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Kat11's Avatar Kat11 03:40 PM 08-05-2013



My Dr's not believe that I may be suffering from PPD.  I was placed on Zoloft.  Went from 12.5 to 25 to 50mg.  I have been on 50mg for a week.  But on Zoloft for a total of 17 days.  I have heard they take awhile to kick in.  I am curious to hear about how you ladies deal with the side effects and raise a baby and a toddler.  Is the "relief" I could feel once it kicks in worth it to stick out?  My doc suggests sticking it out.  But, man, it's really hard.  I feel really "heady" not really sure how else to explain it.  Like changing pressures in my head.  I also have nausea through out the day and have no interest in eating.  I do make myself eat when I can.  My baby is 5 months old and breastfeeding and my toddler is 2 1/2.


Would anyone share with me their experiences?  Thanks!

mome's Avatar mome 02:43 PM 08-10-2013
Hi, there are so many awesome ladies on babycenter postpartum depression and anxiety site that would be able to answer questions like this if you don't get a response here. I have ppd it's gotten better but I'm not using meds.