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Montessori Home Schooling

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Where to start??


Any tips on what are essential supplies, what can be made DIY, and any examples of what a "school day" should be like?


My just turned 2 year old is very bright, and has been needing to be challenged. We're planning on home schooling, and I'm needing help getting together what we should be working on. 


So far I've been doing activities with her like:


- Jump on the shape I name (shapes cut from foam and put on the floor) 

- Find colors around the house and put them into like groups

- Find the smallest/biggest

- Recognizing letters and numbers

- Counting everything around us

- Plant identification 

- Getting dressed, putting on shoes

- Clearing her plate, pouring her own water


I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything I've been reading, and feel like I need a better grasp on what to work on... 

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As a Montessori teacher, I know that a prepared environment filled with high-quality, beautiful materials produces children who are curious, independent learners.
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