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Littlebitcountry's Avatar Littlebitcountry 04:16 PM 09-30-2010
I am looking into enrolling my 8 year old DD who is now in Public School into a Waldorf School. I am concerned that it may be too much of a change for her in the beginning but I feel in the long run it would be better for her. Does anyone have experience in this type of transition?

DariusMom's Avatar DariusMom 05:29 PM 09-30-2010
Funny I should see your thread. I was coming here to update an earlier thread I started about my 7 year old (will be 8 in December) DS!

After a great meeting today with our local Waldorf school, we've decided to move DS in a few weeks after the fall break.

So, OP, I don't have much experience except that we're about to do it.

I'll be interested in what any other posters have to say.

BTW: What are your reasons for wanting to move your DD?

For us, it's a combination of social factors (DS just doesn't click with any of the kids and feels excluded socially) and academic (he's extremely creative and wants to learn with is hands. He doesn't like the pressure that is put on him in his public school, especially to read quickly).
Littlebitcountry's Avatar Littlebitcountry 09:12 PM 09-30-2010
There are a few reasons that I am considering moving my DD to a Waldorf School. DH suggested enrolling our kids in a private school. I was researching private schools in our area and came across a Waldorf school. DH and I like what we hear and read about the curriculum and the values that they teach. I have a DS as well that will be starting JK in a couple of years. There won't be any transition with him so that's not a problem. IMO it wouldn't be fair to send my DS to the Waldorf school and not my DD. My DD is happy in the public school and is doing well. Hope this all makes sense. Our values and what kind of education we want out kids to have has changed since we had our DD. Kind of in a pickle and don't know what to do. Maybe if we go for a visit and an interview at the school and address our concerns it'll help. Any advice on these concerns would be appreciated. Hopefully other Mamas have experienced similar situations.
CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 04:40 PM 10-01-2010
We moved DS1 to a Waldorf-mothods school mid-year last year. He transitioned very easily, and has done very well. He loved the school, his classroom, his teacher, from the start, and everyone made him feel very welcome. The structure of the day was different than he was used to, but it never seemed to be a negative thing or something he was uncomfortable with. HTH! Good luck!
sheridanskids's Avatar sheridanskids 02:49 PM 10-08-2010
Originally Posted by Littlebitcountry View Post
Does anyone have experience in this type of transition?
I started my 10 year old in a waldorf school last month after years of public school and a year of homeschooling. I think we have finally found a great fit for him!

I was worried about the transition. He seems to be doing fine, though the handcraft class is a challenge. He doesn't love knitting, it is hard. But he loves everything else.

I talked to the admissions person about all my questions. I also asked for a phone number of another parent who had transitioned the year before. That was reassuring and we went forward with the switch. I am so glad we did.

DariusMom's Avatar DariusMom 06:28 AM 10-09-2010
Thanks for all the responses. (I'm not the OP, but if you see my post upthread, we're pretty sure we're going to transition DS in the coming weeks . .. ) It's good to know it seems like it's worked out for most people's kids.

DS will go three times to this (possibly new) Waldorf class next week. His current school is already on Fall Break, so it's a good time for him to sit in on the Waldorf class and see if he thinks it's a good fit. I don't know if this is common in Waldorf school or not, but in the school he may transition to, they want him to sit in on three days worth of classes to see if it's a good fit on both sides. If it is, then the class teacher will make a recommendation to the school council/teachers' board and then he can come.

I'm interested to see how it goes next week . .. .
Melaniee's Avatar Melaniee 02:22 PM 10-09-2010
I would hope that the teachers and children would be very welcoming and that would help. Everything else he can learn. There will be academic ways he may be ahead of the class, and in other areas will have more to learn (say the knitting and the flute, for example). I would talk to the school, and they will likely want to invite your son to come and visit for a week to see if it would be a good fit; on both sides of it. I know it depends upon the school how they handle that process. I think it's a lot easier to come in than to go out, at that age!