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counterGOPI's Avatar counterGOPI 03:32 PM 09-30-2010
I'd love to hear and see!!
My computer (which was broken again for weeks) started working that day defeating it's own inner dragon.
We celebrated with our school for the first time as well as at home. I actually cried watching the highschoolers put on the Michealmas play. Can I blame pregnancy hormones for that????
I have a super quick recap of it all here:

I had so much more to add but I was posting that late at night really exhausted so I forgot a lot. Oh well.
Anyways, how was yours? What did everyone do? Haveyoustartedworking on your inner dragon?

onyxravnos's Avatar onyxravnos 05:12 PM 09-30-2010
Ours was fantastic! I just posted a recap and photos!!!
Tashakittie's Avatar Tashakittie 05:26 PM 09-30-2010
Definitely started working on my inner dragon! It's a sweet-tooth dragon, who has had an unbelievable obsession with cupcakes as of late. Really amazing cupcakes, with cream cheese icing and coconut, all day, every meal is what this dragon likes. SOOOO, I am out to combat this dragon, and have chilled out with the cupcakes for now. But its really hard, and this is a hungry dragon.
Hollysmom's Avatar Hollysmom 02:57 PM 10-05-2010
I made my first dragon bread (everyone loved it), but forgot to take a picture