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Hi all,

I have been suffering from postpartum depression since the birth of my daughter about seven weeks ago. I have lots of reservations about medications after reading about reactions, weaning off, etc. I've been taking lots of natural remedies (5 HTP, omega 3s, etc) in combination with exercise, good nutrition, etc. I've seen an improvement, but still feel like I have a ways to go to feel "normal" again.

Just wondering if anyone could share a success story of beating PPD without meds. How long did it take, and was there anything else that helped you?

SAHM to Abraham (9) Gillian (5) Adrienne (3) and baby boy coming in October! 

Always missing our Gianna, lost during fullterm labor (8/23/04)
Sticking together through the good and the bad with dh of 10 yrs!

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I'm trying to beat PPD without drugs...I've tried drugs and OMGarters!
I turned into somebody that my family discribed as being wacko!
They had me on:
100mgs of trasodone
30mgs of Prozac
my sensitive kidneys took a hit from the heavy phscy drugs!

Im taking a combo of:
1000 mgs of Vitamin C
500mgs of BComplex
500mgs of B-12
100mgs of Potassium
75mgs of Iron
500mgs of St Johns Wort 2xs a day on the wort
and a glas of pure cran juice a day

I pee a lot and have lost weight from the vitamins but I do relapse. Go see your Ob/Gyn and I HIGHLY SUGGEST GOING PRIVATELY FOR HELP
Watchout for those free federal funded helping clinics. Go to your Doc and take along the $4 list from Walmart (they will print up a list for free at thepharmacy counter) tell your Doc if they suggest something please use thelist if you cant afford the drugs.

ALSO VERY VERY IMPORTANT geta phyiscal and stay away from fried foods and shop on the outside of the market (no whites as in Pasta Rice & Mashed taters) use fresh veggies and organic milk, it has amde a total frickin difference and I fell in love with 12 grain bread, Im addicted to it. Im trying to kick the pizza & coca cola but Im from Chicago-DAMN! LOL

Controlling my diet, having friends that listen and changing my vitamins around has helped, but I keep in touch with my doc and keep him updated!

Someone on here reccomended Sam-E and Omegas so Im going to give that hit to!

HAng in there, and look for a support a group, keep talking on here cause I found these girls to be MORE SUPPORTIVE than some other boards. I Like the girls here way better than the Yuko board!

Im sending a total hug of encouragement!
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My mom is reding over my shoulder and said to try Massage Therapy and Acupuncture, get your cut and nails and toes. especially the massage.
She said that made adifference in me also. I cheered up.
and keep in touch with your Doc!
Keep us updated on your condition, they care here on the boards! :
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Hi mama. I'm 6 months postpartum and I'm still struggling. I don't know how much of it is having a baby, though. My DH is out of work and we're on the edge of eviction. That's pretty depressing in and of itself. But, I can say that after my first son I had major PPD and the meds whacked me out bad. I stopped taking them and went on a week long episode of boy-crazy divorce inducing escapades.

Time and time to myself have been the biggest helps for me. I definitley sympathise with you and say keep doing what you're doing. Get out, make friends, take a walk, get some sun, call a friend.. Just do whatever it is that will lift your spirits. Are there any PPD support groups in your area?

Good luck and peace be with you.
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I went through PPD without meds. At first I did nothing, I had PPD real bad and didn't want to admit it to anyone. Then I got proactive about it a few months later. I took Flax seed oil twice a day, with lots of time outside and changing my diet to Organic/natural foods. Also, yoga is wonderful. My DS is 14 months now, and I am a very happy SAHM. I sitll get my bad days, sure, like everyone else.
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I had PPD after the birth of my son 4 years ago, and didn't seek help until he was about a year old. I hated the medication, so I tried other options...I took 5HTP, and it helped. Right now, since I am pregnant, I am taking fish oil, and its making a difference as well.

Just remember to get exercise, take the baby on a walk, and really watch what you eat, like the previous posters advised. It really does make a difference.

Natural remedies take longer to make a difference, remember that, so just hang in there
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I think excercise was the most important for me. I needed to view it as my medicine-45-1 hour long walk or run at least 4 times a week. I still struggle so I am back to making that my "must do" each week.

Mama to Noah and Sophie and Stella 7/4/ 2010
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From what I've read, you aren't supposed to take 5-HTP while nursing.
I take Tryptophan (Vitamin Shoppe brand) which the body converts into 5-HTP . . .

Also, GABA is good for anxiety (I take it EVERY morning BEFORE the girls start driving me MADDDD!).

Then there's the Omega 3's. Make sure you are getting 1000 - 4000 mg of EPA (not just fish oil, but look at the back of the bottle for the EPA).

Not to mention, all your normal vitamins, a good diet, exercise, and all the other stuff the PP's have mentioned.

(My disclaimer: I'm also on Zoloft 100mg )
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I started feeling better around 12 weeks when ds started doing a longer stretch at night (4 or 5 hours) and we mastered cosleeping/nursing lying down. Like pp I found exercise to be most important for staying okay. I also try to find time to sit in the sun each day which helps. Hang in there.
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I havent been here in a long time, but yes I got over PPD without meds. After the birth of my son in 2005, I got PPD really bad panic attacks , that i wouldnot even leave the house, or care for him.(SON) I basicly thought I was going to die. At firt they had me on Lorazapan, but I hated how that made me feel. So I decided to to lots at lots of research on PPD, and ways to deal with it without taking meds. i had to get my mind off what was bothering me, so i got in every play group i could find, it made me meet other moms with kids and get out of the house, take up a hobby such as cooking, sewing, reading, also stress would set me off too, I made a list of things to do on certain days so i would not feel so weighted down, and i would not feel like i had to do everything all at once. also i had to learn and tell myself i wasent dying.Now with the birth or my second daughter in 2007, i report that i was ok, something i still get the panic attacks when i am stress but i know how to deal with them. It can been done it just takes time, so just hang in there,.
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