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Katielady 09-25-2012 11:50 AM

I've read through the various lazure threads but didn't see this addressed. I am prepping my basement for lazuring now, and am so excited to turn it into a beautiful play and craft space. I took a lazure workshop and learned the technique, but am still uncertain about making the color choices. I know I can use watercolor, acrylics, or just colored paint in eggshell. But I'm overwhelmed with all the color choices available. I want to do a warm yellow going into a pumpkin and then blending into pink and purple at the back of the space. Is anyone willing to share the paint colors they used to achieve a "waldorfy" feel? I love the warm pinks used in the nursery my daughter attended last year, and I'm wary of making my own pinks too candy-colored. And yellow can be tricky too. Anyway, if anyone's willing to let me know how you mixed your pigments (even for other colors), I'd be so grateful!

Katielady 09-26-2012 11:17 AM

Oh, and another lazure question! The only low-voc eggshell paint I could find at home depot is self-priming. I feel like that might not be great and I should look for traditional latex paint to make my milk base. But has anyone done it with the new self-priming stuff?

ZippyGirl 09-27-2012 03:29 PM

We had our kids' bedrooms lazured, and we used AFM Safecoat glaze with Stockmar paints added to get the colors she wanted.  BioShield also makes a lazuring glaze.  The walls were primed with AFM paints. 


The artist spent a lot of time getting the colors right.  For the baby's room, she went with lovely peachy colors.  For DD's room, she worked with a swatch of the window treatments to develop a beautiful rose color with shades a violet.   Around DD's hobbit hole door (which leads to a secret playroom in her room), the artist used yellows to brighten the entrance to the secret playroom.  I am not much help because I relied on the artist, but I know it was a thoughtful,  meditative process for her, and it came out beautifully.  Good luck!

Katielady 09-28-2012 09:39 AM

Thanks Zippygirl! It sounds beautiful. I love the image of the yellow around the door of the secret playroom. :)


One of the reasons I'm reluctant to mix my own color is that, as a beginner, it will be hard to estimate how much glaze to make. If I don't make enough it'll be hard to get the color the same again.


I might just get a few samples of color from the paint store and make a small amount of glaze and practice on a piece of sheet rock.

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