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I have been lurking for almost a year now, off and on, and I am finally figuring out how all this posting stuff works! I even made a sig even though I haven't figured out how to make it stick on the end of my post. I am one of those supposed writers who is always thinking about writing something but I hardly ever get around to actually putting words on screen or paper, something about the constant demands of a toddler ("Mommymommy-me-me-me-me-me!") but here is something fun I wrote tonight. (Be thankful I picked something light to start out, most of it is long and depressing, even I don't want to go back and read it, and I wrote it!)

I would like constructive feedback if you would like to share it, keeping in mind it is just supposed to be a light and hopefully funny piece.

Anticipating my Surprise Baby Shower…

What could be better than a surprise party that you find out about beforehand? I am still trying to figure out what the downside could be. Of course, the people who planned the event to be a surprise would be very disappointed, even angry to find out that I knew about it because it spoils their fun of making the party a surprise. I just won’t tell them that I knew about it beforehand! There, that takes care of that little negative factor. In fact, I will still be quite surprised, just not as surprised as they were planning for me to be because I really don’t have much information.

The Bean Spiller, who will go unnamed (so as to avoid further embarrassment of being the Bean-Spiller), really gave me no information other than commenting that I definitely cannot have my baby before my shower. My response was, “What shower???” She gasped and murmured, “How could I have missed that part of the invitation?” and made a quick escape. I laughed and told her not to worry about it. But now I have this special happy thought tucked in my mind that can be pulled out and mulled over at my leisure.

Somebody, or multiple somebodies, who care about me are throwing me a baby shower at some point in the near future and want it to be a surprise. It’s almost like having a secret admirer. I have turned over the pages of my calendar to try to figure out when the party could be… not many days stand out as days that have been marked for a particular event. The Bean Spiller is involved in my volunteer work, so I first thought perhaps the shower was limited to just people in the volunteer organization. I am going through a training class with them in just a few weeks, and I could envision a little shower being attached to one of the training days… the problem with that theory is that The Bean Spiller would probably be the one planning that shower, therefore she wouldn’t have received an invitation, and she would have known if it was supposed to be a surprise.

Looking forward on the calendar a little further, I see that the Potluck Girls have arranged a tea/luncheon, supposedly for just the four of us, and I think this is the most likely day for the party, as well as the most likely culprits who would think of throwing the party. Those girls like to throw surprise parties; in fact, one of them just threw her husband a surprise birthday party this past spring! It is right up their alley. If it really is their idea, I am impressed that they have a guest list that includes The Bean Spiller, because the Potluck Girls don’t know The Bean Spiller personally.

This leads to speculation as to how the Potluck Girls got their hands on a guest list. How was the list formed? Who else is on the list? Exactly how big is this event??? Obviously The Husband is involved. What does he know? The problem with him is that if I ask him directly, he will tell me. The Potluck Girls probably had one heck of a time talking him into keeping their secret and passing them the requested information. He’s the type of guy who likes to tell me exactly what he is giving me for a gift before he gives it to me to make sure I am going to be pleased with it. If I ever threw any type of surprise party for The Husband, he would divorce me on the spot. When I mentioned The Bean Spiller’s revelation, he said enough to admit that he is aware of something. Rather, he couldn’t say that he was unaware of such a scheme. I told him he didn’t have to tell me anymore. As I said, it is so much more fun to speculate.

Another benefit of knowing about the shower is that I can plan to be pleasantly surprised rather than unpleasantly surprised. Walking into an ambush is always easier if you are prepared, and I would rather be shocked and delighted than embarrassed and emotionally fragile. I don’t really want to burst into tears in front of however many people we are talking about here. Or even worse, go into labor or something. Geez, talk about motivation to wait until my due date to give birth! I don’t want to miss the party by having the baby before The Big Day arrives! That would really ruin the surprise. They are cutting it quite close, that’s for sure. Don’t they remember that when my son was born, the luncheon that my mother and sister planned for me was scheduled for the day before my due date, and I give birth 3 days early? Needless to say, that party turned out a little differently than they had planned…

I also have the opportunity to put some careful thought into what I should wear, which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do if I hadn’t been given the heads up to look sharp at all times. Baby Showers usually mean lots of pictures, so I should try to make my horrific Bad Haircut look a little more even before I head into any potential surprise situations… maybe I should try to get it fixed up a little. Maybe I should get around to waxing my legs; I’ve been putting it off because they are so hard to reach these days. A pedicure? And no more schlepping around town in any old thing that still covers my huge stomach. Maybe I will even wear the dress I bought for the wedding we attended a few months ago. I wonder if I can still get into it? If not, maybe I should invest in a new outfit? Summer dresses will be on sale at the maternity store now… pausing to check online to remember what was available and to see if they are marked down at all yet... hey, there’s that really flattering black and white one that I tried on in April but decided against because I don’t like to wear black to weddings! How cute is that? Not on sale, but no one has even thrown me a surprise party before. I wonder what size I need. How long does shipping take?

My friends are so nice to do this for me (whichever friends are responsible) and I owe my gratitude also to my friend The Bean Spiller, who has brightened the next few weeks for me with an aura of mysterious excitement. Now, when I have a free moment for casual thought, I can turn these questions and details over and around in my mind and savor the anticipation. Just don’t tell the Potluck Girls what I am doing. We’ll just blame it on my pregnancy glow.

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Gosh, I hope there really IS a party...I would also walk around prepared, just in case, but I'm sure you will smell it before it happens. I like the piece, it's fun...reminds me of a blog entry

                                Whatever will be, already is...
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Welcome to the writer's group! I liked your piece! For effect, I'd enjoy it even more if you broke up some of the longer sentences and kept them short and snappy. This way the sense of expectation is communicated through your manner of expression as well as through your words.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and enjoy your shower!
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Man, there BETTER be a shower!

I liked it. It would be nice if you could make the first parargraph a bit more funny (I don't know how) so readers know it's ok to laugh along as they read it. I think if you worked on it a bit, it ould make a nice article for a baby magazine. AFTER the shower!
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