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CortLong's Avatar CortLong 07:08 PM 07-29-2011

I know not all Waldorf students are at school all day.


If your child DOES have to pack a lunch (or you are a teacher at a Waldorf school) what does that look like for them (you)?


What type of lunch container? Food? etc?

Melaniee's Avatar Melaniee 05:20 PM 07-31-2011

It has varied by age, but in general a healthy lunch with wholesome food and water, what every child should get. No candy, cookies, "Bars" or muffins. Now as the kids get older, or perhaps it just depends upon the teacher, I've seen total crap come in. It's really dismaying to me that people expect their children to be able to be at their best all day when they're eating Girl Scout Cookies for morning snack. :(


Some things we have done: Sandwiches with a protein, apples (sometimes with almond butter to dip), fruit salad, carrots and hummus, small things cut up like cheese, grapes and meat served with a pick, soup, pasta or chili in a thermos,  nut mix, celery with nut butter, sushi, edammame, very lightly-sweetened sugar yogurt and granola, green salad, and always water to drink. When my son was little I sent soy milk and his teacher noted he would drink it all up and hardly have room for food, so since they just water.  We try to use reusable containers as much or as often as possible.




wish's Avatar wish 08:07 AM 08-01-2011

I would love to hear more ideas!  I always have good intentions and then stand there at night, staring at an empty basket.

Oliver'sMom's Avatar Oliver'sMom 08:45 AM 08-01-2011

My oldest son will be starting at our local private waldorf school in the fall and lunches have been on my mind a lot as well!  He'll be there from 8:15am-1pm and they have lunch at 11:30am.


I just ordered a planet box for him and it is amazing!!  I think it will really help making lunches a lot easier since there are compartments for fruit, veggies, sandwich, crackers, if I just fill up the box, he'll have a well balanced lunch with good portion size.  Plus, there's no waste and nothing for him to fiddle with and try to open.


I plan on making some tortilla wraps with turkey, lettuce and cheese...lots of fresh fruit and veggies...hard boiled eggs...pasta, soups, chili, yogurt parfait in the "big dipper" container...hummus, salad dressing, nut butters in the "little dipper" container. 


Can you tell I'm really excited about this lunch box?  lol

mamahawk's Avatar mamahawk 06:21 AM 08-04-2011

I have to pack a morning and afternoon snack for my children, in addition to a lunch, so I am always looking for new ideas to keep it interesting for them.


I try to pack a 'main course' (Sandwich, or last night's leftovers), and a fruit, a vegetable, and maybe some yogurt.  Basically I try to include a little of everything so their nutrition is balanced throughout the day.


My daughter is protesting against her 'basket'.. wants something more fun and modern.  *Sigh*.  It was bound to happen (She's 11).  I use lunchskins for her sandwhich and snacks-  She likes the funky designs, and she likes knowing that it's one less ziploc bag floating in the ocean :)  I think this year I will buy them lunchbots containers as well.


My kindergartner is getting his shark lunchskin set for his birthday this month, to get him excited about school and packing a lunch everyday.  I haven't decided about sending him with a lunch basket or a more conventional lunch bag-  I love the baskets, they are so cute but I can see my son flinging the contents of his lunch all over the playground, by swinging it a little too excitedly. ;)  We'll see ;)

7Lavendar's Avatar 7Lavendar 09:30 AM 12-12-2011

I think having lunch boxes with many compartments is a great idea for little ones. It's always fun to have a small amount of a variety of things. It's also good for me as a mom to be able to think of creative healthy ways to fill those little boxes. I also try to be seasonal with the food I put in there. It can be hard in the winter time- lots of root vegetables and canned fruit.

403girl's Avatar 403girl 09:22 AM 01-28-2012

The children at my child's school are supposed to bring lunch in a basket. However, many people use regular lunch bags (with no media characters). I like the basket idea. My child takes 2 water bottles, one for lunch and one for outside play, then a sandwich, and then some fruit and veggies in a lunch bots container. I often wonder if my child eats the most simple lunch at school. It's what my child likes and its not junk food so Im not going to over think it :)


I often wonder what the other students bring for lunch.

elefante's Avatar elefante 01:59 PM 01-28-2012

We bring baskets to our playgroup. Cloth napkins and glass or stainless steel containers [sometimes we just use small jam jars]. Wood utensils [because my little guy is about 13 months and still learning] and a glass EIO cup for drinking.


We pack a protein [hard boiled egg, good sized slices of white cheddar, black beans, hummus, greek yoghurt mixed with peanut or almond butter], two vegetables, at least one being green [sliced cucumber, roasted seaweed, baked kale crisps, snap peas, sliced bell peppers, steamed purple carrots (no molars), fruit [blueberries, satsuma mandarins and pomegranate arils are his favorite], whole grain/seed [seeded cracker, polenta cut with cookie cutter, whole grain homemade muffin: sqush, zucchini, etc., pretzels, bagel or sliced bread sandwich]. 


Tips for winter fruits and vegetables: We do lots of dried fruit. Not freeze-dried, but actual whole fruit. Dried peaches, dates are a treat, and the kiddo loves cream cheese on a cracker with some currants, too. I have a Pinterest board you might be interested in: Also, here is one of my favorite lunch idea websites, even with tips on organization and including children in the meal planning:


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