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caitlinlea's Avatar caitlinlea 07:08 PM 03-23-2008
Hi! My son is 20 months old and I have been doing a lot of reading/research on Waldorf education. I really love the connection to nature, our environment and the emphasis on learning through creative/imaginative play. My husband has his heart set on sending our son to a Japanese immersion school (DH is Japanese) but I would love to incorporate Waldorf education into our home life. We are also planning to attend a once weekly preschool group together offered by one of the Waldorf schools in town.

I'd love some recommendations for fairy tales, etc that I can begin reading to my son. I know he is a bit young now but he loves books and pictures and listening to me tell and make up stories. Any suggestions for resources for toddlers would be great!


zansmama's Avatar zansmama 09:00 PM 03-23-2008
We did Goldilocks, and The Three Little Pigs a LOT at this age, and lots of nursery rhymes. I think we did the Billy Goats Gruff, too... but ds mostly liked playing, and wasn't much of a listener until 3 or so.
Also, little made up stories about the squirrels outside, or really simple & repetitive stories.
caitlinlea's Avatar caitlinlea 04:22 PM 03-24-2008
Thanks for the suggestions! We also have the Gerda Muller season books and he LOVES those. I'd love to find some more books like this.
fluttermama's Avatar fluttermama 03:11 PM 03-25-2008
There are some sweet picture board books at Nova Naturals.
sistermama's Avatar sistermama 04:03 PM 03-26-2008
The Baldwin Project is a great source for more free stories than you could use in a lifetime! I would stick mainly with simple, repetitive stories like The Gingerbread Man, The House That Jack Built, The Little Red Hen, etc.