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cheeriotwins's Avatar cheeriotwins 06:12 PM 02-26-2008
until christmas we enjoyed lovely rhythmic days. a couple of monkey wrenches have come up and i'm struggling to get back on track. i had strep throat twice in the last two months (finally normal again), our 2.5 year old twins started climbing out of their cribs, so we've transitioned them to toddler beds, AND they've decided that they want to potty learn.

the sickness part doesn't require an explanation ~ i was simply on 'survival mode' for a while. the new bed situation has been challenging at naptime (thankfully, bedtime has been unaffected). they normally would nap from 2-4, like clockwork. now, they get up and and horse around for 45 minutes to an hour, before they fall asleep. i think this is improving with time and patience on my part.

potty-learning with two of them is really what i think i'm struggling with the most. they are doing great! i'm so proud of them, but it is incredibly time-consuming and just when we seem to start something, we have to stop because one or both of them have to 'peepeepotty'. whether they're successful or not, or whether clean-up is involved really interfers with the flow of things. i don't mean to sound complainy ~ i know it will improve with time, but i guess i'm wondering if anyone else has had similar stumbling blocks and if so, how have you overcome them.

we still go outside everyday, bake bread every monday, clean together, read together. circle time isn't regular, nor is story time. things just don't seem to flow as smoothly as they once did. any advice?

frostysarah's Avatar frostysarah 10:42 AM 02-27-2008
Hmmm. Do you know *where* in your day things are seeming less smooth? I'm wondering if maybe your day is doing fine, but you feel off, so everything feels off?

My advice would be to stop and pay attention the second something feels off - what's happening? Is it a transition? Is it a particular activity? That information might help you figure out what's wrong.

Beyond that, I'm just sorry you've been sick. I've had a cough for what feels like 80 years, so I feel you.
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