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ravi's Avatar ravi 01:11 PM 01-10-2011



We are looking for a pre-school for our daughter and are very much interested in a school that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. We have found the Advent school in Boston but wouldn't work well for us. The NAREA website was not much of a help.


Could someone point us to schools in the west/north of boston that are Reggio Emilia inspired?


Thank you in advance.

Beth145's Avatar Beth145 08:37 PM 01-10-2011

Hi Ravi,

Arlington Heights Nursery School in Arlington, MA is inspired by Reggio. I am a former employee.  Although Reggio is difficult to replicate, they definitely base their curriculum on a Reggio approach--and they have some of the best teachers around! 

Feel free to tell them  Beth Santoro sent you!

Good luck on your search!

roxanasmom's Avatar roxanasmom 11:35 AM 01-30-2011

Parents' Nursery School, in Huron Village, Cambridge. 617 864 3913.

sankofa's Avatar sankofa 03:52 PM 07-07-2011

Peabody Terrace Children's Center in Cambridge, MA is a Reggio Emilia school for infants up to pre-school (different classrooms for each age group).  Wonderful community of people!  Not sure if the other child care centers affiliated with Harvard are also RE-inspired, but they may also be worth looking into.

toweringpine's Avatar toweringpine 09:16 AM 10-05-2011

Jumping in late, but - Little Hands Academy in Sudbury. We love it!