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Gwynsmama's Avatar Gwynsmama 11:06 PM 05-17-2012

Goody for me! I'm moving to Asheville. We're a Waldorf family. I'm wondering what mamas think about the Azalea School and the Rainbow Mountain School? How's the homeschooling community? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

appalachiamama's Avatar appalachiamama 11:03 AM 06-01-2012

I live about 2.5 hours from Asheville.  I've been interested in the Azalea School.  Hoping someone else will respond to this.

copperfox's Avatar copperfox 12:01 PM 06-02-2012
Azalea Mountain (www.azaleamountain.org) has the only grades progran based on Waldorf education. They are working on becoming certified with WECAN and AWSNA. They also have a mixed-age kindergarten. Wonderful and devoted teachers.

Other mixed-age kindergartens include Little Round Schoolhouse (www.littleroundschoolhouse.com) in East Asheville and Dandelion Hill (www.dandelionhill.org) in West Asheville. They're both wonderful programs & very popular. Call soon because the spaces are filling up quickly. They both offer summer camps, too.

They are all wonderful schools and they all work together to provide a nice, supportive Waldorf Community in Asheville.
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