was just wondering how the meds worked with breastfeeding?? tia
Zoloft is the antidepressant of choice with regards to breastfeeding. It has been well-studied, and very little passes into the breastmilk, with no noticeable effects on the baby.

I've nursed both kids while on it (22 months with my son, 7 months and counting with my daughter), and have not had any problems from it. There was no change in my son whatsoever when he weaned.

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