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I don't know if this is normal after giving birth or its just me ..
I came home with my healthy baby boy on the 21st .
Labor went so good . I was only in labor for 3 hours and only pushes for 10 mins. This is my first child .
Ever since I came home I started having some vivid dreams .
When I start dozing off I start seeing things and hear things , last night I was seeing number and people everytime I blinked and when I finally fall asleep I start feeling like I'm vibrating . But the dream always takes place in the room I'm in and is the same way in the dream . Let me just tell you last nights dream which is the worst of them all . So I went to bed with the baby around 3 only slept an hour because I'm a new mom and I'm checking on him every time I hear a little noise . Well luckily I have a very helpful supportive mom who came in and told me to go into her room as go to bed with her gf (randi) and she will sleep in my room with the baby . So I did. I laid down and started feeling so tired . I was looking around the room and saw numbers and people on the walls so I knew I was very tired so I drift off...
My dream -
My mom came in yelling at me because she said I called her while in the other room talking about having sex with my boyfriend . I sat up in the bed (room looked the same dark from being night and everything ) and was crying saying i have been asleep and I turned to randi asking when I said that and she said idk so I just laid back down . And "fell asleep again" (that didn't really happen but it felt so real " then I turned over and saw this old man standing by the closet and I turned to randi and asked if she sees him and she said no and I said well he's very nice and all of a sudden he grabbed me an I could feel it and I reached for randi and said "randi wake me up wake me up help me help me please" and she didn't and I was vibrating and could feel him on me and heard this high pitch noise that they play in scary movies and finally snapped out of it and actually woke up and started bawling and woke up randi and was crying to her .
I don't know why I have been having dreams like this . I feel weird in the dream can feel everything I hallucinate before sleep and then vibrate and shake . I'm so scared to go back to sleep but in so tired .
Idk what's going on help me please . This all started after i came home from the hospital ...
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Did you have any meds while in labor? Sleep deprivation is a forbbidetype of torture for a reason. It makes your brain do crazy things. Try to sleep more in the day with baby and see if it helps.


Also you were sleeping in the same bed as your mothers girlfriend? Did i get that right?

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This sounds exactly like what sleep deprivation does. At one time in my life i was a terrible insomniac and i had terrible, vivid dreams. They were often scary ones, like the one you mentioned, with people grabbing me, trying to kill me, pretty horrible stuff. I would wake up feeling terrified and in a state of shock. Once i was able to get regular sleep the dreams were replaced with normal, random dreams. So, i highly recommend getting more sleep, sleep when your baby sleeps like the PP said. I was also scratching my head about you sleeping next to your mom's girlfriend...
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I am sorry you are experiencing this. It does sound like sleep deprivation to me too. I have ongoing sleep issues and after a few nights of not enough sleep I get the vibrating bed thing. At first it really freaked me out but now I realize what triggers it and I take it as a strong message from my body to get serious about sleep. You might also want to look up sleep paralysis. That could explain the hallucinations. The brain does some really strange things when you are sleep deprived.

It is so hard to get enough sleep with a newborn. Some women seem to be able to function well enough with little sleep but for others like myself it can pretty much ruin your life. My daughter is almost 4 now and has been sleeping through the night for a while but my sleep is still not back to normal. My advice is to prioritize sleep over all non essential activities in your life and ask your friends or family to come over and hang out with your baby while you nap. Also, it's probably a good idea to mention what you are experiencing to your doctor or midwife if extra sleep doesn't improve the situation soon.

Good luck!
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When I am sleep deprived or overheated through the night I get scary, vivid dreams. I also experience the paralysis feeling. I often dream about a strange version of the day's events. Once I am rested, this goes away! Hope you get the rest you need soon mama!
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I hope you start feeling better soon! Don't be afraid to ask for the help that you need to get enough rest.

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