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LuxPerpetua 03:19 AM 12-18-2009
Dd's b-day is next Tuesday and I just finished up her crown (I did sort of a Lucia-inspired crown with a large poinsettia in the middle with holly decorations on the base).

So, what comes next? Do you have any special things you do, or do you just lay out the crown on the table for your child to discover on their birthday or what? Also, what do you with after their birthday? Do you put it away or leave it out to play with?

Also, while I'm at it, what are your birthday traditions that you have? We have a birthday ring and story that we will be doing. We are making her cake and having a special meal with a family party afterwards. What do you usually do? I'm always up for new ideas.

dharmama's Avatar dharmama 09:19 PM 12-18-2009
we're a waldorf-inspired family so we kind of pull what works for us and then do our own things.

our dd was gifted a beautiful birthday crown last year (when she turned five). she enjoyed wearing it on her birthday and then i tucked it away in our birthday drawer. she's taken it out a few times and wore it as part of her halloween costume, but generally we're keeping it as a special birthday-only crown!

we also really enjoy sharing the rainbow bridge birthday story. our kids are in a waldorf-inspired preschool so that is part of the celebration there.

and we do a birthday ring, which i put out a week before their birthday. we enjoy the figures and talking about it all week and then light it on the night of the birthday.

sounds like you have a lovely day planned!!
ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 02:39 AM 12-20-2009
I keep dd's birthday crown on a high decorative shelf in her room. Her birthday is in May, so it has flowers on it--one for each year. I embroider a new one for each birthday. I also want it so be a special birthday-only crown.
LilMama23's Avatar LilMama23 05:16 PM 12-21-2009
I had grand plans for DD's birthday - I finished sewing her crown right before, and our tradition was going to be telling the story of her birth at our dinner table. She decided that she didn't want to wear the crown and didn't want to hear the story. But she did allow me to light her birthday candle while we ate dinner.
Demeter_shima's Avatar Demeter_shima 10:36 PM 01-06-2011

My son's 3rd birthday is coming up, so I'd love to revitalize this thread! 


Any other traditions?  Verses?  Crown details?  Pictures???


nanette0269's Avatar nanette0269 10:17 AM 01-07-2011

we do the birthday ring...we retell why each figure was selected (the palm tree to represent her birth state; the ballerina to represent our desire for her to find balance in her life, etc)


all day long, we also stream all the pictures of that child on our tv.  we are also making a birthday wreath that will hang on the door (somewhat like this one:  My daughter cannot wait to make one this weekend (as her birthday is the following weekend).


she is also having a party at school where she will walk around the "circle" for the number of years she is old....with pictures of her from every year of her life.  its very ceremonial :)