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at-home's Avatar at-home 09:03 PM 11-08-2011

I don't know where else to ask this!  I am new to Waldorf and have been transitioning my daughters' clothing and toys into Waldorf mode, which I love.  I would like to dress in a similar way myself, but I do not know where to find un-busy natural fiber clothing (skirts, leggings, comfortable pants, etc.) for myself that is affordable.  Any hints as to where I might find such clothing online?  (Please let me know if there is a different forum where I should be asking this question.)  Thanks!

CortLong's Avatar CortLong 05:34 AM 11-09-2011

Personally, I love J.Jill. Not all natural fibers but definitely un-busy. If you sign up for their e-mail list they often have good sales.

CarenSwan's Avatar CarenSwan 08:44 PM 11-17-2011

I also love J. Jill but they can be pricey.  They have GREAT sales online, though.  I also love Garnet Hill--again, mostly natural fibers, lovely flowy clothes, and great on-line sales.  And I SWEAR by Target for leggings in all colors!  Most of my clothes come from thrift shops/consignment stores, but I couldn't live without my cotton leggings from Target!

aHikaru's Avatar aHikaru 05:27 PM 11-20-2011

I love jcrew :)