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UptownZoo's Avatar UptownZoo 08:29 PM 11-28-2009
OK, just wondering what I should do with my blog, and if it will work to leave it without a focus. I mean, I know it's OK; my blog, my choice, but it would be nice to have some readers, you know? The post I wrote is here.

Any ideas? Opinions? I have lots to say about lots of things, and I don't love the idea of maintaining several blogs, but will I get any readers if I don't?

All suggestions (posted here or there) would be greatly appreciated!

MadiMamacita's Avatar MadiMamacita 08:49 PM 11-28-2009
i posted
I don't see why you can't just write about whatever!
zinemama's Avatar zinemama 09:03 PM 11-28-2009
I commented. Twice, actually!
UptownZoo's Avatar UptownZoo 09:17 PM 11-28-2009
Originally Posted by zinemama View Post
I commented. Twice, actually!
And the second comment cracked me up! Thanks!

OK, two so far in favor of "write whatever you want", which is obviously what I hoped for!
enfpintj's Avatar enfpintj 09:21 PM 11-28-2009
I think your blog is more focused on your son than being an unfocused blog about everything. Writing the other things you are interested in will keep it from being to heavily devoted to him probably. Just my thoughts.

OT, have you read The Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman? I'm not claiming to be an expert but the subtitle is fix your broken brain by healing your body first. I haven't been able to get through it before it has to go back to the library on monday b/c of health issues. But it does have several references about kid's mental health issues. He believes many things are caused by toxicity and deficiencies, etc. Like I said, I didn't get it finished, but I will be getting it out again for me when I'm not on pain killers.

I did like the bookshelf on your blog and several of the books on there. Good luck on the homeschooling journey. We love our unschooling life.