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puddle's Avatar puddle 05:01 AM 11-14-2007
twilight: good luck axtually ending your story too.

my new goal is 1000 words a day. that will give me a total of 35,000. i hope i get more, but i can live with 35k and i finished story. that's not bad with a 5-month-old.

just hit 18k and i'm exhausted. off to bed...

LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 09:47 AM 11-14-2007
Didn't finish my challenge yesterday but I did complete over 3000 words so that's pretty decent I guess. AND, most importantly, I got another night of good, solid sleep.
wfuteach's Avatar wfuteach 02:49 PM 11-14-2007
I'm back on target with word count, and am hopeful to get a little ahead tonight. My girls have been watching WAY too much TV the past two days, but they've been sick, so it's actually been a blessing for all of us--they get to veg out and relax and recooperate, and I am a writing maniac!

I've hit a major depressing section of my book, and have tried to get out of it, but know I need to stick with it to keep the story on track and to really tell it well. It's hard to write, though. Maybe that's good...I'm identifying with my characters.

How's everyone doing??
NYCVeg's Avatar NYCVeg 02:52 PM 11-14-2007
Halfway there!

My story is set in a boarding school and takes place over the academic year--I hit 25,000 right when I finished with Winter Break, so I think I'm pacing myself well. Of course, I had a pretty detailed outline for the first parts and now there's just this great gaping chasm until I get to all the stuff that's supposed to happen at the end. Eek.
Sydnee's Avatar Sydnee 05:16 PM 11-14-2007
Ok, I'm at a part that I don't want to right. It's silly, but part of me feels that writing this chapter, is like saying it's going to come true. Ugh, I'm literally sick to my stomach, but I know I have to write it. My main characters love of her life is going to die, and it's something that has always terrified me, losing my husband. How whacked out is this??: Anyway, wish me luck..
wfuteach's Avatar wfuteach 05:38 PM 11-14-2007
Congratulations NYCVeg! I'm almost at the halfway mark myself!

Sydnee, good luck with the writing! I can't imagine how tough that part would be to write!
LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 06:34 PM 11-14-2007
Okay, I'm really plot stuck right now. Uggh.

What is the threat from the forest that has all the locals scared? MC's just about to find out and I'd like to find out, too. I think it's something that entered through their portal (time machine) with them. Hmmmm . . . thinking, thinking . . .

and gosh, does writing ever give me the munchies or what! Too bad I'm on a diet! I keep munching on healthy things like bananas, tuna fish, and lacto-fermented sauerkraut but it's not the same when you're craving cookies!
Sydnee's Avatar Sydnee 07:20 PM 11-14-2007
LTG, I'm thinking I don't want to be sitting by you if your eating tuna fish AND sauerkraut!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. About your forests. What about some kind of disease that infects all the trees, but later they find out can be passed to humans??
LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 09:32 PM 11-14-2007
I'm working it out as I write.

I'm up to 19053 and waiting for the boys to get to sleep to do some more. I'm happy with how it's going now-- really flowing when I do get to write. but when the boys are awake they are SO distracting!!!
Red's Avatar Red 11:46 PM 11-14-2007
WRite on Ladies.

I had a BIG dental appointment today (porcelin -can't spell it!- onlay anyone?) followed by a day of work, dinner with the fam, and then reporting my work online. It's 8:42 and I've written not one word....challenge coming!

SOmeone has a great siggy quote about not seeing far with headlights, but making the journey...dang, this dial up and ancient computer prevent me from getting it right, but it's great! Every time I get stuck, I remember that and just forge on.

Ok, challenge time! I challenge all of you to shut off your interenet connection, and write for 2 hours. Get a snack, a cup of tea or glass of wine, and take a break half way through if you want, but other than that, JUST WRITE.

Oh, and here's the kicker.........NO CHEKCING YOUR WORD COUNT, until the entire 2 hours is up. Can you do it????????????? Aww, come on! I won't be back until tomorrow to check.
adinal's Avatar adinal 12:08 AM 11-15-2007
You're on Red. Caveats being - after the baby goes to bed, and only if the baby goes to bed before 11pm.

2 hours here I come.

Now, how to turn off the word county thingy in Word......
LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 12:34 AM 11-15-2007
Awww, can't do it tonight. DH just got home and I have to spend a little time with him and besides, I can't stay up that late (it's already 9:30 here.) Sounds like fun though! Good night!
NYCVeg's Avatar NYCVeg 12:44 AM 11-15-2007
No checking word count?!? But where's the fun in that?

I gave dh a paragraph to read earlier and he laughed out loud THREE TIMES. Of course, I don't give him the reams of crap to read.

I'm off to bed. I've got 4 whole hours of babysitting tomorrow so I'm going to try to make a big push before Thanksgiving totally derails my project. 30,000 or bust, baby!
Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 01:17 AM 11-15-2007
Red, I would love to do that challenge, but I am falling asleep at the computer. I just wrote for about 45 minutes to get my quota for the day. I should really start checking this thread before I start my writing for the night. I miss all the good challenges!

One more day and I should be at the halfway point. Congrats to all who are already there!
almama's Avatar almama 02:15 AM 11-15-2007
Woo-hoo! Half-way!!

Red, I saw your challenge too late! Maybe tomorrow night I can do a crazy one. Tonight I had to make a tie for my son with no pattern -yikes! How many times can you fold a piece of fabric and yell "WTH!"

Thanksgiving really puts the edge on this project. I figure I should have some extra time, but who knows. LTB- I'm actually headed your way for Turkey Day. my family is South Shore/Cape based. It would be so much fun to sneak out and do a write-in, but I definitely can't promise. Our dance card is packed for three days. Time to stock up on the Rescue Remedy!!

Keep typing everyone!
St. Margaret 03:01 AM 11-15-2007
I'm caught up to 18,752... I was at 16,025 just 2.5 hours ago, so I'm pretty happy. Fading fast, though, as I'm patching it all together and it's very ucky I'm just pushing through, hoping to get my characters into a part of the plot that'll be more fun! but MAN this will be the draftiest draft ever!!! Ugh!!! But we're pressing on....
NYCVeg's Avatar NYCVeg 12:11 PM 11-15-2007
Gah. I woke up sick as a dog AND my sitter cancelled. ::
St. Margaret 12:36 PM 11-15-2007
I hear you on the sick part, and DH has allowed ME to get up at 5am w/ DD, ME who nursed her and coughed all night since like 2... hmmm.... I did get to 20K last night, but it was a strange experience in quanity over quality even I hadn't delved into yet!!! okay, new experiences are good, you never know.....
twilight girl's Avatar twilight girl 01:07 PM 11-15-2007
Aack! I'm falling behind. I had to stop writing because I got some translation projects, and $$ trumps NaNo right now!

Once I finish the job and send it off, I will try Red's challenge today

Chugging along at 11,886
adinal's Avatar adinal 03:57 PM 11-15-2007
well, I failed at the challenge Red.

I got all settled and started writing, got about 500 words in, and then I woke up. The scary part is that I had finished my sentence after I fell asleep. Who knew?

But I got up this morning and cranked along and got 2600 or so words down. Grand total: 31,168


LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 04:35 PM 11-15-2007
Well, I've done abou 500 words so far today, but I've hit a bump in the road. I'm getting to the point where I have an idea of where I want this all to go, but not exactly sure how things will happen. Maybe I'm over thinking this. I just don't know what to write next and it makes me want to cry or scream. It's so frustrating. It's just that, I don't want to write just anything, because this is actually going to be pretty good once I clean it up some, and I don't want to ruin it. I mean, if I have to totally re-write half of the book to make it any good, I don't knw that that will ever actually happen.

So that's what I'm trying to work through right now. What happens next.

I think I'm going to just start writing anyway-- just describe MC sitting there wondering what's going to happen next-- like me-- and visually explore the scenery-- and maybe it'll just pop out some how. Or not. At least I'll be getting some words out toward my goal.

present mood-----> :

ETA: he he he . . . I started writing and it did just come to me. Whew. And this is a fun story. I like it. BBL.
adinal's Avatar adinal 04:44 PM 11-15-2007
That's what i did when I got stuck...give my MC some time to think while she does something I can describe in detail. By the end of the description and some internal mental angst - I was ready to move on.
Red's Avatar Red 09:48 PM 11-15-2007
Jeez, I think I failed my own challenge. I did write for 2 hours, but the kids were taling to me, dh had the tv on, and it was mayhem. The girls aren't home often and home life outranks Nano, though.

So, I wrote about 750 words in teh 2 hours. Not bad but not great stuff either.

A depressing bit of news to those who hope their finished novel will just ned to be cleaned up, (LTB) or they don't want to rewrite more than once......just forget about it. If I had any idea going into trying to be an author (I am a writer. So are all of you) how many times I would have written my novel and still, STILL, it sits in a drawer, I never would have started. Hmm, there's a chance I'm not a good writer. Still, I don't think worrying about how it's ging to become a novel will help you.

However, things like Nano are great motivators! I hope you all help me in the new year, because my goal is to get SOMETHING published by June. THis WAS a long-term goal....I made it 5 years ago. Argh!

So, don't worry about messing it up or what to say next. Just write. Some times when you're stuck, you need to get up and leave it for awhile. But it will come.

I hope there's lots of posting of our best parts in December!
LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 10:28 PM 11-15-2007
Well, I've done nearly 4000 words today so I think that's pretty good. I might do a little more in a bit but I'm going to take a little break now. It was a good day for me.
adinal's Avatar adinal 11:43 PM 11-15-2007
I would love to get published. Some day. This one is mostly to get it out. If it ever turns into anything - that would be great. If not, eh.

I am all for helping you out Red.
Twocoolboys's Avatar Twocoolboys 02:00 AM 11-16-2007
Yay, Yay, Yay, I made it half-way! I'm thrilled. Honestly, the last two nights writing is basically awful. But, now that I am half way, I feel like I can focus on the story instead of the word count again.

I'm calling it a night, though. So sleepy...
adinal's Avatar adinal 02:05 AM 11-16-2007
Yay! :d
LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 12:56 PM 11-16-2007
Congrats, twocoolboys! I'm planning to pass 25,000 today. :
holyhelianthus's Avatar holyhelianthus 02:22 PM 11-16-2007
*sigh* i'm dropping out. it's like as soon as i sat down to start writing there was a knock at my door and it was the past 6 months come to crash down on me!
i need to deal with this right now. :
aishy's Avatar aishy 02:41 PM 11-16-2007
sorry things are tough right now magstphill. hugs.

I was just coming to update my own wordcount, I am at exactly 25k as of about 12:40 am, then I went to sleep.
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