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Any gift ideas for year-end teacher gift?

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We love our daughter's pre-K Waldorf teacher and teacher's assistant. They are wonderful people and wonderful for my daughter. We missed the boat at Christmastime, , and I've felt really uneasy and lousy about that (we were in a hectic escrow in December then moved a few days after Christmas). Anyway, I want to express our appreciation in a nice letter, drawing/card made by my daugher, and a generous gift. I know "cash is king", but is that tacky?? My other thoughts were a gift certificate to our Rudolph Steiner College bookstore or ? Any feedback is welcome.
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I think cash is just great I read the parenting site Ask Moxie, and 2007 xmas, there was a whole in depth discussion about gifts for teachers and daycare. 2008, Moxie flat-out said to give cash ~ child care is more precious than soap or candles! I know, it's weird to think of giving a teacher cash, but it's never the wrong size or color!!!!!
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I always feel weird giving cash. I would go for the gift certificate!
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if the economy wasnt so bad, i'd say a GC to thir favorite place, or a "cover all" pre-paid visa or mastercard.. but in these times i'd consider cash though (ETA: with a note to use it for themselves and not the class. I only wouldn't do GCs because many places are going under before people can use them ).

My dd's are in public school though, and that it is any easier/harder i think... but my dd2's teacher loves seeing all my knit stuff (cause she can no longer knit herself), so i know i'm going to start something for her soon... just not sure what. But something more then a dishcloth
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As a teacher (not at a waldorf school, but a public one) I would be really bothered by a cash gift. It seems really inappropriate to me. But I always loved to get coffee shop gift certificates, since buying coffee was always a real treat.
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Oh my goodness, is it already time to start thinking about "year end"??!! Ha ha. To answer your questions, we always give a gift card to the local natural foods store. That way it's a gift, but it's kinda cash too.
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We are giving a few books for the classroom library and a giftcard. I would feel really funny just giving her cash.
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I need more ideas. I can do small gc's so I want to add something else maybe handmade. Plus he has a man teacher so chocolate/soaps/candles seem inappropriate.


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I would love, as a teacher, a bottle of biodynamic wine, a loaf of nice homemade bread, and some cheese or herb infused olive oil. And a sweet handmade card from my student.

Could also do local beer (if he drinks beer), homemade seasoned popcorn, and some kind of local yumminess like garlic or a basket of farm eggs or a steiner bookstore gift card.

Or a locally roasted lb of coffee or herbal tea, homemade bread and local preserves.

I think that every Waldorf teacher, male or female, would love a handmade bar of soap or some beeswax candles in addition to any of the above, or a simple gift card, flowers from your garden, and a card!
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Does he garden? Along the crafty route you could make something like this
Maybe add some new garden gloves and tools.
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I've never met a man that would turn down homemade treats! Cookies or bread or jam or anything like that. :-D
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Our school has a gifting program where a card is placed for each teacher at the front office and anyone can place $$ for that person.
The card is also signed by each family and then the teacher gets a nice collective gift. We did this and my daughter and I also gave her teacher a card and a homemade beeswax candle.
I think this is a nice setup and people can give what they can.
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As a teacher, my fav gifts have often been books a child or parent has picked for me. I love reading and often would wonder why a book "found me" at a particular time. What was the hidden message? I feel a very special connection to students who have given me books - especially with notes or inscriptions.

As for gift cards, yes of course I like those too. But make sure they are good gift cards for the recipient. I get about $200 in Starbucks cards every year - and I don't drink coffee. I don't mean to sound ungrateful - but man O man would I love to have that 200 bucks towards something I really like.

This year, I received another gift I really liked! I got a Whole Foods Feed Bag. This is a spendy reusable grocery bag but the money funds school lunches in impoverished countries. :

Lastly, about the homemade goodies. While they are appreciated, I usually have a family vacation planned close to the time they were given. Sometimes I have time to drive to the local shelter and donate the dozens of cookies and candies and breads before I go to the airport. But sometimes, sadly, they just go bad and are wasted.

In a nutshell: do a little research. Trust me, your teacher will be blown away by the "perfect" gift. The one that says you care as much about her/him as she/he did about your child. :
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