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element2012 03-23-2013 11:55 AM

Hi all! I've asked a similar question before and I suppose I will be always looking for advice as long as I am DD's educator!


Can someone recommend a good book for Montessori for toddlers?  I've been looking at Michael Olaf's site which is so helpful.  I just purchased DD a little table and chair from Ikea for a multi-purpose "weaning table" and activity table.  Is that the right use for it? Would you put the little table in the kitchen area or move it back and forth from the child's room to the dining room depending on what it's being used for at the time?


What do those at home do for the hand washing station?  I am SUPER lucky in that my house has a stand alone bidet like in the pic:


Is this a good place for DD to learn to wash her hands, brush her teeth? Etc?  I've also just turned the water on and let her splash in it while I'm getting ready, is this Montessori?  I put measuring cups in there to encourage pouring, but she has no interest in that yet, but she does try to drink out of the measuring cup.


What should I be focusing on at this age?  My understanding is to focus on letting her develop concentration.  The advice to just let her be a lot is a little confusing to me because some will tell you to talk a lot to help her build her vocabulary. For example, DD will pull her books out and page through them and look at the pics for a very long time.  Should I just observe her during this time? Or should I tell her what is in the picture she is looking at?  Also, I get that montessori is big on taking care of your environment.  How do I encourage her to put her books back after she takes them all out? Any other tips?


ETA: how do those who follow montessori feel about when a child should wean? And what is the montessori approach to toilet training? I feel DD is ready although she is young.

Opti-Miss 04-15-2013 11:01 PM

You've asked a lot of questions & I don't have the time to reply to everything so I'm linking to a really great site run by an AP mother and AMI trained Montessori teacher.


Personal care :


Practical life:


Potty learning:


There are several great posts on weaning, too but I can't find them atm.

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